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  1. Howdy Gang, We've noticed an interesting issue and perhaps its a misunderstanding, or something we should pop on the wish list. With the newish Video camera tool, and linking it to a viewport. The tool currently works similarly to the renderworks camera tool in that you can choose to link it to a viewport and it disappears from the design layer, or you leave it in place and create the viewport separately. We are working in a TV studio and we would like the camera to remain in the design layer, as well as creating a viewport. Once the copy has been made, they are no longer linked, this means if you tilt the viewport camera slightly, it is now inside of the geometry of the camera and the viewport turns out blue. What we would like is that every time we move the physical camera in the design layer, it is updated in the viewport, leaving them linked, rather than it being a copy. Perhaps something for the wish list.
  2. I can confirm that 2020 SP4 Windows does not take the texture applied through OIP. However, colour by class does allow me to add the texture. Not ideal for our workflow, but it will do for now. Thanks @Andy Broomell and @JustinVH.
  3. Heya Team, I'm feeling like a real noob. Id like to know how to colour the 3D component of truss made with the straight truss tool without changing the 2D fill colour. I also cant add a texture to the 3D model, like chrome. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  4. Heya Team, I am trying to create a layer filled with symbol insert wrappers. I have got it working but it always inserts the symbol on the same layer the wrapper is on, where do I place the command to tell the wrapper which layer to send that symbol to? Thanks in Advance!
  5. @EAlexander, do you find that there is an increase in the performance of the drawing once you've converted it? Is that the reason you choose to convert?
  6. Heya Gang, I work in event design and i have a question for the think tank. If i have created a rather complex object with fillets, solid additions and subtractions, maybe some sweeps etc. and I then convert that into a symbol. Am I better off leaving it as a solid addition, or once I'm happy with it should I convert that to a generic solid? I'm thinking about the drag it has on working with the drawing, is there a simple better option her for performance?
  7. Hi @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD, I agree completely. The SketchUP direct link looks to be very useful and would help the two work together without clunky workarounds. Eagerly awaiting news of this links progress.
  8. Awesome, found it. What a life saver. Thanks so much @Hans-Olav
  9. @Hans-Olav How are you toggling between changing a single item or everything of a texture at once?
  10. @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD Thank you very much for sharing that link, a wonderful explanation of your process.
  11. What's everyone's workflow for exporting FBX into twin motion as far as breaking up similar textures so they aren't all changed simultaneously? We are just beginning our journey with Twinmotion and we're finding that the biggest hurdle in the workflow. Thanks in advance!
  12. This looks very promising, this is something that has been required for quite some time. Good work team!
  13. Pictures Attached. It seems that its only when joined to the walls either side and has a door in it. No join, ok, no doors or windows, ok. hmmm. Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. I am now having the same problem in 2019. I have a small round wall, I have added doors and windows and now in top/plan it appears as a large circle the diameter of the round wall. How do I fix this without deleting the wall? Edit: It seems to only occur once I attach my rounded wall to the other walls around it, if I move the wall out the circle disappears, but using wall join makes it come back.


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