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  1. Thank you, RonMan! That's a thought! I'll go tweaking! I'll increase the limit on virtual memory, but I wonder how it could run out of memory, while I have 32Gb, optimize it regularly and never use more than 75% of it... It was closer to 50% while I worked on this file... I'll also try to replace imported symbols, move the origin (I'll make a new drawing and just keep a loci on the current origin, to return to it before exporting - not sure how this will work)... I'm not very optimistic, I suspect the fix will have to come from Apple and VWx... but let's keep trying 🙂 GPU is Radeon Pro 580X 8Gb ... there must be a way to check how it's working, I can do it on PC...
  2. Congrats on only 2 crashes! I just had another darn crash, so I copied the automatically generated report and I'm posting it here. I opened an older version of my file (1 week old) and wanted to test the plan shadows on it. Crashed as soon as I hit OK on class settings... the file is barely over 50Mb... I'm switching to PC tomorrow (everyone is at home due to the bloody virus, so I can use any one of my machines... lucky? not so sure in these circumstances...) Automatic crash report.rtf
  3. DMcD describes exactly the same problems I'm having with VWx 2020 on loaded i9 MacBook 16" and i9 iMac, both w/32GB Ram and upgraded cards running two monitors.... I have crashes every hour or so, my autobackup is set for 7min so I don't lose too much work. From the list above, I observe crashes with: - rotated plan (quite a bit) - data far from absolute 0,0 (I'm working on a large urban design project with many collaborators) - scaled symbols (coming from other consultants) My file is typically under 250Mb, which shouldn't be a problem for the RAM and VRAM to handle, I'd think. But even saving and reverting to saved doesn't seem to help for long. I clean all caches, do a safe boot and then reboot again after every crash or two, this seems to make no difference, neither does purging, compressing images, etc... The file has been made (and remade a few times through both: layer import reference and/or copy and paste) entirely in 2020 version. We also run an i9 PC with Nvidia 2080, I haven't tried the file on it yet, should I? Any help would be precious as I'm fighting against a deadline... Independently, I seem to have some snapping problems (they were there since MC times, but seemed to have been largely addressed before), but I assume it must be the issue of re-setting the key preferences again....
  4. Great idea! Is there a place where one can find some basic templates or did you make your own for each schedule?
  5. That's BADLY needed! It should be the Default setting... it's easier to adjust from equal spacing than to equally space 20 posts manually!
  6. On a small 4K monitor they are hard to see.... The size of line type preview for editing has always been a problem... at first I thought the developers were trying to accommodate the people using 600x800 screens, but now I suspect that it's for the people trying to do CAD on Apple watches... ;-)) no?
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