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  1. Years ago I devised a PDF solution. Print the worksheet to PDF and import those pages individually with a referenced link. They will then update every time you update the PDF. It's cleaner if you make header rows separately as the PDF will only have one set. You can play with the paper size to be more efficient on the final sheet. I imagine the viewport method has the same issue.
  2. For all that I agree with the 'why bother comments, this is one more example of VW creating confusion in a relatively simple situation.
  3. Having done architectural lighting for more than a few years, don't trust VW photometrics. They are quite limited and unrelated to the rendering engine. There are several good programs that do just what you want. AGI32 is the big name. Dialux and Relux are free but well done as they are vendor supported. These all can take VW models, through some finagaling. Reports and far more are built in!
  4. The biggest issues is applying enough 'light loss factors' Manufacturers always list the best possible output. Just about anything will reduce output. Dirt, lamp age, voltage drop, lens scratches, haze...
  5. FYI I've been using VW heavily for over 10 years, the workflow is not confusing, merely tedious. Look at those first two images closely! That is not plane confusion.
  6. I deleted it, but here's another. Cuts aren't so far off on this one. ?? Bad cuts.vwx FYI gotta run. Won't spend VW time for a few days.
  7. Exactly the same 😣 Just one light, for clarity. 17' above stage floor, 55d to vertical and side. I added a cut that renders properly. I've shown the just the beam at focus and floor. The rendering isn't even close to right.
  8. My NDA was written by lawyers used to inventions and patents... These should tell the story. On a possibly related note, I can't open yesterdays file, or the previous 2 backups!
  9. The usual 5', but I could see the rotated cuts easily. They were roughly 45d off and not as deep. These are all cuts at the front edge. In plan it was a straight line across the stage. Rendering showed zigzagging several feet deep.
  10. Add to this, 2 identical fixtures with identical settings (except X location and focus) have rotated shutter rendering. "Cast Beam" shows the same for both!
  11. It's been years since I did this... but my ellips shutter cuts aren't rendering to match the wireframe beams. The cuts show, but nowhere near where they should. I've since adjusted them in rendering mode, but how does this @%^$%^ happen?
  12. Hold on now! Edit In Place has been the UI norm for less than 20 years. Let's not get ahead of the technology or client expectations. 🙃
  13. It's as if the programmers never saw truss in use, let alone stuff on all 4 chords!
  14. I had a house full of Parellipspheres in 1986 in the SF bay area. My main memory is trying to get lamps that fit. The reflector was designed for a halogen retrofit, but if the base ceramic was too tall it wouldn't go all the way in. The lamp still met specs for the standard version but was useless to me.
  15. All workspaces are completely customizable. What you want is pretty basic. My primary recommendation is to make a copy of your main workspace and edit the copy so any updates from VW or connectCAD don't destroy your changes. Updating them is not yet automatic. This explains the process better than I can.
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