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  1. blimey

    quantity of doors in schedule

    Hello, I got the answer from techsupport. The equivalent in 2017 is to drag the sum sign into the column you want to "uncheck". Here summing the G and H column actually allow not to sum the width and height of each item...
  2. blimey

    quantity of doors in schedule

    Hi Pat, thank you ! I can see that check box in 2018 (when I convert the file) and it really does the trick. However this worksheet is in 2017 is there an equivalent to the Sum Values check box in 2017?
  3. blimey

    quantity of doors in schedule

    However, I find it annoying that the worksheet also sums the width, height and Thickness... So I thought that to solve this I could use the formula =(Door.Width)/C4 instead then just =(Door.Width)... alas it does not work. The worksheet just ignore the /C4, it does not return an error though, the result is simple unchanged. Would someone have an idea why?
  4. blimey

    quantity of doors in schedule

    Hello, Here is it. I actually added a column with style (the formula is =PST) and another with count (formula is =count). I then use the sum button on the style column to summarize the item.
  5. blimey


    Thank you Pat : Yes indeed it was the parenthesis missing and then the semicolon + row 5
  6. blimey


    Sorry : replying to myself. It was the combination of bracket en semicolons that worked for me; this is the right sintax in my case : =IF(((B6-B5)<0); B5; B6)
  7. blimey


    I also tried replacing commas by semicolon... didn't work. In the meantime I just replace the IF/THEN/ELSE with the max formula : =max(B4;C4). It works with semicolons... ... but I would still like to understand how to use correctly the IF/THEN/ELSE if someone sees my mistake. Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, I'm still struggling with worksheet and improving my way to use them. I'm making a worksheet to list a bunch of rectangle in 3D (they are drawn in 3D in different working plane) to get their width and height. Since they are drawn in 3D, their shortest dimension is not necessarily their width and their longest dimension not necessarily the height (althout that's what I want to get). > So I thought that I could list all the rectangles in a worksheet in a database and ask their width and Height nevertheless, than I would compare the length with a IF...THEN... ELSE formula and get the actual "width" and "height" ... but it doesn't work. Actually I also tried the formula outside the database and didn't make it work. I've checked my syntax and can't see what is wrong? I eventually tried different option with space before and after commas, without space, with less or more brackets... could anyone give me a clue on where is my mistake? Many thanks for your help.
  9. blimey

    Curtain Wall Tool seems really really slow

    Same here. Curtain walls slow down the files and ultimately make them crash... We are using a kind of work around by make a very short curtain wall of one module, turning it into a symbol and duplicating them... a bit silly but haven't found yet any safer way.
  10. blimey

    worksheet : wall component class

    @JMR T this works as well in VW2017. Thank you ! I actually tried that at first but it didn't work because I was not bracketting the header row but the database row... and I didn't realized @ Taavilooke : Yes I was reading your thread, It's a very nice schedule and it made me want to put some effort in learning how to script. For the moment I'm trying to do some kind of house keeping worksheet of my walls to list all the component and their classes and be able to control the wall library : check if all the walls, all the walls components have the right name, are in the right classes etc... I was hoping that those information could be bidirectional (2 ways) as for the door schedule for exemple where it is possible to correct the dimensions and parameters directly in the worksheet. Alas the information are grayed and cannot be updated from the worksheet. What I also would like to be able to list is all the bounding (top and bottom) of the wall and the wall omponents : so to be able to check if walls in 3D are correctly binding to the adequate story levels. Ultimately I want to see what I should actually mesure from the 3D model and try to build a worksheet. Thak you for your help.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm trying to do a worksheet that would list all my wall component, give their name, and class. I'm attaching the image of what it looks like. I manage well to get the component name and area. Then I'm trying to get the class of each component but I do not know what syntax to use. I'm using this formula = COMPCLASSBYNAME('MR42_AT2-XVD4') but it doesn't work. Also I would like not to enter manually the name of the component, but get it from the previous cell which formula is =COMPONENTNAME(1).... so I tried =COMPCLASSBYNAME('COMPONENTNAME(1)')... an =COMPCLASSBYNAME(COMPONENTNAME(1)) But it did not worked. Does any body knows what formula I should use?
  12. It would be nice to be able to have different presentation of a same worksheet. For exemple I have a very big worksheet with lot of information. I need different presentation to show to different persons (like hiding some columns in one presentation and not in the other). Currently we are doing that with viewports that crops the part we do not want to show.... but is it a bit annoying the way we do that. It would be much better if we could simply have many instance of the worksheet and "hide" the columns (what we can currently do by giving the colums a width of zero) so the the "hidding" occurs only in that instance of the worksheet instead of reflecting into all of them...
  13. It would be really nice to be able to use the eyedropper tool within a worksheet so to be able to reapply similar formats from on cell to another quickly
  14. I will vote for that as well. In addition it would be really nice to have a way to reapply quickly one the format of one cell to another (like using the eyedropper tool within the worksheet)
  15. blimey

    Windows wall detail

    To solve the problem, we are trying to create narrow window style -narrower then the width we think we will need - (so to diminish the odd that we should reduce the width at some point), we're betting on the fact that the augmentation of the width does not seem to cause problem.


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