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  1. Would you please post a sample file?
  2. Can you copy a light and the legend into a file and post it here for us to look at?
  3. Hold down the Alt key to jump out of the path at any point before the end. Click outside the path to set the exit point and then connect to the object you're connecting to. It's not automatic yet.
  4. Hi Luke, The issue is the symbol. For some reason, it was built vertically instead of horizontally. While I don't know when Global Truss might make an updated symbol, here's a video showing how to make the changes needed for this top bar. I've also attached the file in which I made the changes. You'll need to do the edits to the other symbols as well. EditUTormBartoHorizontal.mp4 U-Torm Test.vwx
  5. Correct, worksheets are not live. This is a performance issue. Imagine having a boatload of worksheets and all of them having to be updated when anything in the drawing changes.
  6. In the Count column, click the little box in the worksheet cell in row 3, then check the Sum Values box. Uncheck the Summarize Items in the same column.
  7. The fastest workaround I use for this is to do a column of numbers in Excel and then copy/paste into the VW worksheet. Shifting numbering in VW is a good idea, and I'm adding it to my list.
  8. Was this file built recently? Or, is it possible the original file was built in a prior version of VW? Either way, what happens if you import the layers from your file into a new blank file? This sometimes cleans out old issues. If it works, you would then share the refreshed file with your team.
  9. How are you adjusting the dimensions? Are you editing the dimension in the OIP? Or dragging the blue control point in the drawing? Dimensions will likely shift according to their starting point. But, it's possible their based on left to right insertion. I'm not sure. What happens when you try dimensioning from the farthest light from the CL towards the CL on the Center-Right side? You'd get the same dimensions, but they'd have their starting points reversed and should respond as how you're trying to do. Side note: have you tried @Sam Jones's dimension tool for pipes? I use it as it's very fast. When I shift a pipe's lights, I delete all the dimensions and run his tool again.
  10. Luke, would you please share a file showing this issue? It's easier for us to assist with the actual file. Thanks, Scott
  11. Christiano, would you please send me a file with your results? I'm working on some snapping improvements and this file would help helpful. Thanks, Scott
  12. fyi, as this is a new bug, it'll likely take a little time to fix. It won't be in the next update. Sometime afterwards.
  13. It's not your symbol. This is working in viewports set to shaded mode. But not in final-quality render mode. It's a bug that I've just reported. To test, I made a file with only a light bulb object and played with the viewport settings. The viewport set to FQ render mode refused to see the class override. You're welcome to play if you'd like. Final Quality RW fails class color override.vwx
  14. This is a bug that's been fixed in the upcoming update. Sorry about this. When you get the update, you'll find it works better using the plug-in versions of the symbols than the plain symbol versions—working on this issue. As for legacy, back saving should still work if you're using the same legacy version of the tool. You are correct that using the new tool won't back save to the old one for editing needs. We had to make changes to offer the full gamut of spotlight symbols in the summary key. The instrument summary key tools was/is packed with so many features that it was very hard to include every function out of the gate. I confess I missed a few of the details during the design process. I feel we included a good number and will continue to refine it.
  15. we're playing with your file. Hope to have news soon.
  16. Hi Dan, It's on the list, but since there is a viable workflow to filter by layers using the new tool, not likely as soon as we would like.
  17. Can you post a file? That doesn't sound like it's working as expected. Are you sure you have deselected the prior ones before making the changing? What happens if you try in a new blank file?
  18. Here's a process course on building distributors. https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/overview/view.php?id=3074
  19. Would you mind posting a sample symbol of what you're working on?
  20. If you could post a couple of sample files, some that are working and another that's not, we can take a look.
  21. I'm working on a project and needed info for a bunch of 3D Loci. Here's a simple Data Tag for 2D Loci. The insertion point of the tag will report the insertion point location all by itself if not attached to a 3D Loci. Getting the tag to attached to a 3D Loci can be hit or miss depending on your snapping mode. I hope this is helpful to anyone who needs it. 3D Loci Data Tag.vwx
  22. @ChrisSterman I would make a copy of the symbol and change it from a 2-way corner into a 3-way T. You'll have to move the geometry inside the symbol to have it align to the cords. You might play with making into a Custom item. I've not tried this. Years ago, I made some custom-angled corners and made a video that might be helpful. It shows info on how the L1, L2... measurements work.
  23. Did you use a new serial number? It's possible they added braceworks and issued a new S# to trigger the permissions.
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