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  1. I think what Peter means is to put this info in yur signature block. This will save you typing it in every time and it will also be on every post automatically.
  2. If the answer to above is YES.... I do this all the time w no problems... This may sound stupid but...Make sure are in "Renderworks" mode. Click on "Fast Renderworks" or "Final Renderworks" in "Current Render Mode Options"
  3. If the "Block" works you might be better off... What I was doing was "EXPORTING" from VW as a dxf/dwg and then OPENING it in AutoCAd. Biggest problem was that VW seems to have a lot more geometry to it's drawings than AC.
  4. I don't want to sound like a total idiot but..... Instead of exporting from VW to AutoCad does it make a difference if you are in AutoCad and "IMPORT" it?
  5. Are there any people in the Cleveland, OH area that do training. I need to get up to speed on VW2009 with Renderworks. Thanks, Brendan
  6. Why is it that the only textures that really require rotating don't have an * next to them? The Woodgrain textures...Can onyone tell if the "marble" texture ie: is rotated ? Is there any sensible reason for this?
  7. What are good sites for downloading props n textures for use in Renderworks? I have read some scattered throughout the forum but it would be helpful to have a few suggestions in one topic. I have no problem registering on a site if I am getting free downloads. I find that RW is lacking in the amount of textures available. Yes I know that I can go in and edit them but Jazus, some of the editing for some textures go on forever. OR...Is there a CD of textures and Props available somewhere for a reasoonable fee? Thanks all.
  8. Thanks ALL. I will check it out and keep practising.
  9. I have been using VW v12.5 w/RW and am still in learning stage. My company just upgraded to v2009. Question: I now have v2009 at work but do not have permission to put on home PC...also no official training. I understand that v2009 does not have training manuals and I have to rely on the on-line tutorial. (So I have been told my management at my co.) Personally I have a problem w on-line and like to have a manual in front of me. Considering I already have v12.5 on my home PC and also have training manuals and CD's for v12.5 is there any sense in training at home on v12.5. Are the basics the same? (VW Fundamentals w/RW) It seems my only other option would be to personally purchase v2009 which is not feasible right now. Don't even think of telling me to get training. The last time I asked my boss I was told that it would be a personal expense to improve my "personal" talents.....LOL
  10. Thank you Ray and Carpalmer, Will check it out Brendan
  11. I have been reading the above posts with great interest. I was just getting the hang of VW/RW v12.5 and my co. just got the 2009 version (still to be installed) Question, what is artlantis? Is it a totally diff. product than Renderworks?
  12. DUH!...I feel like an idiot....thanks Ray. Other times though I was left with the actual item I was rendering on the screen and in position but everything else dissapeared. I'll check those too. Thanks again, Brendan
  13. Ok, seems like it is showing up after I hit "Submit" Hope so.
  14. I've tried adding the file here using file manager on post. What am I doing wrong? The file loaded etc. but does not show up. It's even giving me the name VW called the file.....1446 I have not updated to 12.5.3 yet...kinda afraid to touch anything...LOL Brendan It's coincidence the file name has 2008 in it...It was created using v12.5 Fundamentals w/ Renderworks
  15. M.CH ...When I open Vw it says v12.5 Ray, I take it you are talking VIDEO driver. I tried and was told I have the best driver installed. here is what it says for my video driver.... RADEON X600 256 Hypermemory RADEON X600 256 Hypermemory (Secondary) I have 2 gb of RAM on a DELL Pentium dual core proc., 2.8mh This might be important and I notice it is not in my original post.... With a saved rendering when adding a texture to another object the screen goes white... BUT I am left with the one item I was adding the texture to on a white screen.. The rest of the rendering dissapears. After a save and having this happen I have also tried closing the job WITHOUT saving hoping to open it back up and see my original before the white screen...no luck. Hope does means something. Thanks, Brendan


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