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Found 21 results

  1. Helo, I've got a camera linked to a focus point. I've made a camera viewport out of it (copy camera option). Is it possible to make this viewport accept new camera focus when a focus point or camera itself changes its location on a design layer? Thanks
  2. Hi, It would be very useful that the Vectorworks camera would have a feature that allows one to make sure that all vertical lines are vertical. Similar to what a perspective correction lens does in a real camera. With this new tool we could make sure that all of our renders come out with completely vertical lines and a great perspective instead of one that is deformed. It would also make things faster as one would need to fiddle less with the camera in order to get vertical lines. I attach a photo that makes clear what I'm talking about. I took the images from V-Ray for Cinema 4D Manual: http://vrayc4d.com/live/vrayforc4d-manual/vray-physical-camera/vray-physical-camera-examples/ V-Ray has automatic vertical tilt correction. Hope this gets implemented!
  3. I created a camera in a Design Layer. I then created a Viewport that deleted that camera and moved it to the viewport I created. If I go in to manage that camera (by double clicking that viewport), the camera settings are selected, but if I click anywhere else, I lose that camera and can't find anywhere (I.e., shouldn't it be in the Viz pallet when in the Viewport??) Work around for now has been to class the camera within the viewport and switching to Show/Snap others, selecting my camera class, and selecting All. Am I missing something here? Also after tweaking that camera to my liking, I exited the camera to the main viewport and everything disappeared.... Went back into the camera and it's totally blank. All my stuff is gone although the class and layer visibilities are on. Odd...
  4. I wish there were more camera match workflow options than the current 3 point perspective with control lines. I wish there was a way to place a camera in the spot where I took a photo, lock the renderworks camera lens focal length to the one I knew the photo was shot with, place the photon in the background of the camera view while in wireframe, and then be able to adjust the camera position to match up with the background photo. I also wish there was a camera match option that used known points in space to align the renderworks camera. Currently I'm working on a large unbuilt suburban site. There is one building on a part of the site with which I have been able to use the camera match object successfully. Having these other options would allow me to line up photos for decent before and after views. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  5. Howdy Gang, We've noticed an interesting issue and perhaps its a misunderstanding, or something we should pop on the wish list. With the newish Video camera tool, and linking it to a viewport. The tool currently works similarly to the renderworks camera tool in that you can choose to link it to a viewport and it disappears from the design layer, or you leave it in place and create the viewport separately. We are working in a TV studio and we would like the camera to remain in the design layer, as well as creating a viewport. Once the copy has been made, they are no longer linked, this means if you tilt the viewport camera slightly, it is now inside of the geometry of the camera and the viewport turns out blue. What we would like is that every time we move the physical camera in the design layer, it is updated in the viewport, leaving them linked, rather than it being a copy. Perhaps something for the wish list.
  6. I'm trying to create camera that match projection cones (frustum). I'm betting @JBenghiat has an idea for this (Josh: I'd use projection Viz for this but I'm importing a ton of projection cones from a previz application and matching projector positions is proving to be tricky). For the purposes of showing my needs here, I'm using a very simple use case. 16x10 projection screen, .5:1 lens throw ratio, 0 H/V shift. I have a 16x10' target surface: The black pyramid represents the projector cone: I want to create a camera with a 1.6 ratio that looks just at that 16x10 target. So, from 8' away, I want the camera framing to look at just that 16x10.' Unfortunately the best I can do is this:
  7. I would like a "target" camera or "target" camera mode where a RW camera can be locked on to a point/object. As I move the camera around (x,y,z) I would like it to automatically adjust its pan/tilt to focus on the target. C4D has a good implementation of what I'm looking for. Kevin
  8. It would be great if you could place a camera operator in Spotlight and click on them to see their view. Also with the ability to change the camera settings the same way that a camera operator would. I know that you could insert a camera on top of an operator but it would be great to click on the camera position and be able to see what they see. Also include pan, tilt, and zoom relative to what the camera could do. Thanks!
