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  1. yeah this still doesn't work in 2019 i am also having this problem.
  2. Window and Door Styles in VW2017 fixes this problem now
  3. Can this be done as per title? thanks Ben
  4. I can't seem to find any way of showing me an objects volume?? I can see options to change the units in document settings but i can't see any figures in the Object info???
  5. anyone? (echoes....)
  6. I've just seen this and have posted a topic, https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=230251#Post230251 we are mac based and cannot therefore use the NBS plugin. Can anyone tell me which part of the ifc should i insert an NBS clause manually??
  7. Can any UK users of vectorworks tell me which part of the IFC data do i input these clauses? thanks ben
  8. Sorry if this is a basic question, but I'm trying to attach NBS specificationss via record format to specific wall components in my wall types. I can only find the option of specifying the whole wall in the resource browser. But not in the edit wall style data tab.
  9. Anyone using vector works know of any conversion method? As i don't see vector works having this option in Georeference. thanks!
  10. BLAM

    Deep brick Reveals

    Ok thanks for that, It looks like i will have to do as you mentioned and insert separate brick reveals. Sig added thanks for all your help!
  11. BLAM

    Deep brick Reveals

    If my reveal is 300mm deep, I want to avoid increasing the depth of all my brick wall components by 300mm just so that it renders correctly
  12. BLAM

    Deep brick Reveals

    A bit exaggerated i know but the brick work is not wrapping into the reveals
  13. Without having to increase the brick depth of a wall component how can i tell vectorworks to render the brick surface hatch for deep brick reveals?
  14. huzzaaahhh! you are right it! it was in the object info render drop down menu, by component rather than object! Thanks POA, you have made my day :)
  15. I cant seem to display the surface hatch in wall components in hidden line render. I can apply them whole on some walls but other new walls only seem to apply the surface hatch on the top and sides of the wall. I ideally want to break the wall down into components so that i don't have a brick render for the internal walls Ive attached an image below to see where i have gone wrong???


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