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  1. Hello All, I have converted all my callouts to keynotes on 2 Sheets in my set and would like to do a few others. All the callouts are in the annotation layer. I was happily using the default keynote legend, but as soon as I started placing keynotes on a third sheet, the keynote legend automatically updated to contain all the keynotes from my previous two sheets, even though they did not show on the current sheet I was working on. As soon as that happened, the keynote legends on the sheets I had already finished annotating we corrupted as well and began showing keynotes that were not on that page. So now all of my keynote legends are showing all the keynotes from the whole project, rather than the keynotes from that individual sheet, and the numbers have stopped corresponding to the correct keynote. I also cannot select the keynote in the annotation layer and assign it to a specific keynote legend. It automatically changes back to the default legend. Am I missing something?


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