  9. There are two issues with viewports linked to cameras. The first is the limit of 196mm (35mm equivalent) of zoom (12.45 degree field). This is an artificially low limit that does not allow the previewing of long glass on video cameras (33X or up). The second is that in the OIP it would be great if you could change which camera a viewport is linked to. When you select the viewport on the sheet layer it should say Camera: <name> and you should be able to point it to a different camera.
  10. zoomer

    RW Cameras

    Cameras are still not working for me in 2017. Can we recap that issue a bit from scratch to get information and find solutions ? I try to sum up. Cameras worked for me fairly well in VW 2014-2015 : They worked fine even on Layers assigned to Story Heights. I could do Screenshots nearly full view window, by using "crop frame" Just 2 Problems occurred for me : 1. Sometimes, geometry far behind (!) the camera had the potential that a camera view showed no more lights when rendering, until that geometry was set to invisible. 2. If a Z-value was assigned to camera (in OIP), like I tried in a Staircase, the camera tend to shift its position arbitrarily. A known Bug. VW 2016 : Cameras got some new features. We can create, save and assign all features to Cameras. Maybe no problems if assigned to Viewports (?) But we can't securely switch between these in drawing Window. In that case at one time : 1. Cameras lost their Positions always, no matter if there was a Z-value assigned, a Story height or not. New XYZ locations values where for either selective or all Axes : nearly infinite like 1,00000000ß0000e200, origin 0,0,0 or the XYZ of another camera. 2. Camera and Target height for me sometimes change from mostly 1,60 m to 1,599999 or even more deviate values. 3. Camera Aspect Ratio Borders (the blue corners) only use a small part of the view Window of my monitor (about a third of the width) so no more sufficient resolution for screenshots. I think one or all following points came with different following releases of Service Packs 4. Activation Icons in Camera Lister at one point won't disappear again, the whole de/activation process was killed from that point, even in OIP or Camera Settings, until VW restart. Over time more and more Cameras will reach that state. 5. Cameras started to arbitrarily activate the old "crop view" in file settings, which is totally unwanted for standard 3D Views which will be effected too. 6. Cameras started to switch to a Top Plan orthogonal View inside that old "view crop" when activated for the first time. An UNDO brought the original Camera back some times and old "view crop" was deactivated again. 7. And last behavior change I noted, Cameras behaved like Saved Views and allways changed Layer Visibility by making their own Layer the Active Layer. Trying to switch back to the former Active Layer made them go nuts. VW 2017 : I did not test so much so far. For 2016 files converted using cameras already : 1. Cameras lost sometime their Position when only activated. 2. Cameras show even smaller area with blue corners when activated for the first time, while the perspective looks reasonable though. After switching between Camers the blue corners switch back to Camera Aspect Ratio in a ⅓ of View Window only size as usual for me. 3. Cameras active switch to a Top Plan orthogonal Perspective in View Window when I only activate the visibility of their Class to be able to edit. 4. Crop Frame Scale Editing inlfuences blue corners first, when switching back to 100% it has changed Focal Length (!?) That makes it a little difficult to convert running Projects into VW 2017 if I relay on the old Cameras: (Same for Reflectance Channel Changes) Creating Cameras in an empty File without using any File Templates works so far in first tests for me. But I have not yet changed any of the cameras settings or moer than one Camera at one time that I would usually need to do.
  11. Hi, I have some rendering problems. I have created this small file, where i want to make some renderings, but something seems to go wrong. I have created a camera and created a viewport on this camera. I have then duplicated the viewport, so I have three of them and I have rendered them with three different styles. But there is a differens in these. It looks like the perspektiv on the white line is strange on the fast and final q. also on the final q it seems like that the tiles are jumped a bit up? This is Open GL render This is fast q. render This is final q. render
  12. I wanted to check in to see if there has been any progress on the Video Capture bug I raised a month or so ago. I have another pair of projects at a moderate scale and I would prefer to use Vision for my projector layouts. What's the status of the camera inputs?
