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  1. No problem at all, Kevin. I can't personally speak to the "why" of every question, especially when it comes to programming decisions, but i'll do my best to get users up and running as quickly as possible. Opacity Preview was the addition of a button in the Opacity dialogue box (the opacity controlled by the attributes palette) that lets you see what the opacity change was before exiting the dialogue. Removing the need to change the opacity, click ok, see the change, then open the dialogue box again if another change is needed.
  2. You can, it simply depends what types of geometry you are importing.
  3. You would only need to alter files that had problematic geometry. Moving forward, if you make sure to leave your 3D Conversion res set lower, you won't come across the problem again.
  4. DaveD was able to isolate the issue with your file. It looks like the sweeps used in the tops of the canisters were set to a .7 degree increment, which resulted in exceedingly complex geometry for OpenGL to work with. (You wont see this complexity in wireframe, as it simplifies objects like Sweeps. ) You can see the detail if you render one of the sweeps in OpenGL and set the fills of the geometry inside the symbol to "None": [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/pKr84qB.jpg[/img] Luckily, you can select all of the sweeps at once and change the Seg value from .7 to something more like 5.0 and get good quality with no faceting while dramatically reducing complexity: [img:center]http://i.imgur.com/xBhKUWf.jpg[/img]
  5. That one is showing multiple windows in the Diamond and Hexagon configuration grouped together to create a more complex shape it looks like.
  6. Something is definitely up with your file, I have it in testing now. However it doesn't seem to be anything in your methods, the file is nowhere near complex enough that it should be this slow and throwing memory errors. Testing continues.
  7. Export for FBX and DAE yes, but not import unfortunately.
  8. Looks like muntins are only available for windows with their window shape set to Rectangle.
  9. Additionally I would also recommend upping the speed on nearly all the axis, the default seems a little slow to me.
  10. Received and submitted, thank you.
  11. Found a number of things out about using the SpaceNavigator with 2014, specifically on OS X 10.8, but im sure it will apply to most Mac OSes: To start with, my settings after customizing them: However, before these customized settings would work at all, I had to go to the "Configure" menu on the top of the system prefs pane and remove Vectorworks 2014 and re-add it. This may just have been because I had been using beta versions of 2014 before, but I'm not sure. In any case, after I re-added it to the list manually, I was able to map the axis as shown above and this feels much more natural for me compared to the default settings. Note: I mapped 3D Mouse in and 3D Mouse Out to function as the mouse wheel scroll in and out (they're inverted) and with the threshold set to 50% or higher, it only triggers when I deliberately tap the knob forward or backward.
  12. Also, reply back with this from your machine please: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/627/DirectX+Diagnostics+and+System+Profiler (You can post it on this thread or email it to tech@vectorworks.net , it doesn't include any sensitive info.)
  13. Which of the videos did you see the stair in? Ill see if I can get the .VWX file for you.
  14. For that you would probably be looking for the Taper Face tool that was just added in Vectorworks 2014: http://www.vectorworks.net/2014/new_features.php (Video cant be linked to directly yet, should be in the "Best in 3D" section on the far right.) That tool and Twist were very well liked and well received, I wouldn't be surprised to see more tools like them appear in the future. The way Sketchup handles editing of raw 3D geometry seems to be very intuitive and many users have asked how to use Vectorworks in a similar manner.
  15. If you don't think you have a use for it, most likely you won't need to touch it at all, it isnt for every workflow. The Plane system was mostly introduced to accommodate the varying types of users we have. There are a large number of users who are in 3D all the time, no matter what, to them Screen Plane is worthless. In the middle, and the more common type of workflow, is a combination of 2D and 3D, which the system works well with as long as the user understands the Plane system as well as Unified View. (While i'm thinking about it, take a look here for info on Unified View: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/733/Unified+View ) The final type of user, mostly users that have been using Vectorworks since the days when it was known as MiniCAD, only drafts in 2D, to the extent that they will draw elevations and sections manually rather than using the hybrid wall/door/window tools and create section viewports and elevations from them. In the future 3D will be the primary focus most likely as it is becoming more and more common, but for now the Plane system is trying to address 3 completely different ways of thinking all in one interface, to varying degrees of success depending upon the situation.
  16. What operating system are you currently using? On Windows at least, symptoms like that can sometimes be as simple as QuickTime needing to be reset (which can be done by rebooting normally) or restarting a browser in the background that has video playing in it. However you said you had already rebooted it to no avail, so if it does start to happen again let us know and we can go further.
  17. What workspace are you currently using? Did you migrate any workspaces or settings in from a previous version of Vectorworks?
  18. What specifically is not working? Are the viewports not rendering as expected, or are they not showing the correct geometry?
  19. I am able to select them in a test file here, is it an actual "Light" object, or one of the other lighting objects? Make sure to send in an example file and brief writeup to tech@vectorworks.net as well if you are able to get it to happen in multiple files, please.
  20. True, currently there isn't a way to coherently edit a collection of 3D polygons or meshes. Specifically the Organic Mesh in C4D and even the way it handles editing them is superior. Not sure if that is a direction engineering will be going with our built-in modeling engine, but being able to "link" or otherwise make 3D polys understand that they are part of a whole, larger object instead of individual panels would be an excellent addition.
  21. I see what you mean. I often find Draw Edges to be really useful in some modeling situations where I need my eye to follow certain edges or check intersections, when zooming in or out it can be disorienting to have the edges thickness change. The X-ray Select mode helps to an extent, but a control/slider for the Draw Edges thickness would be useful indeed.
  22. You can find the latest iteration of the manuals inside the Vectorworks installation folder, under: Mac: /Applications/Vectorworks 2014/VWHelp/Additional Documentation Windows: Program Files (Or Program Files x86)/Vectorworks 2014/VWHelp/Additional Documentation I am not sure if they describe the creation of Displacement Mapped textures, but we will definitely be adding a few 101s on that and the Image Brick textures to the Vectorworks Service Select video library soon.
  23. My initial testing with this had all been on Windows, when I rechecked it again, the SpaceNavigator worked without issue on Windows 7, but then I moved it over to my OS X 10.8 machine and saw exactly the problems detailed in http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=104632 Submitting these specifics to engineering now.
  24. Some of the libraries are made here, but many are submitted by the manufacturers directly and will be of varying quality, true. Make sure to test resources from multiple sources when trying to verify if an issue is with the rendering engine or not, its easy to keep one model and forget that the problem can lie elsewhere.
  25. The thickness of the OpenGL Draw Edges is relative to your current zoom level. If you want more control over the lines, you'd need to create a viewport with OpenGL as the background and Hidden Line as the foreground. Also the anti-aliasing does work, but as Dave said it is very very mild. If you want a exceedingly smooth edge, you should work with one of the Renderworks modes instead of OpenGL


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