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  1. Anyone ever recieve a Teigha Library Error while trying to export from vw2011 to dwg 2002?
  2. I found this screen plane/layer plane thread because I am livid about how much of a cluster %%#@! it is to work with. Forgive me if this has been repeated, but I set my files to create everything in the screen plane to begin with. so I draw some 2d shapes, and extrude them. at some point i want to edit that extrude. say i want to clip a shape out of the original 2d geometry. i draw said shape where i want it, and it appears elsewhere. and when i double click on an extrude to edit it, i want to see the 2d geometry as i drew it, not in its rotated, "faux 3d orientation" I fail to see where, this layer/screen plan crap is useful.
  3. Export to PDF for me usually works if I have trouble printing directly from VW, however, this particular glitch occurs even with the PDF export....very puzzling.
  4. So my current project's file contains 6 sheet layers of drawings, and 3 or so design layers. The viewports on each sheet layer draw from one or all of the design layers, as well as some or all of the same classes. I batch printed the sheet layers. All text on sheet 3 did not appear. All text- within a viewport or not. I did an initial double check of making sure my classes, colors, layers, and line weights were visible. I rebooted the computer and printer. Upon reprint the same result. Exporting the sheet layer to a PDF yielded the same result. I re dimensioned, re viewported, re drew, re sheet layered the plate in question, and kept getting the same result upon printing. I removed all of the dimensions from one of the viewports. Suddenly the text showed in the print. I added back the two linear dimensions in the viewport. Still had text. I added back an angular dimension I had. Now upon printing the text was gone again. And vica versa- if I removed the angular dimension, I got my text back. The mysterious thing about this is that other sheet layers...using viewports, with the same classes from the same design layer...printed fine. At this moment I realize that they did NOT contain an angular dimension. Has anyone else encountered this? using VW 2009 Student Edition
  5. This post caught my eye, and I did not know about the ability to convert a line to a dimension. This will speed up some of my workflow very much!
  6. Greetings, I am working with VW 2009 Student Edition. While in previous versions of VW, locating the was to turn off the mentioned items was straight forward. However, I (embarrassingly) cannot find out how to do this in '09. I have scoured the VW Preferences, tried playing with the colors and opacity using the new interface customization, and even changed my workspace to see if I was still missing something. Assistance is appreciated very much. Thank you!
  7. Greetings! So many of my 2008 files have solids that will not form in 2009. I recall seeing a topic discussing this, and attempted to search with no success. Is this something solved with a SP (I have not downloaded them yet)? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask if it was still possible to purchase (legally) a full version of 2008......somewhere....even from Nemetschek? Thank you.
  9. Hello, I have a very complex shape to make, and I have its outline made with 4 nurbs curves (or one large nurbs curve if they are composed) Create Loft surface does not work....I was wondering if there is some way I can convert my curves to make a nurbs surface? Thanks!
  10. MWA


    Checked thrice....nothing to be found under preferences :\
  11. MWA


    Work around discovered. Talking with a friend, this seems to be an overlooked flaw (the inability to undo this option), and our conversation spawned a workaround. The workaround that seems to work is to un-check "use at creation" in the group's class attributes. This will stop VW from forcing objects within the group to use the group's class.
  12. Hello Fellow Forum Members, So, for the first time when one classes a group of differently classed objects, a dialog box asks if you want to apply the group's class to the objects within. There is a check box to make this a default operation for each group of differently classed objects that is classed in the future. I checked this check box and clicked 'OK'. Now a couple days into the project, I am having regrets! I cannot find , either in the Document Settings or VW Preferences, a way to revert this option. SOS? Thanks!
  13. I've noticed in the AutoCad generated drafting plates I've read, tend to dimension its fractions with a horizontal line dividing the numerator and denominator; and VW uses a forward slash. Is there a way to have VW display fractions the way autocad does? Thanks!
  14. Has anyone else encountered this strange phenomenon? In a particular project, I was dealing with a group of several complicated 3d solids....many additions, subtractions, fillets, splits were used to achieve each the final shapes. Sometimes, while working in the file, and I would perform a non solids task like zoom in or flyover, and the shapes I made, had turned into an object called a failed subtraction; a textureless box roughly the overall dimensions of the original objects. I was using v11 at the time, and have had it happen to me in 12.5 Anyone bump into something like this in 2008? Avoidable with 2009? Anyone from NNA? Thanks!
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