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  1. SMBD

    Trim Tool

    VW14 Trim Tool - I have found that the trim tool can sometimes remove the whole of the object (when not set to do so) and it has on several occasions also crashed the programme .....is this just me ?
  2. I have VW 10.5 Windows and a 1220c. No problems with printing other than colour a bit 'iffy' but I cannot print multiple copies of the same drawing can this be solved
  3. Katie no the lines I'am talking about appear on the drawing at the points between the 'layers' that are linked to produce the perspective
  4. how do you remove lines from between 'layers' and why to vertical corners disappear being visible on some layers but not adjacent layers
  5. SMBD


    quote: Originally posted by Katie: Can you duplicate this problem from other applications? no, only occurs in vectorworks v10
  6. SMBD


    quote: Originally posted by Katie: ARe you using driver version 2.1 released Nov 27th, 2.0 or the one built into windows xp? orig. when I contacted you, driver built into windows xp. I have just down loaded an updated driver from hp ref hpsfx32 v1. this has made no diff, still only single copy printed!
  7. SMBD


    quote: Originally posted by Katie: What OS are you using? Is this the deskjet or the laser jet? What exact model of the 1220 are you using? OP Windows XP Deskjet 1220c
  8. SMBD


    VW10 to HP1220, will not allow me to make multiple prints only ever prints one copy! is this a fault? or my error?


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