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  1. Just make sure that you are using the Architect workspace. Alternatively edit your workspace and re-import the pdf option, under Import/export HTH
  2. This feature now works perfectly in 2009, as the 2D operations in Vw now benefit from the Parasolid engine. True offsets are now created instead of getting polylines that are not only incorrect but also with multiple extra vertices.
  3. Using viewports allows you to control classes and layers. Switching on and off the layers will allow you to see the layers in their correct vertical alignment. Just check in the Organisation>Layers dialogue box to make sure that each layer has the correct height and ∆ height values. HTH
  4. Make sure that the symbol in the OIP is "Symbol in Wall" If it is a 2D symbol it has not been inserted correctly. Make sure that your 2D and 3D components are matched in plan. Make sure that the 3D element does not have any spurious information, and that part of the symbol makes the wall break. HTH
  5. Can you post files showing before and after conditions?
  6. Are you plugging in an additional monitor/projector by any chance? The resolution of the computer screen and the additional monitor may be mis-matched. It could be a video card failure? You should have one workspace for the computer and a different one for when you are using the additional monitor.
  7. Using File>Import>Import image file allows you directly to import jpg or psd files. The jpg file will tend to be smaller, but when you select image (bitmap) fill to none the jpg will not be so clean to trim. If you also choose png rather than jpg on the psd file you will get a better quality when it comes to masking. Another factor is that the psd file will also make the file bigger. The file can be kept smaller if the imported image file is referenced, which also allows for changes to be made more easily to the image file. This choice is made when in the Import Image Options dialogue box. HTH
  8. Try this link, tick the check box for a trial version!! http://www.nemetschek.net/infokit/infokit.php
  9. You can run 2008 on a G4, 2009 may run but is not recommended. 2D drafting uses the least computation, so only if you do something in 3D will you need more than the minimum. You are missing out on the best feature of VW by not thinking in 3D.
  10. Why not run it on the mac? The licence is Mac/Win so you dont need to run under bootcamp
  11. Have you updated VW to the latest version? Are you doing this in the viewports? Can you post your signature?
  12. Am I right in thinking that Autocad does not understand rendering? Therefore can you create a section viewport, removing all the unwanted lines to create your elevations?
  13. Try binning the preference file, no need to reinstall
  14. 13.0.0 is the original version of VW08, when you installed you should have been given the option to check for updates at time of install. Download SP3 from the NNA website and install, you should end up with SP3 Build 88670. This update should stop your crashing. HTH
  15. It sounds like your file is running out of ram, I see you only have 1/2 gig. The fact you cant copy is indicative of that, what is the file size?
  16. Nothing better to start the day with Cali Lewis's GeekBrief TV!!
  17. Heres a couple of thing to check in VW: In File>Document Settings>Document Preferences> Resolution Is this figure 72 dpi, set it to 300 dpi If you are printing Sheet Layers check Tools>Organisation>Sheetlayers>Edit>Resolution set to 300 dpi When you print to pdf what is the quality of the pdf file like? HTH
  18. As you are not yet a VW user, in your budget include some time for one to one training initially. That will give you an invaluable springboard, also to harness your own experience and creativity. RW is a worthwhile addition as it allows not only many rendering options, but also includes the choice of cameras and full lighting settings. In addition the ability to create "Image Props" allow the user to create 3D objects out of 2d images and textures, probably RWs best feature. I would also recommend the 17"MBP with the hi-res screen 1920x1200 and 4gb ram and the fastest hard drive on board (7200 rpm) 200GB or 320GB, Also if you can wait until 14th October, Apple should be announcing their new range. HTH
  19. You need more RAM, that should also cure your SP3 issue
  20. You could start here: http://download2.nemetschek.net/TechTips/Design_Layer_ViewPorts/Design_Layer_ViewPorts.html Also the help menu of VW 2008 will have some info. This is an issue where professional consultancy would be a great benefit.
  21. Big reason for upgrading!!!
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