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  1. What about using align/distribute and align the objects to their centers
  2. Maybe suggest a video tutorial on this subject.
  3. Open the file in 2014 save it as a v2014 file. Then "add current to favorites" in the resource browser under the Files drop-down menu.
  4. Could someone tell me how to submit a bug to NNA. I updated with SP2 and still have a bug. In VW Preferences>Edit I have set the move objects: by custom distance and set it to 1". Unfortunately it keeps changing to a random number. The shortcut keys are set to Cmd+Arrow. These are settings I have used in previous versions with no issues.
  5. Getting back to the original subject, if you were to model that stair in 3D it would look somewhat different then the elevation because upper and lower rake rails would not intersect at the same post. The rails would have to be offset by a rail fitting or another post would have to be added so there would be 2 at each landing otherwise the rails would go through the edge of the stair treads.
  6. I have had that problem where the whole object is removed. If I zoom in it helps but I have always found it to be inconsistant.
  7. Open the file where your symbols are located using VW2014 and "save as" a file in VW2014 version to your favorites folder for 2014. Add the new file to your favorites in the resource browser. I don't know if this is the most efficient way, but it works.
  8. Turn the classes off in the source file where the symbols are imported from. They should still import because they are part of the symbol.
  9. Second that. I was told the last version of VW was going to have separate file log times, though I don't think you can.
  10. How do I toggle classes on and off in the cloud app. I have the preferences set to "select to export classes to PDF layers". The only thing I am getting is mark-up tools. If all this does is read and mark up PDF files, I have several apps on my iPad that can do the same thing but faster. What is the advantage of this cloud service? BTW, I was told there is a PDF reader app for iPad that can toggle classes and layers on and off just like the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Does anyone know of an app that can do that? PDF Reader Pro is not one of them. Neither is Adobe Reader. I don't know if Adobe has a better version that does.
  11. Thank you Michael. Those are the kinds of things I wanted to know. Makes perfect sense. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
  12. I'm having trouble figuring out viewports. When you create a viewport the dialog box asks if you want to create a new sheet layer, new design layer or on an existing layer. How do you know which to use? I created a viewport on a new sheet layer and tried to add dimensions but the dimensions were scaling different. I thought it was possible to add dimensions to viewports. I've watched the VW videos but they give no details at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. You can also insert the symbol, convert it to a group and then ungroup it.
  14. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Go here: newenglandstairworks.com and save yourself a ton of time. The work has already been done for you!
  15. I'd like to see the Replace with Symbol command make it into Fundamentals or at least Architect. It could be huge when placing stair parts symbols.
  16. Over 250 2D and 3D stair symbols for VW. Posts, balusters, elevations and metal balusters and posts. Check it out here: http://www.newenglandstairworks.com
  17. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know there is now an extensive library of stair symbols available for VW . Turned posts, box newels, balusters (fluted, plain, tapered top and block top), Elevations, metal balusters and posts too! Highly detailed and industry standard sizes. http://www.newenglandstairworks.com
  18. Is it me or is there no way trim a line or object to a break line. The trim tool doesn't seem to recognize the break line tool as an object. Is it because it's considered a plug in object?
  19. If you want to insert a symbol using the attributes in the active class, right click on the symbol/edit/symbol options. In the dialog box, assign to: (check) active class.
  20. If you know one of the radii and the rough width of the stair I can show you how to lay it out in VW in a few steps(no pun intended...) Imac, VW Arch w/ RW 2011 Steve Mac www.NewEnglandStairWorks.com
  21. A little late but... It would help to know: stair radius, inside or out or both stair width min tread run (by code) I would make the face of the lower landing tangent with the curved section of stair, otherwise that landing is very awkward. Not hard to build once is is drawn correctly.
  22. what about using the sweep command?
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