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  1. Well apparently I got this figured out somehow.:confused: I checked it is sp3 now:moreconfused:.. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your time. I was trained in vectorworks in college from 02-06 and then bought vw08 when my college computer died. I own a design build company and dont get to use this as much as I should. It was the class views. Again thank you.
  3. I tried reverting to an autosave, they don't show in any of those either.
  4. Hi, I searched but was unable to find a similar situation. Although the solution may have been posted before. I am having an issue with a document, the details of doors and windows (glazing, door slabs) are no longer showing. All was well, I imported my page layout from another set of drawings, added a hatch to one layer and now they are no longer showing up. I apologize if this is an easy fix. If I insert a new door or window it flashes the image, and then deletes the details. I Have not encountered this before. I appreciate anyones time.
  5. I'm having a hard time with the updates as well. sp2 wont finalize. I'll keep you posted
  6. Or how do I unlock the plug-in so I can go through the script and try and find something wrong. anyone?
  7. I am running 2008 sp1, I am having script errors with plugin (base cabinet). So I tried to update to sp2. The installed would not finish, VW still reads as sp1, and plugin is still corrupted. I am new to troubleshooting this program as I have never had a problem before with it. Any help is appreciated. I can email the installerlog


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