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  1. MultipleWays

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    Is there a way to link multiple text boxes together so when you change one it ripples through all the others that are linked? Thanks for any assistance.
  2. MultipleWays

    Marionette Boom

    just found this in another thread and it worked well
  3. MultipleWays

    Marionette Boom

    Hello @MarissaF @Stephen Sorenson I'm way late to this thread but maybe there's been a breakthrough... have you had any luck with "send to front/back" nodes? A network I'm working on could really use them. Thanks
  4. MultipleWays

    How to draw transparent LED screen or mesh?

    @frozenwaffles Vectorworks needs to see the LED as a single object, not individual pixels, in order to map a texture onto it. Model the LED into whatever shape needed. With pixels in place, create a solid addition of only the pixels. At this point, you should be able to create your texture and use the attribute mapping tool to select the proper face of the pixels for the image. To make the attribute mapping easier, I would suggest using rectangles.
  5. MultipleWays

    VW2018 - FBX Export Fail

    @NikF Are you exporting the FBX to the same folder location as the VWX file? In the past, I've had issues exporting to a separate location which is solved by sending the FBX export to the same folder as the VWX file. Is VWX creating the blank "reference" fbx file?
  6. MultipleWays

    DWG Import - Arc Position Not Correct

    When importing a DWG into VW2018, arcs are not positioned properly. Same DWG imported into VW2017 is fine. For example: If the arc is supposed be drawn from 0deg to 45deg, it will import somewhere else on the circumference (not necessarily opposite as my example shows). Images below show a basic example of what's happening. Ex.1 is how it should look. Ex.2 is how it imports.
  7. MultipleWays

    VW2018 - FBX Export Fail

    @SelinThanks for the reply. This might have been a computer failure. OS update seems to have fixed the problem.
  8. MultipleWays

    VW2018 - FBX Export Fail

    Attempting to export an fbx from VW2018 to no avail. The same file in VW2017 exports an fbx properly. VW2017 creates a dummy file at zero bytes, then completes an FBX file after X amount of time. VW2018 doesn't create the dummy file, and then after waiting X+X amount of time still nothing. Anyone experience this and have a fix? VW2018 SP2
  9. MultipleWays

    Marionette Object > Symbol

    Using the 'Plugin Object' setting on symbol conversion worked. Marissa, you are right though. Trying to use the symbol in another document didn't work. It came up with multiple errors. Thanks for the responses.
  10. MultipleWays

    Marionette Object > Symbol

    Is there a way to create a symbol from a Marionette Object and retain object info window options? I've turned my network into a object node, but when I create a symbol it wipes out the options. I can kill the symbol and the options return, but I would like to avoid that step. Thanks
  11. MultipleWays

    Object Node - Check Box

    That was it! Much appreciated
  12. MultipleWays

    Object Node - Check Box

    Hello. When converting a network to an object node, I would like to make a check box available in the object info window in order to turn a symbol on or off. Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this? Screen shot below for reference. Thanks
  13. MultipleWays

    Background/Theme Color

    Thank you for the reply. Under the Black Background tab, it doesn't have an option to change the Top/Plan background color. I would like to make the change here because the white background is useful to reference. Also, I don't see any settings here to change palette or overall theme color.
  14. As far as I can tell, there is only a choice of black or white for background color. It would be nice to have a medium gray background (or scalable brightness). Same goes for palletes and general theme of the UI. This request is in an effort to help with eye fatigue. I find other programs that use a dark theme are much easier on the eyes over long periods. Thanks
  15. Recently I've been working with a lot of AutoCAD files. Obviously as a native file, navigation/editing/modeling functions all perform very well in AutoCAD. But when I try to import the DWG into VWX2017, it is crazy slow and unmanageable. FYI - a 75MB dwg file turns into a 400+MB vwx file. I can tell this is caused by VWX turning AC objects into thousands of polygons. Being more comfortable in VWX, I would like to work there. Are there any DWG import settings that will cut down on the "thousands of polygons" issue but still retain the models integrity?


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