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  1. I imported a DFX drawing into VW 2009. I created a new layer for my lighting. I placed some S-4s and I made sure they were instruments. I go into the Label Legend manager, create the legend name, select fields, but when I go to place fields there is no instrument symbol in the the Edit layout field??? Any ideas what is happening??
  2. I searched for this, but could not find an answer. I have created a truss square on the floor 16'x16' with a middle truss at 8' out of 12"x12" truss. Now I want to rotate it into an upright position so it will become a wall on SR. My final plan is to have the stage surrounded on all four sides with truss walls. how do I do this?? thanks Jim
  3. what versions of VW will work with Windows 7??
  4. Malibu, What version are you using, and what platform?
  5. again thanks. I thought it might be the way, but I tried putting them in the clamps class and make it invisable, but they didn't go away. With their own class they did :-)
  6. AHHH - the old VW hidden command trick. I guess that is how they keep their trainers working. Works fine - Thanks Mike
  7. Mike, I looked at your NURBS dowload and I see why I wasn't able to make it work. My OIP window is not the same as what you show. My header is NURBS Curve not NURBS surface as yours is. also my X and Y are in feet and inches??? There are no V or U degree settings and I have a "show direction" - no show vertices I created a rectangle and did the modify, convert to NURBS don't know what is wrong
  8. thanks for all the help. I know this has been posted before, but I searched and it didn't come up. How do I get the focus points to not show up in my rendering? I tried putting them into a class and making the class invisable, but they are still there!
  9. I have done my cleansing ritual - several kids complained when I spit over my shoulder and they were behind me. The kids dod the swearing part for me ;-)
  10. when I click on the attachment to view, it says "You do not have access to download this attachment." Also I only get vert points along one side(the back) of the rectangle and if I stretch them out with the 3-D reshape tool it only stretches them horizontially, not vertically
  11. - Increase the the number of U and V degrees and put a checkmark against the Show Vertices option. Where do I find this? Sorry to be so stupid, but I don't usuallly do these tyrypes of things - gonna spend time over the summer learning more Jim
  12. My kids are doing a design for Macbeth. Several have chosen the witches scene. Does anyone have a small hill - floor, or a calderon? A couple of them want to put the scene on a hill, but I have no idea how to do a floor that is not flat. For the calderon I have had them do a cylinder, but a real looking calderon would make them happier. Any help on how to accomplish these items would be greatly appreciated Jim
  13. OK. I have set up a new lab. I have the dongle on one computer and have installed VW2008 on all the computers, and the program works fine. Now my problem. Each student has to log onto a computer with their own login (to prevent another student from playing with their work). For EACH/EVERY STUDENT I have had to: Set up a shortcut on the desk top. Set up VW in the correct workspace. Add new favorite files 150 STUDENTS !!! This is driving me crazy :-( Is there any other way to do this???? This is a HP PC lab Windows XP
  14. You need the battons in 3-D to be able to set them at a height. There was a thread with instructions on how to create 3-D positions so you can set their height. If the pipe is 2-D, the instrument will go to the Z height you set it and it will look like it is on the pipe until you rotate the drawing and look at it from the front, or side. Then the instrument will be at elevation and the pipes will sit on the ground.
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