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    Excellent! thanks Jonathan! sorted! Thanks Lucy
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    Hi there am currently in the process of trying to convince the office to move over to 3D VW! we use 2D at the moment. We don't seem to have the renderworks camera view, is that because we don't have renderworks? (sounds like a silly question i know) Is there an alternative to setting up perspective views without using the camera tool? (we use VW2011 Architect, on macs) Help most appreciated. Thanks Lucy
  3. Great! thanks! thought it might be as simple as that
  4. Hi all I can't see my wall components in my section Viewport. I have the button 'show wall components on' and all classes are turned on.... Please help! I'm trying to convince my practice to go 3D VW and this isn't helping! Thanks Lucy
  5. hi there I am having trouble with dimensions. Has been fine so far in other files, but I've just started to work on a new file and the dimensions keep going onto a class called 'site plan' even if i tell it to go on its own class. If I untick the box 'create dimensions in dimension class' then it they just go onto the active class. Is this a bug? has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Lucy VW11 SP5, mac
  6. Perfect rDesign Thank you! I thought it should be something simple like that! thanks very much, Lucy
  7. Of course. that makes sense! so are you saying that only the current version of VW works with the current version of Sketchup etc?
  8. Really? my TWO year old version of VW (its only 2012 folks!) is not compatible with Sketch up? how ridiculous is that???! Any comments to make from VW people? I note they are keeping quiet...
  9. Hi I am trying to import a sketch up model into VW. But nothing seems to happen when I go through the steps. Any ideas on whats going on? Thanks Lucy
  10. Have noticed that the opacity tool only works if GDI+imaging is turned on... however, our font for our name/logo does not work if GDI+imaging is turned on. Why is this? I remember when VW2010 came out, one of the selling points was the opacity tool, but as yet have never been able to get it to work and always found a work around (ie just edit image in Photoshop) but recently I have persisted with finding why it doesn't work and realised the GDI+imaging button was turned off. But then our logo goes funny. Do we really have to chose between a dodgy looking logo OR the opacity tool functioning correctly as sold to us? or can we no longer have both?
  11. what does it do instead of printing? does it just print blank? is anything visible? (eg title block/text) Have you tried printing to PDF?
  12. Not sure if this is the answer, but I know a while back our text went all funny and we now have to make sure 'GDI + imaging' and 'Anti-aliasing' buttons are turned off. These can be found under Options > Preferences > Display. Worth a try? HTH
  13. Thanks Monadnoc... I understand what you mean, but how do i find out whether they are located at 0,0? Thanks
  14. Hi I should probably know this but I normally just use Top/Plan View (Ctrl 5) to view design layers in Plan and never noticed the significant difference before... When I view in Top view, my 3d trees are in a different location to my 2d trees when viewed in Top/Plan view. (see attached screen shots) I noticed it when setting up a camera shot and wondered why the trees were in front of the camera when actually they should be behind/to the side of it. Any ideas?! Thanks
  15. I'm not entirely sure then. I copied the site model onto a new layer in my GA drawing file and it is still changing. Ok... think i've just cracked it. I had created a site modifier as a base/platform to the houses and just realised i hadnt copied that across. Apologies! Thanks for your help though!
  16. Hi Tamsin Thanks for your response. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, however the site model was created from 3D loci and I created a terrain > site model that way.
  17. Hi I have created a 3D site model and inserted it into my block plans. However, when I insert it (literally copy and paste) it into my GA drawings, it magically changes and extra contours appear. I have attached two screen shots as a comparison. The SiteModelBlockPlan is how it should be. Any ideas how and why it changes when I copy and paste it in? Thanks
  18. Well that has to be one of the most annoying moments ever... I have just tried exporting it again (as I deleted all the ones I tried yesterday) and it works! That is after I spent an hour drawing round all the houses in VW so that I can turn off the image. Why is it now working? I even tried closing VW yesterday and opened it again, I guess I didnt try restarting my computer. So so annoying if that really was the problem. Most frustrating. ps the error message was somthing like 'something has happened...contact the person who made the file'
  19. Hi I am trying to export to PDF a viewport which is of an image that has been imported into VW (it's a site plan) which I have then drawn over etc. However the image isn't displaying when I view the PDF and I sometimes get an error message. The other problem is that when I go to print this page to the plotter, the image site plan moves a bit so is no longer lined up with my drawings over the top. I have had this happen a few times now and I normally export to pdf and then print it from there as a workaround but now that won't work either. Seems something to do with the image causing trouble but how can I get round this? I need to submit my planning application today! Thanks in anticipation!
  20. Chris Thanks for your adivce, however it still doesn't ask me the question and changes all the attributes...
  21. Hi I do not want the class attributes of my group to include the objects within the group... it usually pops up and asks the question but it isn't doing and so when i make my group, it changes all the attributes of the items/objects the same and i dont want them to! I just want to put my 4 houses onto their own class so i can turn them on and off collectively...whilst still having the windows/doors/walls/furniture etc having their own attributes. Any ideas?! Most frustrating!
  22. Right, I have managed to create a site model which I am pleased with, and I have added a NURBS road. Now I am trying to add a PAD but it just won't work! It seems the pad is below my site model and at the wrong height, therefore it isn't intersecting with my model, but I have set the elevation to 155000(mm) but its still below. I'm going round in circles and have tried it a million times (or so it feels like!) What am i doing wrong? Thanks
  23. Thanks Ozzie I have literally selected all my 'Levels' and clicked Create Site Model which has nicely made it 3d, however they are just dots and not a solid 'plane'. In the link you sent, they have created contour lines, do I need to do that first? Please note I only have Architect and Renderworks, not Landmark. Many Thanks, Lucy
  24. Hi I have to create a site model with 3d terrain but have no idea where to even start. I'm sure its possible, we have had a digital survey of the site carried out, so we have the data... but now what do I do?? I've looked on the help topics but it seems a step beyond what I am trying to do and I don't really understand the lingo! Thanks in anticipation Lucy.
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