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  1. Hi all, I was hoping someone knew how to use the data tags to show a height from FFL for each story. Right now we have only managed to create data tags which select the slab tool that take heights from the height of the layer with an assigned story. Example attached... So after testing it, when a story is attached to the layer it adds the overall level to the objects height. When a story is not attached it shows the height of the slab. However the majority of our large scale modelled projects utilise stories therefore this is not adequate for us. Hopefully someone has figured this one out, it seems simple enough as I can see you are able to use formula in a data tag however getting specific heights of say a ceiling from FFL is proving to be difficult. Thank you Data Tag-Level example.vwx
  2. Hello, Thank you for the reply. So it looks like:; 1. Currently when i distribute it for other users in the company to utilise it sits within a symbol which we use for dedicated rooms. Since that uses the symbol insertion point. Now looking at it, this might be the main issue. 2. The model view is not normally on; as people bring this into their projects and amend on top plan the majority of the time. 3. Once brought into a project even after everything is deleted it remains the same. 4. If i refresh it does nothing. - Additionally when the project is at a rotated view when set in real world coordinates it does the same thing from time to time. Not always. However! when i simply bring it into the majority of projects it does work outside a symbol and can be amended easily after continued use. I think the main issue is the symbol but as mentioned above it does sometimes turn out like this when in rotated view when working in real world coordinates. (Georeferencing).
  3. Hi, I need some help with this is, its very frustrating... I keep having the issue with this marionette, it should be very simple. The idea is a simple extrude along path created by a custom profile that you can amend. The issue is the first image where with some files once ive used the file and worked on it for a while it sometimes does not create the 3D model, showing 2D lines that i only want to see on plan. The second image is what happens when i bring this tool into a fresh project with next to nothing in the document. An easy modelled bulkhead that i can change the length and profile (The way its supposed to work). Im stuck, i must be doing something wrong here. Or is this just a bug... Bulkhead.vwx
  4. Hi, How far have we gotten with this? I understand that VW 2021 now has the new 'Material feature' which can add more relevant data to every component but i haven't heard or seen anything to really push this segment further other than this new feature? It would be absolutely amazing if VW had the ICE database available for materials to utilise throughout. As right now Revit seems to be in the lead here and our company don't really want to utilise another software package when VW has this potential sadly if this doesn't progress we will have too. Is there going to be an update here?
  5. Pvz11

    Bulkhead tool

    Hi, Thank you for the feedback, I did exactly that. I removed the change vertex/ get vertex and unchecked smooth and it works nicely.
  6. Pvz11

    Bulkhead tool

    Haha...Thank you, much appreciated.
  7. Pvz11

    Bulkhead tool

    Hello, Just hoping someone can take a look at this, I am trying to make a bulkhead that is controlled by a path with the corners set to a sharp corner not rounded. See attached file. Thank you all for your time. Bulkhead control.vwx
  8. Fantastic, good to know. Thank you for the fast reply. Very much appreciated.
  9. Hello, Is anyone getting errors like this? For VW2020 Marionette when converting from VW2019 So if im mistaken then please dont mind me. Im getting the issue with my Marionette plugins after ive converted from V2019 to V2020. If im reading this right, then the Marionette.py has changed and it cannot call the function to the node. I still consider myself a novice, still learning as i go along so please call me up on it. Please see files attached> i have attached the 2019 version and 2020. Im just trying to figure this out so the company can start using these for V2020. Thank you all very much. Marionette FOH Straight Booth Seating-V1 INDEV.vwx Marionette FOH Straight Booth Seating-V1 INDEV v2020.vwx
  10. Hello, We are looking to improve our worksheets to utilise marionette. Right now we just want to use an existing worksheet template and then amend the worksheet by resetting the column widths to Zero once it finds the totals of any column through out the worksheet. Has anyone found a way to amend existing templates? To customise the template for any project it's thrown into. Thank you
  11. Hello, I am in the middle of assigning IFC within the script to the marionette objects i'm making but ive come across this issue where if i attach a "Custom property Set" it cannot assign more than one specific field at a time. Im not sure if im doing this wrong. If i am then i can correct this and follow that method going forward. I dont understand what could be the issue as i am able to assign multiple property sets within the IFC however when it comes to assigning my "Custom property sets" it just gives an error message and only maps one field. See attached. Thank you. Marionette Custom assign IFC pSet.vwx
  12. Hello, Im coming across this allot and ive had a few work arounds but this is a very simple marionette for a linen room which should not have any issues really. Either I am fundamentally doing something wrong or it could be a bug. It can create a group from the script but again when it makes a Marionette object (PO) it destroys itself. Im hoping someone can take a look at this as ive found this happen a few times for other items i have made. If it's something i am doing then i can nip it in the bud and correct my own errors before i progress further with marionette. Thank you all again for your help. BOHUnitExample.vwx
  13. Thank you both, ive managed to get the hang of it, now just figuring out the asset. Ive followed Alan's file for now, but will look into the move command for the extrude along path. This was great to learn. Thank you again. See attached progress. Office Desk.vwx
  14. Ah I think i get it now, its just ordering the coordinates in a sequence then feeding it into the next action in that order. Ok thats great thank you. I actually found a problem further from this while working on the extrude along path. I am trying to set height for this desk so i can then place legs, i cant seem to figure it out. Can you give a Z location to an extrude along path? Or am i just not getting it. For now ive just placed it into a symbol and given the symbol a height. Thank you agin for all this.
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