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  1. Julian Carr

    OIP indenting not working in 2020

    I'm not seeing any issues either, but it might depend on where in the code you are calling it. Should be in kObjOnInitXProperties (event 5).
  2. Julian Carr


    CreateLineWeightPopup() doesn't give the option to use class thickness Andy.
  3. Julian Carr


    Try GetLineWeightChoice() Andy. At least that's what I use.
  4. Julian Carr

    Custom “Assign to [class name]” script.

    Set the above script to be Vectorscript, not Python. If you can't do that, in python it will be something like this: vs.SetClassN(vs.FSActLayer(), 'my class name', True) but I know nothing about python.
  5. Julian Carr

    Custom “Assign to [class name]” script.

    You could try this: SetClassN(FSActLayer, 'my class name', True); I likely won't work in groups or symbols though. If used on a group (not in a group), the last argument (true or false) will determine if all the objects in the group also get the class assignment.
  6. Julian Carr

    Pre-Select a choice in CreatePullDownMenu

    You need to use SelectChoice(). The index is zero based so make sure you load the menu from zero.
  7. Julian Carr

    Script vs GUI

    Wild guess. Try adding this: ResetObject(CounterTopH); at the end of the create floor section.
  8. Julian Carr

    Dimension Trailer Text

    Try changing the criteria in ForEachObject() to: (INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (T=DIMENSION) & (SEL=TRUE))
  9. Julian Carr

    List object style in a worksheet

    Actually I did know Pat and have used it in a worksheet previously. I just forgot. It's there in the insert function list.
  10. Julian Carr

    List object style in a worksheet

    I agree Pat. Some invisible characters in the code I suspect.
  11. Julian Carr

    List object style in a worksheet

    This script works for me. Pat's one doesn't. You have to call the script name not the procedure name however, in RunScript(). Procedure T; BEGIN WSScript_SetResStr(GetPluginStyle(WSScript_GetObject)); END; Run(T);
  12. Julian Carr

    Dimension Trailer Text

    It's possible you have picked up an invisible character by copying from the browser. Try deleting the last line and everything below it then retyping it manually. Or copy the script to a text editor and turn on invisible characters to see if you can spot something.
  13. Julian Carr

    Dimension Trailer Text

    It works for me. What is the error?
  14. Julian Carr

    Dimension Trailer Text

    You can do this using the single most powerful procedure in VS: ForEachObject. It also filters out other object so will only affect dimensions in this case. PROCEDURE DimTypical; PROCEDURE DoIt(h1 : HANDLE); BEGIN SetObjectVariableString(h1, 10, ' Typ.'); ResetObject(h1); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(DoIt, (T=DIMENSION) & Sel); END; Run(DimTypical);
  15. Julian Carr

    Dimension Trailer Text

    Yep ResetObject(Selection); will do it. Also note there is a missing semi colon on line 6.


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