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  1. If it's a polyline, you could always select the polyline and click (on a mac, slightly different route on windows) 'modify' 'convert' and then 'convert to polygon' ...then the close box will appear and can be selected.
  2. Fantastic! ....that'll do it. Cheers
  3. (I've asked this in the landscape thread, so apologies for that but I'm not getting answers so trying here too). See attachment - I can see no way to tilt / rotate the text in a callout tool. Is this possible? See attachment. Matt
  4. try printing as a pdf instead of exporting - worth a try
  5. With plant labels you can tilt the plant label on any angle by ticking the 'enable tag shoulder line' and then moving that etc. But then I want to also tilt a call out tool with a note to a plant. I see no way to do it. Please say I'm wrong?
  6. I thought that too - but it doesn't seem to fix it, in fact it makes it worse - i even thought about drawing a circle with no fill and no lines to go slightly bigger than the plant and centre it off that ... to no avail
  7. I've come across this before and I know it's a simple fix; but I've looked and can't find it - could someone please remind me. Some of my trees have their centre dot off centre, how do i recentre it to centre centre
  8. Fantastic and helpful once again guys Thanks
  9. Hi, Let's say I'm drawing a fence, in plan, and it's a serpentine shape - and I want to have perpendicular lines crossing through it along the fence at 900 intervals. The perfect tool for the job would seem to be the duplicate along path (through the edit menu in landmark). However, I can't get it to go perpendicular to the path. Is there something I'm missing? It either doesn't rotate at all, or when I tick the 'tangent' box it goes at a funny angle, but consistent with the path - but definitely not perpendicular. I can't seem to make it work. Any ideas? Cheers Matt
  10. Unbelievable! You'd think this would be a fairly high priority, surely. Thanks all
  11. Hi there, I've been using a different computer and I've just realised that my scale is out of whack. The distance on the screen when the scale is set to 100% is smaller than it would be on paper. It's about right when I scale it to 125% (so the screen is smaller than it should be. I had this problem when I was using my mac too, but it was 150%, which was easy because I just got used to clicking 150% (as it's on a quick selection - 125% isn't) I've tried adjusting my screen resolution, but surely I shouldn't need to start mucking around with that?! Is there a fix that I'm missing here? Cheers
  12. *sigh - so simple, I knew it Many thanks Matt
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