  13. Hello Everyone, I may have changed some setting for renderworks camera or something else happened but now all the orthogonal views in one of my files appear to have a cutting plane that does show the whole model. It may be a tiny bit of setting but its really annoying. Please guide anyone who has the same experience. See attached a screenshot. Thanks
  14. hello I would like to see an improvement in them can I set the camera option directly in the OIP. When I need to adjust the light in a rendered viewport, actually I need to go inside every time in the "camera" dialog inside the viewport etcetera... this must be helpful if I need to move the camera but for only the exposure, blur and other effects could be very quick to set it into an OIP in my opinion Thanks
  15. Hello all, I'm trying to edit my camera, to 'fine tune' its view etc but once I've selected 'edit camera' after right clicking on my viewport my OIP is blank....this was a problem on Friday too. Any ideas? Ive attached screen shots. **EDIT** its looks like a wall is selected in the second screen shot but nothing was selected
  16. Hello everyone, i'm trying to resolve an issue. In a previous render without camera settings i could to see the sky on the scene. After that i tried to set the rendering style with this setting BRIGHTNESS 30% BACKGROUND HDRI no AMBIENT LIGHT Indirect lightning 4 rebounds Heliodon ON phisical sun ON phisical Sky ON sole 35 % power cam 400 ISO 1/250 sec exposure but.. i can't see the clouds and the sky like the previous render could anyone show me the clouds? ;-) thank you and have a good work Z
  17. Hi everyone Im getting an odd result with the camera match option. For the Camera Match object I have a photo with a nice and clear perspective view, making it very easy to manage and arrange the control lines (R1 R2 L1 L2 V1...). I'm uploading some pics and the VW file of the columns I want to add to a long corridor. Pic1 - the columns im trying to add Pic2- the Match opbject picture with the arranged control lines Pic3- the desired result Pic4- Camera Match result. Sometimes I get a message that the control lines are reversed, Im not sure why. any thoughts? thanks joey VW 2017 SP3 columna.vwx
  18. What is the easiest way to update a camera after changing the camera values. Example : If you set a camera and you change the height of the camera and the camera look to height. The camera's current view does not update after the new setting are entered. There is no update camera button in the object info palette. So I was wondering if there is a future plan of adding an camera update button in the object info palette. I have figured out you can de-activate and the re activate the camera in the object info palette. Am I missing something here? Maybe something for future update! I dunno!
  19. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of stopping the camera from clipping through the 3D model I've started on? I feel like it hasn't been a problem before, so I'm not sure if I've managed to change a setting, or if it's always been like this and I've just used the camera in closeups before. Attached is a PDF of a camera view, where it clips through and shows the floor underneath. Group Site English Key.pdf
  20. We use Vectorworks quite heavily in the office for 2D drawing, but are just really starting to get to grips with Landmark / Renderworks, and while I am loving it so far I'm not quite sure of the full extent of it's capabilities. I am looking to do some visualisations for a wind farm planning application, for which the levels of accuracy required by technical guidance for visualisation (published by SNH) is quite precise, and I'm not sure if it's something that can be achieved in Vectorworks or if I need to look at bespoke wind energy software (such as Resoft Windfarm / WindPro etc.) I need to be able to match a wireframe view of OS terrain information (for an area of up to 80km of Terrain50 contour shapefiles or DTM grid) with a panorama photograph, to an exact bearing direction and field of view. The wireframe needs to match the cylindrical projection of the panorama photograph (- i.e. NOT be in standard equirectangular / planar perspective as per a single standard photograph,) and the model will also need to account for the curvature of the earth and atmospheric refraction. My current feeling is this is beyond the realms of Vectorworks capability at present, (much as I would love this not to be the case!!) but I would appreciate the thoughts of users with more experience and expertise!!
  21. I'd love to see Syphon/Spout integration for ESP Vision. The ability to share an OpenGL context from a processing sketch or other application into vision would make the workflow much easier for multi-projector preprogramming. Spout can be found here and has fairly wide support on the Windows operating system: https://github.com/leadedge/Spout2 Syphon is native in OSX and really we just need a hook to pull in the Syphon context in OSX. Is this a possibility?
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