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  1. I want to put window tags on their own class so I can turn them off if I want to.I see how to do it for individual windows but How do I do it universally?- same with door tags.
  2. I've printed out some elevation viewports and the line weight is way too light. If there is a class that controls those lines as there is for sections I can't find it. All I can think to do is trace over-but there's got o be a better way...
  3. I asked a question a few days ago about drawing a window straddling 2 floors in stairwell.I got some good answers but now there's a new problem. I want to have a higher window aligned with the window between 2 floors. That window is on the same floor as the cased opening I created. Is there some way to show this other than drawing it on the elevation in annotation mode?
  4. I've got a 4' tall window in a stairwell that straddles two floors. It's on the lower floor layer so in the viewport elevation the wall from the floor above shows up in it. I guess this is an example where setting up stories might have worked better but I haven't been using stories. Is there a way to deal with this?
  5. When I double click on the elevation viewport to annotate it, it becomes fractured into lines what am I doing wrong?
  6. I changed wall to unstyled with gray fill. Made viewport. And the grey fill did not show. I went back to floor layer and the gray fill was gone. when I check the wall component the fill still shows as grey. What setting got undone?
  7. I have a combination roof at the rear it is a hip roof in the front it has a gable and then becomes a hip. How do I convert a portion of the hip into a gable? I've attached roof and front elev. pdfs
  8. I want a wall under a stair. How do I create a wall with angled top?
  9. I just downloaded a trial VW interior cad. When I opened it I have the resources but I can't find the toolset. Anyone know where to locate it?
  10. Laurali


    I just downloaded a trial interior cad. When I opened it I have the resources but I can't find the toolset. Anyone know where to locate it?
  11. Is there some trick to dragging it? I've tried everything I can think of but I can't drag it to a different location.
  12. I created a door schedule but the numbers are not in order. How can I rearrange them?
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