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  1. I set backups to save every 7 minutes and end up with a lot of space taken up temporarily but storage today is so cheap When we finish a project we keep all of the incoming, outgoing and latest VW files but delete all of the back ups They then go to the cloud
  2. Hi all Have not been here for a while but still using and loving VW I have a very old plugin built by Petri Sakkinen a long time ago It rotates multiple objects around their own axis not the combined objects axis Should be a core part of VW I think Watch this http://somup.com/cFQIQDVSBG Darrell ROTATE ABOUT CENTRE v2018.vwx ROTATE ABOUT CENTRE v2018.zip
  3. Hi all, Just discovered AutoCAD has a Layer State Manager which is similar I think to VW Saved Views - correct me if I am wrong Would it be possible when importing an AutoCAD file to have the import / convert Layer State Manager to Saved Views? Darrell
  4. Interesting - Been using VAA Titleblocks for so long now and really happy
  5. Thanks Jim That is cool and getting the hang of things
  6. I dunno We used to have in the old forum something like recent activity I would like to see not every post shown but every recent topic shown I think the old forum did something similar
  7. Then share and drink the champas anyway
  8. Lookies here and does it make sense http://somup.com/cDjQQxBas
  9. Thanks all I thought it was almost obvious and wondered why it had not been picked up before hence the "stupid" remark
  10. Thanks all I thought it was almost obvious and wondered why it had not been picked up before hence the "stupid" remark
  11. Have a look at this http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cDjjQOidGP
  12. I noticed these sorts of things awhile ago I only used it with lines - not polys because of the corner issue Interesting thing is it is called a Line Type not a Poly Type so should it be used with Polys?? And if some one can explain to me how you get the distances between objects in it separated how you want them to be!!!!
  13. How strange is it the human figures are showing the female ones ok and not them men I have no idea about these things with obj files but could that have something to do with it?
  14. I know this may not help much but ... Windows 10 wins - gets rid of the uglies on the left and only show the beautiful on the right
  15. Bugged me for a long time or at least an option to hide them on export if you choose to
  16. Thanks Jim and thanks also for everything you do here
  17. No I just want the Number Stamp Tool to do what it does now but with Text Styles working in it Just drop off the end of your cursor with suffix and prefix if you want them and database functionality D
  18. It is good Rick but auto incrementing is vital as is prefix, suffix and just being able to place it around on the end of your cursor Unless I have missed something D
  19. From this thread here: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=228081#Post228081 The old Number Stamp Tool which will incrementally add numbers to objects ... In my case say incrementally add lot numbers to as many houses I have in a landscape design This old Legacy one I use which we can still add to a Workspace does not respond to Text Styles and the Text it adds is just Text in a group to each lot Do others think the old Number Stamp tool could be re built / fixed so that it responds to Text Styles and may do other things that users or NV want it to?? D
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