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  1. Haydenovative

    Venue With Multiple Setups

    Heya Team, We are having a bit of a conundrum and I suspect someone here will have a nice simple workflow to help solve this. We have an in-house venue at Sydney Opera House and it is a venue that does corporate breakfasts, weddings, small conferences, graduations, everything. Currently, we have a template file with a few base setups that we start each new client setup from and we save it into the job folder for each job. We would like to create efficiencies where we are not drawing the same (almost the same) setups over and over and are trying not to have 300 layers with every permutation of setups because it will always be bespoke. Has anyone worked in a similar fashion and could suggest a way to have this work with taking the least amount of time to draw each setup, and perhaps manage previous setups well? Id like to hear from anyone who might be bale to help. Thanks so much!
  2. Haydenovative

    Exporting for AutoCAD

    Heya @mike m oz Perhaps Im not understanding this. Ive just had another go, Im looking at the sheet I would like to export and Ive selected this particular sheet in the export dialogue. My original VWX file is 850Mb and the DWG export is 159Mb. I would have thought if I am only exporting 1 sheet and Ive told it to export viewports as 2D graphics in model space I would only be spitting ot lines, which would make a much smaller file. Is this right? Thanks in advance.
  3. Haydenovative

    Exporting for AutoCAD

    No, we were exporting the entire drawing. I will have a crack at doing it that way right now. Thanks so much!
  4. Haydenovative

    Exporting for AutoCAD

    Heya Team, We are working with a venue that demands we send them all of our plans before we can work in their building. They only run AutoCAD and they are saying they have real trouble importing our DWG exports due to the fact that we draw with incredible detail. We will often have 500+Mb drawings that we are exporting and they really only require 2D information to tick their box. Is there a simpler way to do this? Are there export settings I should tweak, or any way of exporting 2D information only? We are really at a loss, we shouldn't sacrifice our quality for just one venue, but we need to be able to help them out. Thanks so much!
  5. Haydenovative

    DWG Export Files

    Heya Team, We are trying to export a DWG file from our drawing and we are getting a significantly undersized file as well at a great deal of .pat files along with it. This is relatively new, we were previously getting a single .dwg file and we have not changed settings. Can anyone help me?
  6. Haydenovative

    Tidy up imported 3d sketchup model

    Is there any way to change the pen colour on a mesh without editing it and losing the texture mapping? I have a drawing with a tan coloured mesh and a black texture, Id like it in black pen but if I double click the mesh I lose the custom map. anyone done this?
  7. Haydenovative

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    @Jonathan Pickup it was totally that the viewport I was trying it on was a front view rather than top/plan, as soon as I tried it on top.plan, there is was. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Haydenovative

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    Thank you @Matt Panzer of course it is a simple answer and I clearly was having a blonde moment. I really appreciate it!
  9. Haydenovative

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    Yup, that's what I thought. How could I even remove that?
  10. Haydenovative

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Ah, the source of the symbols is me. I took the data records from the existing projectors in projector models. I will have a look at a fresh install and re-import them. Thanks so much!
  11. Haydenovative

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    Heya Team, Tell me if I'm having a blonde moment, shouldn't I be able to change stack order in a viewports layer settings by dragging up and down in a column to the right of the layer colours? Whered it go?
  12. Haydenovative

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Good Morning Mr. Dunning, I don't appear to have a weight field in my VS-ModData. Am I missing something?
  13. Haydenovative

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Howdy Team, I am looking at the video screen tool and have realised that the weight field is populated globally by the plug-in parameters, meaning that all projectors will display at the weight set in the plug-in manager fields ProjWeightLB and ProjWeightKG within the video screen tool. Is there a way to set the weight to vary based on the projector model selected? Secondly, when using multiple projectors (Stacked or side-by-side) the weight of the projector shown in the "include in calculations" field is not doubled, should that not be updating? Thank you so much for your time!
  14. Haydenovative

    Favorite Files Naming

    Hey Team, I have recently changed the location of my favourite files and I removed them and re-added them, they now all have the suffix (1) after each file name. I have removed and added them again, can anyone tell me why this might be?
  15. I'd be very surprised if this isn't already on the wishlist. Its been a problem for years and I'm sure I've posted about this in several areas. Thanks again @Mickey for adding this to the list.


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