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  1. My plugin objects. I have custom point-object tools I use for racks, cables, optos, network units, consoles, nodes, etc. In order to make them import/export with FileMaker Pro (where I have an extensive database I use to track every piece), I have a UUID procedure within the tool which assigns a UUID to the object in one of the fields, and as an object name. The object name will change automatically If duplicated, and the procedure will check to see if the ID and name match, and generate a new ID if they do not. But I need the UUID procedure to run again after duplication to make the ID unique to each object. But it won't run unless I change some data. HOLY CRAP. I thought I had tested this before multiple times and it didn't work...but checking "Reset on Move" and "Reset on Rotate" does fix that issue. Now to go update all my plugins!
  2. I just want code to run when an object is duplicated, so my objectID checker will run. But every time I see one of those event-enabled scripts, my mind turns into spaghetti.
  3. Thanks, Kevin. Darn...I was really hoping that it was going to put in a symbol selection menu or a texture selection option. That would be sweeeeeet. I guess the only option for those things is to just type the name into a text box, right?
  4. I've been making custom scripts and plugins for quite some time. But, I just noticed, I guess after a 2021 upgrade, that there are new options for script parameters (I assume these didn't exist . I got excited to see material and texture options, and a symbol definition. I was hoping these would allow me user-input of textures and symbols. But, they don't appear to do that. Can anyone explain how these are used, or if they don't actually do anything with point plug-ins unless they're set up a certain way?
  5. Sigh...that's what happens when I don't finish reading the entire post and move on to the responses....🤔
  6. Note that the eyedropper tool works on viewports with layer and class settings and is pretty immediate.
  7. So THAT'S why so many of my scripts don't report what they used to.
  8. Yeah...I've done the deal with PDFs for many years, ungrouping then dealing with the resultant parts. For some reason, I just missed that they were there since they were hidden and weren't selecting.
  9. I just opened this back up to say that I found the issue. The lines were there, but were covered with a white rectangle, thus not appearing when I showed everything. I was sure I had deleted them, but apparently I had not.
  10. I had imported a pdf, which I ungrouped to get normal lines. It brought in hundreds of thousands of lines, which of course bogged down the machine. I deleted all of it. Weeks later, I'm working on the drawing, and periodically when zooming or performing a move command, these phantom lines reappear for a few seconds before going away. Being that it's 100,000 of them, it causes a long pause on my MacBook Pro. I have turned on every class and layer, and the lines are not actually in the drawing. They are just phantoms showing up randomly. Any idea how to get rid of these...it's absolutely draining my workflow speed. I'm starting to think I will have to manually copy each and every existing thing to a new document...
  11. Holy crap, man...that worked! This is going to make updating old files, and inserting new doors and windows, so much faster!
  12. Thanks Pat! I'll try this tomorrow and see how it goes.
  13. Holy schniekies. So, it looks like selecting a bunch of doors throughout a document and trying to change records in this way wouldn't work very well. What I was trying to do was create a script that would assign my default class scheme to doors that I pull in from older drawings.
  14. The test script is set to give me an alert box with the handle. If I put the door alone in the drawing, it returns a series of numbers. When I put the door in the wall, and select only the door, I get a blank.
  15. With the lighting device, I can just use SetRField and GetRField to get and set info for the lighting device. With door, this doesn't seem to work. As a test, I used GetRField(h,'Door','2DLeafClass') and GetRField(h,'Door','2D Leaf Class'). but neither works. Is there different way to get and set door info via script? EDIT: I have found that it works when the door is not in a wall. But, once the door is placed in a wall, I can no longer get the script to pull info from it. Surely there is a way.
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