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  1. I wondered if someone could tell me how to import a .psd (photoshop) drawing into V-works. I have some people that I have removed from their background and when I pull them in they come with a white square around them rather than with their own boundary. I have in the past used photoshop to place people / cars / others into drawings but this reduces the quality of the line weights and clarity of lines of the original drawing. How can I achieve a finished high quality drawing with photographic accents Any help would be much appreciated I am using V-works fundamentals and photoshop CS3
  2. Sorry - Vector works Fundamentals
  3. How would one go about creating a new hatch pattern in V Woks Fundamentals ?
  4. How do you re scale a hatch pattern - I am trying to reduce the spacing in the concrete hatch as it is currently too big but you seem to have to do it on each and every 'level' how do you just re scale the whole thing. Thank You
  5. I was just wondering if you could revert a symbol to its original form of lines and boxes etc. so that you can re use some of the elements ? Thank You for your help
  6. Aha - got it - that was so simple I feel a little silly now As an AutoCAD veteran I am finding this all a little complicated
  7. I'm very new to VWorks and I am having problems creating symbols I select all I want in the symbol, create it with a name - say 'Window 1' - press OK and then it vanishes. what am I doing wrong ? Thanx for your help
  8. Thank you so much - I've been using VWorks for about a month after 6 years of AutoCAD and this is the command that I have been missing the most. Makes life much easier - but I still miss AutoCAD
  9. Like copy a line or curve with a selected point on that line or curve and then insert it elsewhere using this point as an insertion point. Like copy with basepoint in Autoad.
  10. In Auto cad - if one is to type 'ray' you get a line with a defined start point but it extends indefinately beyond this point. Is there such a command in VectorWorks.
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