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  1. The Anorak

    Edit User Defined Field Window or Door

    It seems strange that this is not possible. As if you make the changes and place it it the workgroup folder would it not change the appearance of the labels on all your door/window objects? Surely different files will require different user field entries. In the Australian version (oh how I miss it) each data entry simply had a "label" function as part of it, so it was still "user field 1" with a label of whatever you wanted on an individual door basis, and on top of that you could either manually enter the text or select from a drop down set of parameters linked to the door object.
  2. The Anorak

    Window/Door PIO: Parts: Masonry Module?

    I know this is an oldie, but I wanted to revisit the masonry module settings in the window/door tool. Is there a way to give different values to the height and width of the module? It seems odd that they would both be determined by the one value. Or am I missing something here?
  3. The Anorak

    Window and Door Tool maturity

    Window and Door insertion class default Can I add/ask whether this is possible: Ability to change insertion options to assign every new window/door to a particular class. In the same way that a symbol or wall can have a default class assignment this needs to be created for windows and doors. Strangely my colleague seems to have a glitch whereby all her windows automatically assign to the "sanitaryware" class - though this has never been set and I can't seem to find a way to change this setting, and her doors similarly automatically go onto another class.
  4. The Anorak

    Worksheet Improvements

    Hey all this is half a question and half a wishlist (as who knows the functionality might exist and I may not have found it). This is primarily for generating fixture and fitting, and furniture schedules: Is there a way to assign an image to a symbol i.e in the record format include an image function (photo from the product website) that can then be called up in the worksheet? Of course you can include a plan/elevation view of the object but this really doesn't satisfy what I'm looking for. Thanks - any help would be appreciated.
  5. I agree, having them visible in the Design Layer is essential for being able to check/update as you are working. Having used Vectorworks in Australia before moving to the UK, I never had any issues with the custom tag tools in Windoor, surely we should be able to implement some of the functionality of this? I think ID tag as separate to the door/window is a little clunky. Even if autogenerated there is still the possibility of the ID tag being deleted/disassociated from the object without people realising Having the symbol controlled by the door or window style is also essential - e.g different tags for existing, fire-rated etc. If the window/door tag had a "level of detail" type control where you could set the scale and offset depending on the VP scale I could see that working.
  6. Great, can't wait to see it! Thanks Wes.
  7. It seems like there should be an integrated way to manage this. Perhaps a future feature could include a "site orientation tool" which would retain all of the information of the survey coordinates etc. without the need for an overlaid DLVP. Then when placing coordinates on the drawing you could select "site coordinates" or "building coordinates".
  8. Do you still set up your models this way in 2019, or is there a more streamlined method?
  9. Just switch off the wall component classes in the viewport? Then the walls will be shown with the graphic attributes of the main class that it's on.
  10. The Anorak

    Scheduling Material Volumes

    Hi All, We are doing a pre-demolition survey for a project and need to provide a schedule of all the demolition material separated into material groups for BREEAM accreditation. We have a detailed IFC model from the surveyor which I can fairly easily get volumetric quantities from and have separated each of the elements into material classes (eg. masonry walls, stud walls, timber panelling) however I wanted to know if I can schedule out elements embedded in each IFC object separately. As an example, a door that has timber framing and glazed panels - I want the schedule to list each of these items based on their class however unless I explode the object into multiple objects I can't seem to get it to show up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The Anorak

    Edit Revision and issue data by worksheet

    Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov turns out the two weren't linking on the sheet because my colleague had retrospectively added issue numbers and changed the dates (so all of the revisions had been entered already). I've got it working now!
  12. The Anorak

    Edit Revision and issue data by worksheet

    Hi All - Not sure if this should be a new topic but: Is it possible to have an issue register customised to show the revision number of each sheet at the date of issue? I've added a couple of screen shots to show the current default issue sheet and a butchered customised one which I've just written over the top to illustrate what I'm hoping to achieve.
  13. The Anorak

    Door PIO jamb details -door stops

    100% Agree, I have been wanting to have door stops on my doors for ages. Can this be added/is it scheduled to be added soon?
  14. The Anorak

    Offset Door in Jamb

    Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to offset the door leaf within the jamb? There are settings to offset the sill, or the jamb itself, but not the leaf independently. Thanks
  15. The Anorak

    Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation

    Hey All, After a better look into the tool I've found a solution within the space tool. Step 1: Select Space Tag and Edit Settings Step 2: "Under Space Label 1" Click "Edit Layout" Step 3: Add a line for an additional Data field in my case #4#. Exit Symbol Step 4: Edit Settings again. "Under Space Label 1": Select Data field 4> Format Field>Finish Floor Elevation Only down side is the units of the file determine how the FFL appears (in my case mm) so it doesn't reflect the standard format of an FFL in mm.


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