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  1. Can I solicit a conversion of a couple of MiniCad files as well? The pandemic had me throw out the scenic pieces that I made in 1995 as I didn't think the show would return but it is coming back for 2022 so I need to recreate them. I'm using VW 2020 but I'd be happy with just a pdf of the page. The files are located here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2z61t4vtx5lfuh/hilton speaker shelf elev.mcd?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5e04cxuxe6eof2w/Hilton spkr shelf plan.mcd?dl=0 Pretty remarkable how small MiniCad files were. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. Thanks for the reminder about the Vectorworks 2020 Updater in the application folder but upon running that the only option I get is to "update" the Updater which then runs a progress bar and promptly closes itself.
  3. Multiple restarts don't change the behavior and the 2020 update page is blank, not even SP1 or SP2 listed.
  4. The Message Center in the menu bar tells me that SP3 for VW2020 is available so I use the Check for Updates function under the Vectorworks menu. The menu title turn blue for a moment and tells me that Vectorworks is up to date. Checking the About Vectorworks menu item it clearly says I am running version 2020 SP2. I try the blue Download Now link in the message center and all I get is a press release about SP3 changes. Any idea how to fix this? I'm running the Spotlight version.
  5. I've just purchased and installed VW 2017 Spotlight on a MacBook Pro. It appears to open my existing VW2015 Fundamentals files just fine. It also opens .vwx files created in VW2017 from my client's Dropbox. When attempting to open .vwxp files on the same dropbox VW asks if I want to open a working copy and when I click yes VW promptly crashes. Other VW users on the project are able to open the project file without difficulty. I've also copied the project file to my local drive and VW still crashes on attempting to open. I've asked VW support about this but have yet to hear back. Does anyone have have any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks
  6. I'm using the VW2017 demo to collaborate on a project that is stored on Dropbox. I've been using VW2015 and was looking at upgrading but this isn't encouraging. I've installed the most current updater version that the demo automagically discovered but still have the problem. Other than the crash with shared project files the VW demo seems to work normally, it opens my 2015 files and opens normal .vwx files from Dropbox. It's only the .vwxp files that cause the crash. It crashes hard enough that the application doesn't always call up a crash log. Should I be able to open a .vwxp file with the demo? The other users on the project are able to open the shared files just fine although I suspect that many if not all of them are using Spotlight while the demo says its a Designer version. My 2015 copy is the Fundamentals version although I would be surprised if the demo is looking for any files from my 2015 install. Any suggestions or insight from the assembled wisdom? Not clear from the support page at VW how to ask questions of support directly.
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