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  1. Working on a rendering. As soon as I added a Heliodon the Web View export no longer matched the internal render. I have checked and re-checked all the heliodon, lighting and background settings. Also, if you delete a heliodon the web view goes completely black... Two screenshots attached -- the one with clouds is from VW and the other is from web view. Any thoughts?
  2. VW 2020 -- Mac OS X High Sierra Selecting 8 video screen objects to set the text options -- all the same config (front projection, same screen, same projector). And the Lens info popped in on the wrong side (RP side not FP Side). Tried closing and re-opening -- stayed the same. Tried deselecting the text option and okaying out of the dialog and going back in and re-selecting it -- the text popped back into the same wrong spot. Was doing it yesterday to individual projectors -- worked fine. Today with multiple selected....not so much. Tried to recreate in a blank file but couldn't find the magic combination of steps to get it to do it. Anyone else seen this yet?
  3. Anyone else finding this painfully slow and way slower than previous releases? Thanks, Darrell
  4. How do people work around the fact that most plots are drawn with fixtures on the DS or US cord of truss and BW magnets them to the center? Do people have two sets of fixtures in the drawing? Or two versions of the file?
  5. There are two issues with viewports linked to cameras. The first is the limit of 196mm (35mm equivalent) of zoom (12.45 degree field). This is an artificially low limit that does not allow the previewing of long glass on video cameras (33X or up). The second is that in the OIP it would be great if you could change which camera a viewport is linked to. When you select the viewport on the sheet layer it should say Camera: <name> and you should be able to point it to a different camera.
  6. Am I the only one that wishes that when you save as your file it gets added to the the recently opened list? Its annoying to me that when I increment a version number on a file I then have to use the open dialog the next time instead of being able to pick it from recently.
  7. That's not the issue. I need the hoist to attach to a piece of truss and then transfer its associated loads to the node as opposed to attaching (hoist up or down) to an imaginary roof.
  8. Got it -- I had done a similar thing and just converted the motor to a group to remove its BW functionality. Of course -- there should just be a function to attach a motor to a truss as an invert.
  9. What are you referring to when you say hanging tool? Isn't braceworks still going to assume that the motor you are inserting is connected to the ceiling? So if you have 2 motors picking up a truss and add an invert that way, won't it divide the load across the 3 now? I may be missing something though as I am unsure as to how you are placing the motor.
  10. No. They will remain in error state (red background black text) and even if you turn everything off and calculate them alone they will generate a not connected to a load error.
  11. What is the best way to incorporate inverted motors in truss? For example I have a PA deadhung from a truss and am using a motor for pull back inverted on the truss. I don't necessarily need it to calculate properly as I can manually manipulate with point loads to get that. But I do need to not have a whole bunch of red highlighting.
  12. It is super frustrating to pay to be a beta tester for Braceworks. Hoists: • Insert Truss using the Insert Truss Tool • Convert the truss to a Hanging Position • Insert hoists using the Hoist tool • Little red diamond shows up -- supposedly binding the hoist to the truss • Run Calculate Visible -- "The Suspension Point is not attached" • Drag hoist off position and re-attach - same message • Delete hoist and re-insert -- same message Instruments: • Right click on instrument -- Attach to Hanging Position -- select the HP • Click on Hanging position • Click on drill down arrow on instrument -- Set Hanging Position • Attach to truss (get the little red diamond and left click to assert • Run Calculate Visible -- The Load is Not Connected Just really frustrated that every visual clue says it is working and yet it doesn't. Question: If I have a motor for an audio point or cable point that is not attached to truss: • Can I insert a load and connect it directly to the hoist (seems like no)? • How do I stop those hoists from generating "The Suspension Hoist is not attached" errors?
  13. There is no preset rotation for the Insert Truss tool. There is only preset hanging angle. The tool seems to behave okay most of the time But I have had to go back and correct the rotation value on some trusses. Weird. I tested a whole bunch of truss symbols and it did not seem to be the fault of the symbol definition. If I can recreate it consistently I will let people know. I will definitely play with the geometry accuracy to see if I get more consistent results. The frustrating thing is that I can take a connected load, option - drag it to a new location to add a second instance, and that instance does not connect. Similar issues with hoist insertion. I can insert a hoist one time and it will be perfect. The next time the red highlight will come up showing the connection node and yet it will not connect and will have a z height that is 12" off or so.
  14. Anyone else noticed that the insert truss tool for BW seems to add .03 degrees of rotation? Also there needs to be a tool to attached a load manually to the truss system. I have lighting instruments that won't attach for love or money...
  15. Whenever my second monitor is plugged and the document I am editing is on the second monitor and active, I cannot access the color picker. When I click on the swatch beneath solid nothing happens. If I click outside the application on my laptop display, then click directly on the swatch it works. If I move the attribute menu to the external it doesn't function at all. This problem started with 2015 and is now occurring with 2016 -- I realise this is an OS issue (had it with Mountain Lion and now El Capitan). Just wondering if anyone else has it and has a solution. Super annoying. Darrell
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