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  1. Pat: thanks for the reply. Any thoughts from Nemetschek tech staff ?
  2. Since this is all about the future, and no one knows for sure, I ask for opinions .... is it likely that VW 2024 will function correctly on a future Apple M4 chip running whatever OS happens to come with it ? In my case, as a retired VW user who has a perpetual license of VW 2024 and it is the last version I'll ever have before I'm dead, I'm wondering if I should wait for the next Mac Mini with an M4 chip, or should I replace my late 2012 iMac right now. That is, if VW 2024 won't work on the next Mac OS with an M4 chip, there is no reason to wait and see. So ... any prognosticators out there ?
  3. yes ... I was editing inside a symbol ..... and this problem has always been sporadic, so I'll look in the future to see if it always pops up when editing inside a symbol.
  4. Can you tell me how to fix this .... it often happens when I edit a texture or make a new one, that the preview window in the Resource Manger does not display the texture, but instead it shows a gray gradient. Look at this screenshot, and you'll see the texture "Wood RPM Kitchen cabinets" has a colored texture but it shows as a gradient in the Resource Manager. You can also see another "Arroway" texture has the same issue. How do I fix this ? Thanks (in advance for the help).
  5. well ..... this terminology change gets my attention When I bought my perpetual license one year ago, I also bought service select which will expire in a couple weeks. I was very careful to get confirmation via email and verbally from the sales staff that my license would allow me to get VW2024 before my service select expired. They said that I would be entitled to get service packs as they were issued for VW2024 during the following year before VW2025 comes out. I would not be entitled to 'Updates' since last year the term 'Update' meant a new version ... that is ... version VW2025. Now this thread tells me that they define an 'Update' as the same as a service pack. Thus, I might not be entitled to service packs this year because they are now called an 'Update'. I'm hoping someone can tell me that I will still be able to update my VW2024 with all service packs that occur before VW2025 is published, even though my service select expires in December 2023.
  6. Is it possible to use the VW roof tool to make the roof shown on this attachment ? Here's the catch ... I know I can make this out of two separate roofs, but I want one that will be the same roof object so I can send it to the framing tool and show all the rafters/ridges/valleys. I'm not concerned about the skylights or the dormer by the front door. I'm asking the forum experts if the roof tool can model the two perpendicular roofs as one piece, as well as .... can the roof tool model the location where the higher roof overhangs the lower roof. I'm likely going to do this piece-meal but I seek any tips or advice on using the roof tool for this.
  7. I can tell you that I ran VW 2015 on my 27" iMac late 2012 intel core i7 on High Sierra and I did not notice any problems. I am aware of the VW compatibility chart that says it isn't possible ... but it is. I am now running VW 2021 on the same machine and OS without issues. That machine and OS will not run VW 2022.
  8. thanks .... when I import them, they all seem to be at the wrong scale. I have to change the scale to about x12 times. Is there a way to change all the texture scales at once ?
  9. thanks for the replies. I tried to edit some of the symbols, and found that about 25% of my attempts to edit them did result in 'waking up' the symbols. Puzzling indeed. I have VW 2023 loaded on a different M1 Mac Airbook, and I tried the same symbol download and it worked perfectly. I exported the file into VW2021 and the symbols stayed perfect. So ... I guess i have a work-around until I buy a new desktop with a new Mac OS. Pat: thanks for confirming my suspicion that there is some incompatibility. That will save me a lot of time trying to fix this. However ... just to defend myself .... notice this attached compatibility chart says VW 2021 is compatible with Mac OS 10.13 VW and Mac OS compatibility chart.tiff
  10. need help .... I'm noticing that my imports of symbols are frequently faulty. The symbols often import such that pieces of the symbol are not visible. The geometry exists, but it is as if the solid fill is 'none'. I've tried to figure out how to make the invisible parts be visible, but have failed. I attached an image that shows symbols from the VW library "_Residential Living Rm layouts" that were imported into a brand new test file. Obviously, parts like some of the sofa seat cushions don't show up. I tried to attached the sample test file but kept getting an upload error. It is 25 Mb .. is that too big ? Any suggestions on what is going wrong ? (I'm using VW 2021 on Mac OS 10.13.6 on a late 2012 27" iMac)
  11. Tom W and others .... your solution works well and a big thanks to everyone.
  12. OK ... it is the wall recess ... but I'm trying to model the exact existing construction. The existing construction has one course of a CMU wall, and then the 2x4 stud wall sits on top of it. The dbl door is set lower, at the elev height of the bottom of the CMU course. Is there another way to model this accurately ?
  13. OK .. .here is the offending file ... sort of. The original file is over 350 MB so I cut out all layers except the first floor, then purged all unused things. Before I attached it, and after I purged and cut it down in size, I looked and saw the original offending wall is still offensive, while zoomer's new wall is not. I don't think it matters, but you'll see this attached file is in VW 2021. I also have VW 2023 and noticed nothing changed between the different versions. One thing worth noting .... the original file was drawn many years ago in VW 2012. It documents an existing church building complex, and I occasionally try to make it more accurate. Hence, this problem may have existed for years but I never got around to figuring out how to fix it. Thanks for all your help ...... Test wall file.vwx
  14. UPDATE: still puzzled .... the layer cut plane height has an affect on the new wall assembly that you sent me, but does not have any affect on any wall in my existing model. It doesn't matter what height I set it, the top/plan view shows up the same on all my walls throughout the model (except for the wall you gave me).
  15. thanks zoomer for your help ... but the mystery remains. I downloaded your file, copied and pasted it into my original file, and your new wall assembly shows up just as I want, in top/plan view (and other views). The original wall is still incorrect. Then I saw your other suggestion and I went in and changed the layer cut height to be 4'-0". It did not change anything. Your wall looks good, but my original wall looks bad. I remain puzzled, but I'll use your wall (adjusted as needed) in my plan until I can figure out why my old (original) wall assembly. Thanks again.
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