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  1. Somehow in that few months tech support lost it, at least the shift rotation I ran into. Kevin emailed it to me a few days after my last post. Too late to go back now, c'est la vie.
  2. Ended up calling tech support but they had no idea what script I was talking about. Ended up doing a design layer import into a new file. Lost my sheet layers but worth it at this point.
  3. Currently in VW 2008 or 2009 when I insert the active instrument or accessory into my plot it switches from the active symbol to a S4 26 Deg with draw beam on, focused to focus point D2. Tried deleting my record formats, no success. As a workaround I can replace it with the active symbol from the object info palette, but that gets old extremely fast.
  4. We do have multiple fixtures in different layers in classes, we should be doing a refresh tonight, I'll make sure to capture the instrument data before and after.
  5. We've been running into a time consuming and annoying issue lately in Spotlight. On every lighting position we have on our plot lighting instruments seemingly duplicate themselves, perfectly aligning with each other. We can't see them when they do this. They duplicate as active lighting instruments so they take unit numbers when "auto unit-number" is on and completely throw off our instrument count. Not to mention we're exporting to ESP vision so this causes major issues. It looks like it's happening whenever we "refresh instruments". From our basic calculations about two random fixtures per refresh. Our current workaround is to avoid refreshing as much as possible, and before ESP and Lightwright are exported we export the raw instrument data to excel, find the duplicate fixtures, and delete them via their UID number in "find & modify". Anyone ever run into this, know what might be causing it and how to stop it?
  6. Just for anyone else who runs into this issues, seems there was a program conflict somewhere after a myriad of updates including MS Office Ultimate 2007, Itunes 8 w/ new quicktime, MS Windows Indexing Search Tool. After updating my video drivers all in the world was grand.
  7. I've made it work on my other account on my machine, what are all the account specific files I can reset?
  8. Still nothing there either, are there any processes or programs that interfere with vectorworks? I recently updated to MS Office 2007 and installed windows indexing search tool for MS Windows XP.
  9. Moved the files out of the folder, still no change.
  10. Vectorworks 08' educational version has started to crash immediately upon start. The process will load, the splash screen will appear for a second and then everything disappears. I've reinstalled twice with the same issue after each re-install. Any ideas?
  11. We're working with ESP Vision and texturing, but seeing as how this is more of a general Open GL / Vectorworks question hopefully you can assist us. We have an extruded grey rectangle with a texture applied to it, "Metal Alumunin Machined" creating a fence look. We'd like for light to be able to pass through the fence holes in Open GL 2.0, for use in ESP Vision. In Final Quality Renderworks the fence holes are open and look great, but in Open GL the fence hole are covered in grey and do not allow light to pass through. Is there a way to make this work with the texture? Extruding a rectangle and then subtracting the fence holes via duplicate array proved challenging and added too many geometric faces to our file.
  12. Has anyone had experience using ESP Vision with the vectorworks 2008 plug-ins to build the model / plot first? We might be using it to pre-viz a show this coming fall as a cheaper and hopefully more compatible alternative to WYSIWYG via our emphasis servers. I'm looking for some input before we dive head first into this project. Thanks!


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