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  1. Nicely done! With a spring of .ooo1 also makes a very nice brick header
  2. Any update on this topic?
  3. The accessibility check that ships with WINDOOR in VW 2022 references AS 1426. Is it possible to change it to ANSI A117.1
  4. It there a way to automatically horizontally align the text in a call out on the side of the leader line, rather then default to the previous alignment? i.e. leader on the right - text align right / leader on the left - text align left.
  5. Great - Thanks for the info. I am getting Member ID to report correctly based on Member ID in info pallet.
  6. Has anyone built a data tag for a structural member - column or beam? member Tag member type size
  7. Quickbooks for Mac. Time keeping, invoicing, A/R, Estimates, receipt of payments and posting to income accounts
  8. I am looking for help creating a texture similar to the gray metal panels shown in the attached photo
  9. What is the format for displaying ifc data in a worksheet. I am playing around with the new data tag tool. I have a data tag tool associated with a wall and the tag text defaults to the ifc data associated with the mark field under the wall styles data tab. I am trying to create a report that displays an image of the wall tag as well as the data associated with the wall style
  10. Are there graphic isometric views any where of the standard rail configurations that ship with VW designer. The written descriptions are wonderful but pictures would be better.
  11. Can anyone direct me to a fluted block texture?
  12. Working on a Mac. Any comparability issues with the cannon or hp machine
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