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  1. Hi pmosher : Im' interested in that marionette script. Would you agree to say which one you are using? Thank you !
  2. Hi Christiaan, as I'm reacting 3 weeks later, may be you found the solution, if not we've had similar issues that were solved by giving a fill to each of the components of the wall/slab that were "invisible" when imported in Revit by our Engineer.
  3. Hi Pat, Thank you for coming back to me. Yes indeed, I realized that the 11_ parameter does return a rounded number with units included. About the other different formats, I wonder if they just go and fetch the same information or if the information is somehow translated (same way 11_ is string vs number other wise)... I have deduced that the DSH format is somehow link to some needs related to IFC and Cobie... but not sure. I'll leave it as it is for now. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to get on with this thread to request some advices on worksheet formulas. I'm working on a worksheet to centralised information for my space style library. However I can't really figure out the difference between some formulas that seem to return the same information. For exemple, in order to get the Space Number, it seems that I could indifferently use : ='Space'.'11_Number' =GETSPACENUMFOROBJ =DSH.'BIM Space'.'Space Number' >>> would you have a clue on why I should use one formula rather than the other? Similarly, what it the difference between ='Space'.'11_Gross Perim' and ='Space'.'Gross Perim' >>> When should I use one or the other? Is ='Space'.'11_NameDisplay' really the same as =GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ If someone could clarify this for me, it would be really helpful... Thank you very much!
  5. Hello All, I'm reviving this topic as I'm trying to decide wich BIM platform we should use among all the available solutions... I've been looking at BimCollab, BimTrack, Bimplus, Revizto... and I must say that it makes my head spins... Only Revizto has a VW plugin, but I did not manage to see how good it was. BimCollab and BimTrack are very similar, BimTracks allows mixing of 2D and 3D documents, what I find very usefull. Our fluid engineer is using BimCollab... so I was wondering if that would be an argument in favor to choose them... I've also tested importing bcf in the VW bcf viewer... it is a very good idea but not yet so fluid and easy to use... Would someone have a first hand experience to share?
  6. Hi, I've been closely following VW's evolution in regards with BIM for the past 10 years. VW has made huge progress. Yet, what we REALLY need NOW is a good workflow allowing us to have a real and full integration within at least one of the well established OPENBIM platform. The 2 main players are, according to my knowledge BimCollab and BimTrack. While both of them have plugin fo full integration with Revit, Naviswork and even Archicad... there is nothing for Vectorworks. VW has always advertise its commitment to OPENBIM, so it seems that NOW is time to be able to help us have plugin to be able to work with those platform and catch the train ... Things are really happening now and I feel a sense of urgency, otherwise we are going to be ... too late. Could you let us know if the team has this kind of development in mind for a near future? Thank you.
  7. Hello every one, does anyone know if we have a good way of doing this now that we are in 2021 (drawing a windows that spans across 2 floors)?
  8. Hi, We've also just reorganized our class system and decided to base it on the Uniclass2015. If you are interrested. This is a very interesting link : https://toolkit.thenbs.com/Definitions
  9. @Marissa Farrell Hello, sorry to bother. I read this thread with interest and I was wondering if you managed to do a marionnette script to export svg? Thanks
  10. Hmm... In my case the updater updated itself and after that it launched the update... Sorry if that was not helpful for you ...
  11. Hi, I had the same problem and contacted support : here is how to solve this. Go to : C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2020\Vectorworks 2020 Updater and manually run Vectorworks 2020 Updater.exe kind regards
  12. Hi, I would support this request. Please that would be nice.
  13. Hi, We would be interested as well. Does anybody has experience to share? I feel naturally more incline to incorporate Solibri in our workflow, yte most of our consultant (Engineers) are using Revit, so I was wondering of Navisworks would be a better choice... Would anyone be ok to share their thoughts about these? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, Is there any update on the progress for being able to show clipcube in hidden line mode? It would be really usefull !
  15. Hello, I would like to know if someone knows a way to select all the rectangles of a certain height in a drawing. A tool like custom selection would be perfect. Except that custom selection allows to select all the rectangles, but not to downsize the selection with an extra criteria such as height or width... Would you know about how this could be done? I often Pat Stanford ideas about script and wondered if there would be something like that. thank you for your help.
  16. Hello, I got the answer from techsupport. The equivalent in 2017 is to drag the sum sign into the column you want to "uncheck". Here summing the G and H column actually allow not to sum the width and height of each item...
  17. Hi Pat, thank you ! I can see that check box in 2018 (when I convert the file) and it really does the trick. However this worksheet is in 2017 is there an equivalent to the Sum Values check box in 2017?
  18. However, I find it annoying that the worksheet also sums the width, height and Thickness... So I thought that to solve this I could use the formula =(Door.Width)/C4 instead then just =(Door.Width)... alas it does not work. The worksheet just ignore the /C4, it does not return an error though, the result is simple unchanged. Would someone have an idea why?
  19. Hello, Here is it. I actually added a column with style (the formula is =PST) and another with count (formula is =count). I then use the sum button on the style column to summarize the item.
  20. Thank you Pat : Yes indeed it was the parenthesis missing and then the semicolon + row 5
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