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  1. Thanks Pat and Michael, I came across both threads, but wasn't quiet sure how to combine these, however your comments are much appreciated. I was hoping that VW developed over time to get done what I am after, but as you both note, it may not be the right way to get things done anyway. Many thanks, Patrik
  2. Hi there, I have been around with VW for a few years, but am stuck with this one. I am trying to create a worksheet that lists all classes, used or unused, with its description and ideally other attributes (fill, line style...). I saw a few posts on this, but none seem to give me exactly what I am after. I am not trying to create classes, I have these already in my file, I just want to be able to manipulate more easily. I have attached a screenshot of a similar worksheet created to easily manipulate VAA Tile Blocks. Maybe I am after something that is not possible? Or there needs to be a work around, i.e. placing a locus on every class (script for this?) then creating a database to list classes, description...? Any help is greatly appreciated Cheers, Patrik
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