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  1. All workspaces are completely customizable. What you want is pretty basic. My primary recommendation is to make a copy of your main workspace and edit the copy so any updates from VW or connectCAD don't destroy your changes. Updating them is not yet automatic. This explains the process better than I can.
  2. I don't see why we can't have in place text editing. Excel got it done years ago. Lots of other graphic programs do it too!
  3. I love saved views! Viewports are critical to anything but the smallest projects. How to make them better? My basic set of saved views are essentially copies of my basic sheet viewports. But as a project gets more complex the viewport settings change with new class/layers, overrides or whatever. So a common work step is to update those saved views to match. Why not have it automated? Aren't viewports really just saved views on a sheet? Sure you can get there, but many clicks and much time can be saved by having every viewport show in the saved view list and track with those changes! A sub list could be links to the annotations for those viewports. But that would only save time and frustration...
  4. I regularly use key notes. Sometime more than one set on a sheet. To manage them I find it easiest to use the database part of the notes tool. Select a note and "update" it from the database. That makes sure the various versions are exactly the same text. I'm also known to just copy existing notes. But practically speaking just editing a note instance should change it. This file is a mini example. If it doesn't help maybe you can explain your issue in more detail. Keynotes.vwx
  5. RickR

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Yeah, showing up is one issue displacement is another. I recently had issues with ref. files moving. That was all origin bugs. I moved the user origin in the ref file to the master file origin (both) Worth a good look.
  6. RickR

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    In VW terms a referenced file is just a viewport that displays stuff, not the elements themselves. The same goes for DLVPs, you just get the display, not the objects. The whole purpose is to NOT bring the objects into the primary file. You can change how it displays, but not the contents. If you tag elements in the referenced files they should be included in the IFC export. But I'm only 80% sure of that.
  7. RickR

    Label Legends and Text Size

    There are two basic ways to set text attributes, which also works for most other elements. Label legends are just symbols with special database links. When editing a label legend select the field and set the font, size, colors you want. This should now apply to all instances of that legend. Yes a refresh will probably be needed. The other way is how the default legends work and is what I prefer, most of the time. When editing the legend note the classes that the text is on. In fact VW will often create new classes for you as you build a new legend and that text will default to use the class settings. Check your existing legends and set the attributes to be "by class". Then editing the classes will change the text. While this is an extra set up step it lets you change the settings globally very easily and you can even override them in sheet viewports. All very handy!
  8. RickR

    Title Box Manager Missing??

    Custom workspaces are great but add a layer of compexity for a true newbie. Afterall you don't yet know what commands you need most. Many folks prefer to stay with the default workspaces but switch between them for different kinds of tasks.
  9. RickR

    Title Box Manager Missing??

    Are you using a custom workspace? If so it's pretty easy to not have them update with the new commands. You can go to >Tools, Edit Current Workspace... and add it by drag and drop.
  10. As mentioned before, I don't think we'll be renewing. Fortunately we'll get 2019, but unfortunately we'll have to decide right afer it releases. The real issue is our clients demanding Revit. That Revit will never have the features we enjoy with VW doesn't really matter. We will still use VW some, but the mix of bugs, update hassles and new features probably won't justify VSS fees. The last handfull of tech support calls have just verified that the problems we're bugs. I got more help here, so thanks again to all!
  11. RickR

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Operating speed is hard to communicate. So much depends on fine details. Perhaps you could work with tech support to see what is slowing you down. Shutting off layers and classes with extensive data speeds my system dramaticaly.
  12. RickR

    fbx export failure

    When I see something like that it means there wasn't anything to export.
  13. RickR

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Correcting the symbol and moving all versions of that symbol can be pretty simple. The selction tool can be set to match symbol names, or you use the Custom Selection menu function. It probably took longer to post the problem, or for us to reply.
  14. Are your layers in different scales? If changing the current layer makes them selectable then thats propably the issue. Sorry I don't know landscaping tools.
  15. RickR

    a case for browser based CAD

    I'd say that's what we have now, with your backup of choice. And the viewer needs massive help. 40ish years ago Autodesk gained dominance in the market by not having copy protection on student versions. Many in the USA think AC is the only CAD. Architects and engineers tend to be business conservatives and the safety of a massively dominant company was too good to avoid. A few competitors have taken over a few niches over the years but AD rules architecture. Worse, the biggest firms that have the power to define their own rules stick to AC the hardest. The truth is that better technology will not convert the masses in a short time. When bug fixes top the user wish list, a paradigm shift won't make them happy. I see it as selling out the committed users for new users that want flashy functions.


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