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  1. i want to place the floor elevation by giving the top of the floor rather than the bottom. while designing, i should not always have to stop and calculate it in my head.
  2. i am finding controling the slope of pads more complicated in 2016. i'm sure i am missing something. in the old days i could grab either end of the slope indicator arrow and drag it to the beginning or end points of the slope. in 2016 it seems to be fixed and moves with the pad only. there must be a way to control this. how? thanks for any feedback. ray
  3. thanks for the feedback. i've seen the various help pages/videos. but it seems to make a difference whether i select a shape and convert it under the landscape menu, or draw it directly with the massing model tool. in any event, i've switched back to my old method of extrudes and symbols: faster and more flexible. cheers, ray
  4. how can i change the default hip roof on the massing model to a gable roof? i have looked far and wide (this forum, youtube, vectorworks help) but nothing is clear regarding on this topic. a good reference would be a big time saver. cheers, ray
  5. hi. we have been using the heliodon as a design tool for years. we are now itching to use it to generate the shadows for our formal shadow studies, which need to be defendable against complaints (usually from project's neighbors). does anyone know of any tests or documentation that show the accuracy of the heliodon? cheers, ray
  6. thanks, jim, for the information. helps to know. ray
  7. hi, jim. after experiencing several random crashes this morning--and other times as well--i came onto the forum looking for such a thread. are you saying that this is common in 2015 sp2, and that i should just be patient? or should i start again sending all of the crash logs to tech support? problem with that is that it is time consuming and they often can't replicate the crashing. how long will be before the next sp, and hopefully these fixes, be available? cheers, ray
  8. thanks for the update, jim. hope they get it figured soon. ray
  9. i know this has been discussed here before. but, i have to ask, is there any process being made toward fixing the eye dropper color selector? this is one of the most annoying bugs ever. any relief soon? cheers, ray
  10. hi, steve. for what its worth, i most always keep a 2d layer and a 3d layer, similar to what benson is describing. though vw hybrid on objects can work in both realm, i find it easier to create and modify this way. but, i am not a purist by any means and my method gets a little mixed, as only i can make sense. but, this is personal and as benson says, you will eventually find what works for you. by the way, i wish extrudes were hybrid 2d-3d objects. that would save a lot of extra steps. (i rely on the floor tool a lot.) cheers, ray
  11. jezza, sounds similar to what i just got through doing. i simply turned on all the layers, and with snapping on, created some quick extrudes and combined them into a solid addition, then turned off the floors. the floors remained in their own layers and the extrudes were made in one layer together, snapping to the floors. this took only a few minutes. ray
  12. hi, benson. i sent this to tech support. word is that what i am trying to do--create limited, more detailed area within a larger more general area--is currently not possible with multiple grade limit modifiers. i remembered wrong. however, similar requests have been made, and they find this reasonable. so, they are passing my request on to the engineers. cheers, ray
  13. i thought that it was possible to have a grade limit within another grade limit--i think i have actually done it a few times. however, that doesn't seem to be working. am i remembering incorrectly? was it changed? is it a bug? or am i simply doing something wrong? thanks for any input. ray
  14. please change the default so that duplicated layers are not automatically added to viewports, where parent layer is displayed. it is a lot easier to add the layers where they are wanted, than to turn them of where they aren't. cheers, ray
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