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  1. Thanks a lot, it works great. Is it possible to perform a similar inversion within a worksheet?
  2. Export to AutoCAD The triangle symbol does not pass
  3. How to set up an active group on this platform, of software users, for Hebrew and Arabic speakers (languages written from right to left)?
  4. Hi Tali, The main problem is the use of worksheets within vectorworks software. The ability to export the files to external software is an important addition but not the main one. What is amazing is that there is no problem with exporting the text content, the problem appears in the editing stage within this part of the software. (In windows) Thank you, Lilah
  5. In addition to the Windows issues (which are more severe)... We did a test on a new MacBook pro with OS Moneterey 12.3.1 - we imported a Numbers worksheet with Hebrew. As you can see, the Hebrew letter order became mangled when we zoom in. I attach 3 images - from low to high resolution, and you can see that the text gets broken when it is long. We tested different cell widths, and it seems unrelated. It seems as if the only predictive is the ratio of zoom to text length.
  6. תקציב חודשי אישי1.xlsx Untitled 1.pdf
  7. Proper writing in Hebrew In the source file Reverse the letter orientation after inserting the file into the sheet Note, where the resource the software displays correctly.
  8. ODBC driver information ?? Can an ODBC driver provide a language conversion solution?
  9. Pat, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately the problem is more complex, there is no difficulty in switching to Hebrew or Arabic by changing the keyboard. The problem occurs when importing the worksheet into the file, whether from an internal source or from an external Excel program. Moreover when finding a file for Excel the text is obtained properly.
  10. How can I change the text settings on the worksheets so that the writing direction is not reversed? In the languages written from right to left.
  11. Thanks for the help. This is the command I needed.
  12. I have a file. where the layers have been disjoined, so that when I rotate the view, it rotates each model layer individually. How do I merge the layers back so I could move and rotate them together? 11-3-22.vwx
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