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Vectorworks 2023 - New Feature complete list


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Will the DTM really work now of complex sites? 

Are the edges of the cuts straight (fitting snuggly agains the foundation walls for example)? 

What other tools can actually efficiently interact with DTM now, without massive surprises? Solid subtraction? Split, trim, connect/combine for contours? Pull/push? 


One would hope that one day (in Architect version at least) one could simply place the foundation walls, footings, piles and slabs and they would most naturally cut the site model and instantly report the excavated volume... I don't think I will live long enough to see it though...


(if you detect a bit of frustration and scepticism in my questions, it's because I spent over 1 week, trying to get the DTM to model a complex terrain in a reasonable detail and had to eventually abandon it and build a rough, but working model through other means...)

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Wall closure improvements....


Can we now wrap drywall on top of pony walls?

And will it wrap around all 3 or 4 faces of an opening? 


It would be great if wrapping drywall around the wall end was an option somewhere next to wall caps...(not a separate tool) and if one could measure/align to the face of drywall at wall end...

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Is the Wall Join tool also somehow improved? It seems to me that in VW2023 - in any view other than top/plan - walls are selected/highlighted while the cursor/pointer is on top of any of their geometry, while in VW2022 and before it only worked on their footprint. It might be a minor change - I don't see this feature listed, therefore I might be mistaken - but together with the Wall edit tool it improves a lot the overall usability of the Wall tool.

Congrats to the whole VW team for this release, with many promising features. I do really appreciate the development path followed in recent years and the clarity of sharing the future roadmap! 

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Dates on that presentation were:


10/01/2023 - SP3

14/03/2023 - SP4

16/05/2023 - SP5

18/07/2023 - SP6


I thought I had posted a screenshot to the forum but I can't seem to find it now. I think they also mentioned that they would do SP7 and maybe 8 if required, but these would come after VW2024 was released.


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