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  1. It is true that there are more things involved in spare quantity than simple math, but it what I am trying to have the worksheet do is generally what I am going to ask for.
  2. I think I've figure out what my problem with the COUNT function is. Let me know if this is working as designed. It seems as if you do a addition or subtraction it will always use the number as a multiple of COUNT. For example (we will use a value of 10 for count: =(COUNT+1)+1 This would return a value of 30, I would expect this to be 12 =(COUNT*2)+1 This would return a value of 30, I would expect this to be 21 =(COUNT/2)+1 This would return a value of 15, I would expect 6 =(COUNT-2)+1 This would return a value of 0, I would expect 9 I imagine this is why I am having problems using the INT or ROUND function with COUNT If this is working as designed, how would I do addition or subtractions?
  3. Jonathan, I don't really understand what this formula does. I'm trying to get a whole number that is at least 15% of the Value in a C3.* cell. So if I do your formula, and I have a value of 10 in C3.7 I get this: =INT(10)+(If((3)-INT(10)>0,1,0) =10+((3-10)>0,1,0) =10+((-7)>0,1,0) =10+0 =10 The number I would be going for in cell 3.7 is 2 (1.5 rounded up), and 1 in 3.1-3.6. I think this is doing the calculation on the value in the C3 cell, and not the C3.* cells. And that is part of the problem I am having. I think have to include COUNT in the formula somewhere, but I can't seem to figure out how to make this work.
  4. After messing around with the INT, and IF statements, I have not been able to get the desired result. I think I need to include the =COUNT function in the equation, because otherwise it seems to just be working off the total count of all items below. However any time I try to modify the COUNT beyond a simple math equation, I don't the desired answer. So I've tried: =ROUND(COUNT*.15) =INT(COUNT*.15) Both of those result in a 0 Then I try =ROUND((COUNT*.15)+1) =INT((COUNT*.15)+1) both of those result in the original count. I feel like I'm getting close, but I'm missing something here.
  5. I'm trying to create a worksheet that auto calculates spare lighting fixtures. So far I have it setup a database row that shows symbol image, instrument type, count per fixture. I want to add a column that calculates spares. I want the spare fixture count to be 15% of the total count. I would also like this number rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if I have 5 fixtures, instead of the column saying .75, I want it to say 1. I have tried using the Round command. I've been trying =(Round(C3*.15)+1). In my head that should get me a minimum of 1. What always seems to happen is the formula is calculated on the total of all the fixture below, instead of each row. See Image. My next question is, how do I set the row height for the cells in 3.*. I know I can select the cells and change the height, but I want to change the default height for those cells, so anytime I add a fixture to the drawing it gets added at the correct height? Thanks.
  6. ChadL

    Create Classes

    That did it, Thanks!
  7. ChadL

    Create Classes

    Here is what I currently have. the only Int with a value higher than 0 is the bottom one, which is set to 65535
  8. ChadL

    Create Classes

    I've tried that too. I have 3 int nodes feeding a 3d point node, feeding a set pen color node. AAhhhhh, that is probably the problem, i used 255
  9. ChadL

    Create Classes

    Okay, I've been playing with this and I like it. However, now that I got a taste, I want to go deeper. I have been struggling to create a class and assign it line colors and fill colors without having an object to pull that info from. I think the problem is in how I am compiling my RGB values. Right now I have 3 int nodes with my RGB value, then I've tried using a series node, or an ordered list. Nothing I've done so far sets a color.
  10. ChadL

    Create Classes

    Thanks, this is super helpful. I played around with this for about 30 minutes yesterday, making me excited again to try to learn marionette.
  11. ChadL

    Create Classes

    Thanks, I will play with this.
  12. ChadL

    Create Classes

    HI Pat, thanks for the reply. I have done the resource before, I was using this as a project to start learning scripting. Thanks,
  13. ChadL

    Create Classes

    I'm not a scripter, and in my limited research I was not able to successfully do this. I want to create a tool (marionette node, vectorscript, anything) that when I run it it will create a series of classes in the active document. I know what I want all those classes to be, just don't know how to make this script. Thanks,


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