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  1. Hello, I've managed to get back onto scripting and sifted through examples online then made a script which changes the cell text in a worksheet from a design layer pull down menu. However when i select the worksheet image and recalculate it, it then repeats. If i select the individual cell and hit enter it executes once and works fine however the rest of worksheet does not update because the criteria is set to use the cell's result from the script as the layer name to look for. Thankfully i've had allot of references on here to refer to but i'm very new to this so i totally understand if it is not laid out correctly. Any suggestions, anyone? Thank you Test Worksheet script.vwx
  2. Hello, Is there a way of creating a section viewport without navigating to it immediately after creation? I am trying to create multiple section viewports to then arrange on 1 sheet layer. Is there a way of creating more than one section viewport at a time, removing the tediousness of constantly having to navigate back to the design layer to repeat the process again? I suppose it would be a bit like the "navigate back to” aspect of an existing viewport, only in reverse. I don’t believe “Create Viewport” can do it either, which is frustrating when I want to create multiple viewports. Thank you
  3. Pvz11

    Data Tag - Not displaying data from record

    Hi, This sounds like your doing everything right, unless its a class issue that looks like a visual bug, i would recommend forwarding that to Vectorworks
  4. Pvz11

    Data Tag - Not displaying data from record

    Hi, It might be worth checking if the tag your using has the correct tag fields assigned to them to pull that record data. Resource manager> Right click (Your Selected Data tag)> Select Edit > "Edit Tag Layout" ( At bottom) > Select the Text > (On Shape Tab) Select "Define Tag Field" at bottom From this check that the calculated field is showing the correct record you want. If this still persists it may be worth following above and make a new Data tag just incase by duplicating what you have to keep your existing data tag layout. Hope this helps
  5. Hi, As far as I am aware through trial and error I have found it is not possible to attach Data tags to Symbols holding custom record data within a Symbol from the Sheet layer Viewports annotations. Is their a way to do this that i'm just not aware of? So far i have not found a solution, this tool has allot of potential i would have assumed that this would be possible already. Please see example file attached. Thank you Example Data Tag.vwx
  6. Hi again, Would it be possible for someone to whip up a quick example of how to script this so i can start, ive been trying to understand scripting and i cant seem to get my head around it. Ive been trying to figure out how the scripting logic works and learning python from UDEMY however i feel i still have a long way to go. Any takers?
  7. Thank you for the reply, Ive just started to look into scripting. I understand worksheets/ functions and have made a number of intelligent worksheets for the company. However i am not sure which scripting language to start with? Any recommendations? Ive tried to look on the forums for the answer yet nothings come up. As for the "User proofing" im starting to understand what you mean. So i wrote a statement to use as a method to work to. Statement as follows; Search selected 'Worksheet' for 'Database headers' Select 'Layer' (Message box shows - drop down box which shows all current layers within Vectorworks document.) Store [Inputted Layer] Search for first 'Database header' criteria If 'Database header' contains 'Layer' Criteria Then, If layer is different to [Inputted layer] replace layer criteria with [Inputted layer] Else, move to next "Database header" Once all "Database headers" have been checked Message box "Worksheet database criteria amended" Click 'OK' to end script I am hoping this is the right simple logic to start with. Thank you again.
  8. Just checking, Is there a script/ marionette anywhere that can set the layer for multiple database headers within one worksheet without having to change it manually. Just to select the worksheet run the script > Pop message shows up, select the layer> click ok > Done ??
  9. Thanks again, to continue from this; We have found that to edit/ update the specification for the furniture symbol. We have to update the record inside the resource browser attached to the symbol. Is it not possible to connect this to a worksheet, fill the fields to update the records for the furniture symbol then reference that to other projects? Otherwise this seems like a tedious task. Lets say down the line furniture manuafacturer changes or the finish has been amended for that particular piece. That would mean we need to go into the resource browser- Right click the symbol- Attach record - edit record - "input changes". Is there perhaps another way to make this seamless and user friendly? So for example to connect to the worksheet, update the spec then it updates the symbols records within the resource browser. Thank you
  10. Thank you for that, That helped allot.
  11. Hello, Currently the company i am working with is looking on improving their drawings and on how they structure their drawings. Right now we have come across the problem that you cannot access record data when it is placed within a symbol of a symbol. So for example a record attached to a furniture symbol within a bedroom symbol. I was wondering if there is anyway around this or if any scripts exist to aid this. if not for someone to possibly point me in the right direction to look. Thank you very much for your time.


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