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  1. As mentioned before, I don't think we'll be renewing. Fortunately we'll get 2019, but unfortunately we'll have to decide right afer it releases. The real issue is our clients demanding Revit. That Revit will never have the features we enjoy with VW doesn't really matter. We will still use VW some, but the mix of bugs, update hassles and new features probably won't justify VSS fees. The last handfull of tech support calls have just verified that the problems we're bugs. I got more help here, so thanks again to all!
  2. RickR

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Operating speed is hard to communicate. So much depends on fine details. Perhaps you could work with tech support to see what is slowing you down. Shutting off layers and classes with extensive data speeds my system dramaticaly.
  3. RickR

    fbx export failure

    When I see something like that it means there wasn't anything to export.
  4. RickR

    change insertion point for a symbol

    Correcting the symbol and moving all versions of that symbol can be pretty simple. The selction tool can be set to match symbol names, or you use the Custom Selection menu function. It probably took longer to post the problem, or for us to reply.
  5. Are your layers in different scales? If changing the current layer makes them selectable then thats propably the issue. Sorry I don't know landscaping tools.
  6. RickR

    a case for browser based CAD

    I'd say that's what we have now, with your backup of choice. And the viewer needs massive help. 40ish years ago Autodesk gained dominance in the market by not having copy protection on student versions. Many in the USA think AC is the only CAD. Architects and engineers tend to be business conservatives and the safety of a massively dominant company was too good to avoid. A few competitors have taken over a few niches over the years but AD rules architecture. Worse, the biggest firms that have the power to define their own rules stick to AC the hardest. The truth is that better technology will not convert the masses in a short time. When bug fixes top the user wish list, a paradigm shift won't make them happy. I see it as selling out the committed users for new users that want flashy functions.
  7. RickR

    a case for browser based CAD

    I'm sure we all got the survey, they do have our emails. It will be a really long time before we trust the cloud-kluge with interactive mission critical systems. I travel to sites without wifi or even cell coverage! Instant updates simply means new bugs without a rollback option. I use VW for the features it has (and works), not what it might get. Plus our biggest clients are virtually forcing us into Revit. I might go for a cloud based conversion tool that really worked.
  8. RickR

    Fonts changing

    Did you see the font replacement dialog at any time? Edit your preferences? Since that function is designed to do just what you are describing I nominate it as the culprit.
  9. Hey @JimW I'm seeing really old posts, mostly calendar items in my "unread" stream. This started last week or so, but I haven't been around a lot either so it might be longer. Often I'll re-sort the basic un-read stream to look at the oldest first, the conversations just make more sense that way. Lately I get this: If I go back to earliest sorting these items go away, but they come right back easily enough. Marking the whole site as read doesn't seem to have any effect.
  10. RickR

    Festoon / String Lights

    Extruding a smal circle or hexagon along the nurbs will solve that. But it can add to the polygon count in a big way.
  11. RickR

    Festoon / String Lights

    There's a wish list item on this. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/43438-catenary-curve-tool/ Vote it up!
  12. RickR

    Adjust flipped text

    One of my favorite tricks is to rotate viewports or text 0.1 - 1.0 degree off the normal. In many cases this will cause the text to choose the other flip direction. vs
  13. RickR

    Festoon / String Lights

    My pet peeve on these is the "catenary curve". Nurbs curves can't really duplicate the proper swag shape. So do the best you can and know not to plan on it to closely.
  14. >File>Export>IFC There are several versions of IFC and a dialog for including and excluding elements. Beyond that, read the manual... Don't expect Vectorworks to produce instructions for AutoDesk software. Vectorworks will import procedures are buggy and subject to very long times. I think this is the real issue - advertised features should work reliably! I don't think your clients actions will have any effect on the transfers. I've sent several Revit/IFC files to tech support to solve issues. Generally they send them to engineering for further testing and I have to find another solution. (For the record; I think 3 items in the last update are from my issues. Things do get better.)
  15. I've found the simple way to edit Saved Views is to redefine them. Activate the View Change what you want Right click on the view name in Navigation and select Redefine Make any further changes in the dialog - which is basically what to save or not save.