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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. TAP works. As Kevin McAllister had mentioned "Rot about Path is the key" I set it to 90 degree and I got a desired bend around a curved surface. Thanks again.
  2. Yup i wish there was a quicker way to do it. I tried text along path but it doesn't give me a desired bend. Thanks Peter.
  3. Is there a way to bend text on a curved surface in vectorworks? Thanks,
  4. Thanks Raymond. This is very helpful!
  5. Hi, I can't seem to make the CreateExtrudeAlongPath to work. I have a simple arc and a rectangular on the screen. The was testing out the scrip below but I don't see any new extruded along path object after running the script. Please help! PROCEDURE SuperExtrPath; VAR p,n,h:HANDLE; a,b:INTEGER; BEGIN p:=FObject; n:=NextObj(p); h:=CreateExtrudeAlongPath(p,n); END; RUN(SuperExtrPath); Thank you
  6. Hi, Thanks all for your feedbacks. I ended up extrude the 2D object first then use Set3DInfo to change with width, height and depth of the rounded rectangle. It works!
  7. I can't seem to be able to change the width and height of a rounded rectangle through vectorscript. Am I doing something wrong? PROCEDURE test; VAR h:HANDLE; BEGIN RRect(0,0,200,100,20,20); h:=LNewObj; SetWidth(h,300); SetHeight(h,200); END; RUN(test); Thanks,
  8. Is there a shortcut in Mac to switch between Screen Plane and Layer Plane mode? Thanks,
  9. I try to insert HVAC piping symbols from the resource browser but having trouble aligning and rotating each pipe. Is there a trick for this? I simply want to place a 90 degree elbow round pipe on top of a vertical round pipe. Thanks,
  10. I created a rectangle and a series of oval using Vectorscript. I wanted to clip surface but I can't seem to make it work. I think it has something to do with the last too lines in my code SelectObj((T=RECT) AND (T=OVAL)); DoMenuTextByName('Clip Surface',0); Did I do something wrong? Thanks,
  11. Thanks. I will give it a shot!
  12. Is there a fuction to or predefined procedure to access each vertex point of a 2D object in Vectorscript? I want to insert a custom symbol at each vertex of a rectangle. Thanks!
  13. I created a custom 2D symbol like you said. I then created a column and picked select structure shape to pick my custom shape but it said "Invalid Selection". What did I do wrong?
  14. Has anyone try to create custom structure shapes to expand the Vectorworks' Structure shapes library? Thanks,
  15. Is there a way to make "Enable Connected Wall Mode" to work with curved walls?
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