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  1. This seems made for the job. Select the Loci and go to > Modify> Convert> Replace with Symbol. Now what symbol to use is another question...
  2. Someone suggested that VW offer a bounty for unnecessary clicks. This one should be on that list!
  3. I recently made a similar jump. The Xeon isn't doing much but didn't cost much in my case. The HD decisions were cost driven. I wanted the fastest OS drive and figured a large slow data drive would be fine. The configuration costs were strange, so I got a nice 500gb SSD and plan on buying a second one when it fills. HD costs drop quickly and there will be more options in the after market so waiting should pay off.
  4. Autocad layers import

    I think you've earned a few passes for short cuts.
  5. Autocad layers import

    I was simply comparing my experience to Nina's description of current function. It never dawned on me that VW might delete things contained in a DWG file. I purge because I know I'll never want them, and they come from clients that are usually to busy for me to add to their load. If VW is going to delete things then I want the option to keep them for all the reasons listed above. Just because I purge often doesn't mean I always will or that others want to as well.
  6. Autocad layers import

    Hmmm, I've been doing a lot of DWG imports lately. After every one I do a Purge and there is lots to clear, maybe not as much as there used to be, but classes, symbols and other stuff.
  7. Call out oddness

    This one has me stumped. Callouts are acting strangely. Usually things are easily controlled. In this case the shoulder is 0, and the bubble style is ISO. Dragging the right most control point does nothing. Dragging either the angle point or the shoulder points give opposite results. It's a bit hard to describe. Something seems to changing the text position and the first leg of the leader. I want the shoulder much smaller, but it only gets bigger. I want the underline to follow the text. HELP!
  8. followspot operator symbols?

    This isn't the greatest, but its the best I've done so far. It is a hybrid so does all views Followspot_symbol.vwx
  9. Linked files moving

    All true, but shouldn't apply. I almost never move the user origin. My files don't have large offsets. End to end is a few hundred feet. These same linked files have been in use for almost a year. 3 things have changed lately. SP3 was installed the day it all went bad. And a month ago the master file got coruppted and had to be rebuilt from layer imports. Naturally the links had to be recreated from scratch. Lastly I have a new computer, same OS just more powerful. Of course bugs shouldn't happen in the first place but they certainly exist.
  10. Linked files moving

    Update I moved everything in the linked files so that their origin could align with the master file origin. So far no issues. If I don't post further, that's the (*##$%@&^$) workaround.
  11. Linked files moving

    Added thought: The unified origin theory has a problem. The movement has been similar but not uniform among the linked files. Most of these files come from a VERY experience AutoCAD tech and share an origin among themselves. But even when they share this point they move and move almost randomly. It's curious that the distances and angles are somewhat similar but not uniform.
  12. Linked files moving

    Thanks, That sounds a bit like what Art was talking about, but I'm unclear as to the details. Are you saying that the 0,0 of the linked file has to match the 0,0 of the master? Is this the internal origin or the user origin. If so then I would have to move and rotate every DWG import into the shuttle files. Sort of defeats the purpose.
  13. Linked files moving

    New data I cleaned everything up in SP2. Opened, closed, opened all was well. Today all the DLVPs shifted. There goes the SP2 idea!
  14. Linked files moving

    The origin did move. I'm not sure if I might have done that while trying to fix the first shift. Definitely never before that. And definitely never in between moves. I.e. Yesterday I 'fixed' everything for the 3rd time while waiting for support to call back. This morning it was moved. (and the only other person capable of opening a file is well aware of the issue and generally doesn't do much drafting anyway) No the shift did not line up with DWG imports. As I mentioned one of those is untouched for 2 months. I also worked in a couple and when done they didn't shift.
  15. Linked files moving

    Thanks for the response. I'm not quite sure what you mean. (Geo-referencing isn't an issue.) I never move a files origin. In fact one of my first steps is to place a loci at 0,0,0 and lock it. In the theatrical world the stage centerline and proscenium opening form a reference grid. That referencing has been around far longer than CAD of any form, so it becomes a strong habit in theatrical drafting. Though something triggering such a move could be a clue here. FYI One of the key purposes of the shuttle file method is to allow the DWGs (drawn and updated by others) to be placed and rotated to match my needs. I've done this at least dozens if not hundreds of times, over years and never had a problem. My work moving means that all my objects are relocating as if the origin moved. To take a simple case that 0,0,0 loci now reads 41'8", -61'3.25", 0


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