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  1. Is it possible to force the printing to always be B&W whilst continuing to work in colour? (Other than having to constantly check and uncheck the 'Document Preferences' option, I mean). Thanks. It's VW12.
  2. Isn't that just typical? I've just gone and found the answer. It was the 'Adjust Flipped Text' option in VW Preferences. Un-check that and I can now even have upside down text if I want to. Hooray.
  3. Is there any way to have text running vertically but reading from top to bottom? How ever I do it, it always ends up reading from bottom to top. I can rotate it by up to -89? using the rotate tool but as soon it goes to 90 . . . it flips! Flip Vertical doesn't change anything. Does anyone know a way? Thanks, Graham
  4. That was it Katie. Thank you. Nice to know it was something harmless (and useful too). Graham
  5. The smart cursor on one of our systems now shows on a yellow background. I don't know how this happened, or, if this is important. Does it signify anything? And, if so, how do I turn it on and off? It is certainly much easier to see when on a grey background. Thanks, curiously, Graham
  6. Travis, thanks. That does help. With the duplicate not being offset it's now created on the grid; so the Snap and Reference settings don't have to be the same. I can now increase the Reference Grid setting - much easier on the eyes. Still curious why the offset wasn't consistent though? Cheers again, Graham
  7. When drafting (say) panel layouts, I often use the grid to position objects. It is therefore really useful to have any duplicates (function-D) always appear on the grid; then move the duplicate using the arrow keys. But this doesn't happen reliably. It only seems to work if the Snap Grid and the Reference Grid are set to the same value. This then means that your drawing is covered blue lines (as the Snap grid is usually quite fine). It also stops working if zoomed in too far. Is there any way to force duplicates to always be on-grid? Many thanks, Graham
  8. Hi Grant Thanks. I've tried over and over but I can't get this to work. I create the 'Templates' folder on the server, make an alias, then move the alias into my Vectorworks folder. Every time this is done, the 'New...' command just opens a blank document without the stationary option. I've tried renaming the alias to 'Templates' and 'Templates Alias' but it never works. A blank document opens every time unless a real local Templates folder is there. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Graham
  9. Does anyone know a way for several people to use the same templates (.sta files)? Ie. can I make the default location for templates a server somewhere? Or is the only way to copy the .sta files into each individual user's 'Templates' folder? Thanks,Graham
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