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  1. I like the new DMX addressing options in Spotlight, especially the new Universe/Address field. I have always preferred my printed DMX addresses to have three digits, so that a fixture with universe 4, address 86 would come out as 4/086 (or 4.086 in my format). But Spotlight automatically changes digits to only what is required. For me personally, it just doesn't look as good. Maybe just a checkbox in Spotlight settings with an option "Use 3-digit DMX addresses" and an update to the code to display it would be helpful.
  2. I will probably try that tonight. I can make the label legends fine. It's editing their settings later that becomes an issue. Luckily, this is not something I have to do very often.
  3. Well, I hope that service pack comes soon. I'm in a different file now, and started creating label legends from scratch. Once I got past that "about ten" limit, the new ones started failing. 2020 isn't going to be very useful if I can't put legends on my fixtures.
  4. I have done it both ways. The resource manager is where I duplicated them first, and found them broken. So I tried from within the manager. That also did not work.
  5. In VW2020 SP 2.1 on a mac, whenever I duplicate a label legend, it breaks inside the label legend manager. I can still arrange legend through editing the 2D components. But if I choose the legend in the manager and try to edit the fields, the base symbol is blank and selecting it says "The resource list is empty". When I cancel out of the window, there is a vector script error which says "Error on line=1: _1979 _1982 - Index outside array limits." It appears that label legends can no longer be duplicated then modified. This is a serious workflow issue for large files.
  6. Running 2020 SP2.1 on a 15" MacBook Pro using 10.14.6. Back in the day (like 2008-2011), I had dozens, if not hundreds, of custom scripts all nicely organized and quickly accessible via the document or object context menus. Things that greatly accelerated my workflow. As time has gone on, I've been cutting those things back with each release, and stopped writing new ones, as fewer and fewer seem to be "allowed". 2019 seemed to fix some of the issues, and I could put a few more custom scripts in the object context menu. But now, in 2020, it's a complete s**tshow. The same workspace menu layout (built from scratch, not imported) that I had in 2019 is a mess. Some scripts run, while others don't, and it appears to be completely random. Two which are supposed to bring up a small dialog asking me to input a number, instead open various plant dialogs. This has been an ongoing problem for years, and has never been rectified after several contacts with VW. There also doesn't appear to be any real guide as to how many custom menus you can put in before things simply stop working. EDIT: I have fixed this a little by deleting a bunch of menu items from standard menus that I don't use. But, that shouldn't be necessary.
  7. Sorry for not responding...started building a show. I'll check these out soon!
  8. In certain Spotlight numbering operations and some AutoPlot tools, the cursor changes to a target of sorts, and can pick up symbols or snap to points. Is there something in basic scripting that makes this happen? I am not near the level of "event-based" scripting yet. I have some scripts I want to write which would require this, but I don't know how to toggle it.
  9. I haven't created one, but it should be fairly easy to do, depending on how much detail is desired. Just a flat with basic framing? Not hard. Adding all the hardware and braces? A little harder. Adding a stand? Even harder.
  10. My idea was to be able to move them up or down by a certain distance. Indeed...I decided it wasn't worth the time since it involved parsing a multi-line text string. I did start using "copy altered label legends" for now. My only issue is that it doesn't appear to work on 3D legends. I have not yet looked through the code needed to work on those. I do like how yours is able to select the source fixture after running the script. That's a thing I need to learn how to do. Guilty!
  11. Thanks! I've seen that one. Had a little different idea in mind. I've figured out where the label positions are stored, but they're in a long text string and not separate fields, so now I need to look at how I can manipulate that text string effectively.
  12. I assume that the Control Points for label legends are buried inside the Lighting Device or some other record somewhere, and thus able to be manipulated. I have found 8 control points which I am able to pull into a worksheet and view, but they don't appear to have anything to do with label legend field locations. Does anyone know if there's a syntax which would allow a script to move a certain label point for a range of selected fixtures?
  13. I just started in 2019, and stumbled across the feature with the ability to group fields in label legends, which is amazing. I've been wanting this forever, especially with the ability to add text such as a universe/address divider. And, they behave nicely with the "adjust flipped text" option. However, the grouped fields do not appear to behave as expected as par as position goes. Looking at the attached image, you'll see that the ungrouped fields move as expected to hug the bottom of the fixture (but don't work right when flipped). The grouped one flips text as desired, but stays in the same location relative to center no matter how big the fixture is. I assume this is not how it should function. It would also be great if the group could auto-center so that the label was always centered on the center point of the group, no matter how wide it becomes. For instance, if your universe is 4, the group will be a different width than if it's 24, and the label will be slightly offset. This is far less important than the position. Hopefully, this can be fixed in the next service pack. I'm thinking I'll deal with the position for now.
  14. You can do this in a worksheet. Make a worksheet with whatever info you need to figure out which fixture it is, along with a column for purpose, and edit the info in there.
  15. Apologies if this has already been asked or solved. My crappy internet is preventing much searching in a reasonable time. If I am editing one object in the OIP, then I try to select another object in the main drawing window, I am now required to first click in the window, then select the object. Simply clicking on the object once does nothing. I am still on SP3, so maybe that's part of the issue. Whatever it is, it's killing me and causing accidental data entry when I think I've selected a different object. It has not been this way prior, as this is a major part of my workflow. Has this been figured out?


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