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  1. Whenever I try to modify text, the text shows up off screen and in the text box all I see is small boxes. This is pretty frustrating. Is there a solution?
  2. This is happening in both 10 and 12. Here are the particulars. G4 Mac,OS 10.3.9, 533 MHz, 1.5 GB ram. The file in question is 69 MB, but our problem seems widespread in the lab. Larger Drawings cause VW to quit. This is very frustrating for my students and me. Any advice is welcomed.
  3. The network dongle for VW 12 was installed on one of our servers, and we started loading 12 to our client machines. I logged in as root for the install, hoping to avoid launching issues with other users (high school classroom setting), but the issues are still there. When another user trys to open VW, we get the no network error, and VW asks for the serial number. What gives? There has to be a better way to get this out to the seven users on each of 25 machines.
  4. Thanks, Katie. I will try that tomorrow morning.
  5. Related to this thread. I have an OSX machine running VW10.5. The OS is 10.2.8. The machine crashes regularly, only in VectorWorks. I had the student demonstrate for me. The crashes occur trying to place 3D objects from the objects palette.
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