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  1. @Charlie Winter I'm running QLab and some proprietary stuff for most of my designs and Syphon is a way to share a texture between applications on Mac. I output Syphon rather than a video surface and then use programs to stream that over the network or share with another program. Spout is the Windows equivalent. You might want to look into Open Broadcast Studio (https://obsproject.com/). They have a good NDI plugin where you can stream arbitrary content. For a small video wall it should work fine, but for larger surfaces you need some serious processing power and very fast networks to make it work. I generally use NDI for the previsualization side of things as I'm running at half or even quarter resolution.
  2. Thanks, that might be a good workaround. There's a lot of stuff that doesn't really transfer like specific focuses, emissive meshes (my real problem on this one), and and tweaks to textures/camera/etc... It would be great to be able to mere or copy that data easily between scenes. This is especially important if multiple people are working on the project. I was able to work backwards from my most complicated file and just merge the rest into it but the next time I'm in this venue I know I'm going to want to save the tweaks to their rep plot.
  3. I just noticed I can't seem to merge a v3s file into another v3s file. Is there a way to export or copy data between "scenes"? I have some really complicated scenery AND some really complicated projection mapping (fake shadows and a bunch of other silly stuff) AND a complicated rep plot AND the plot for the show. Ideally I'd like to be able to reuse and work on these separately. Am I missing something here?
  4. I'm getting back into the swing of using Vision (it is a big jump from Vision 2.3/4 to where it is now) and I'm wondering how best to exchange patch information between Vectorworks and Vision. I don't want to merge new records as I might touch up focus, but I'd love to update the patch back and forth. What is the best workflow for this?
  5. @scottmoore This topic is addressing the schematic views and their 2D representation, not the 3D orientation. Advice is always welcome, but in this case I'm interested in having my 3D model (Vision/Capture/Blender) match my Vectorworks model (2D printing plates).
  6. I'm new to the databases, but I finally have a project where I've renamed my callouts enough to want to learn it. We have a model that composed of a bunch of arches that like to changes names: I've linked these to my database: And then I thought I could update these from the XML (originally they are all lower case): Unfortunately, as you can see from my drawing, these updates didn't "automatically link" I thought I would be able to take care of that from the "Reconcile notes" tool but it seems to have no effect forcing me to manually "refresh" each object. Is there a command to automatically force the update? I can't seem to find it in the manual or the forum.
  7. Nikolay, Thanks for the information. Is there some sort of API that shows all the names? I'm having a heck of a time querying for the information I need in a smart way. For lack of a better example I'm looking to do something like: { Object.name, LightInfoRecord.channel, MyRecord.notes, } You got me pointed in the right direction, but I'd love a reference so I can create the information I'm looking for.
  8. I have a bug that is causing consistent crashes. Vectoworks 2020, Windows 10, latest build. This doesn't consistently trigger the crash, but creating a new layer with the default name, renaming it, and moving it before clicking OK does seem to trigger the crash. I was able to crash it immediately after creating these screen shots. I should note this has happened on several different documents, including simple documents that don't include my libraries.
  9. That's good information, I am utilizing the MVR workflow (naming is very helpful in this process).
  10. Rob, I wasn't talking about Renderworks, I was talking about setting the Vision data in the model so that the emissive mesh already had a glow when it is exported to Vision. If this isn't an option currently it is something that would be nice to see.
  11. Is there a way to set up an emmisive mesh inside Vectorworks rather than Vision? This project has a lot of revisions and I'd love to do most of the work in one place.
  12. I'm curious if it is possible to assign a Data Tag or a Visualization to display the name of the objects in the OIP->Name field. I'm trying to use the new MVR workflows for Vision and I'd like a way to easily see the name of each major object. Is this possible? The tags and visualizations appear to search by the Records, not the inherent object.
  13. Is there a way to name the respective parts of the MVR output based on the symbol name--or any other method--when a symbol is exported? I'm exporting a set of geometry that is all named "Scenic Piece A" etc... and structured as a group of symbols but when it comes into Vision it is just a group of Geometry. I realize this is probably a bit of an edge case request, but it would make tracking things in the tree a lot easier. I'd love a workflow to quickly update and organize the meshes other than breaking it into a bunch of separate exports. I'm assigning an emissive mesh to all of these elements that are patched so tracking it would be incredibly helpful.
  14. Thanks! I was able to get this working. I'll submit some more questions once I have this further along:


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