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  1. I'd like to see this tool upgraded to have Spotlight Label Legend type of function. Maintaining the simplicity of the legacy is important, but features like renumbering, auto numbering, skipping, custom containers, multiple numbers, alpha-numbers and maybe even record integration would be incredibly useful.
  2. I can't imagine importing with layers is any different than copy/paste. I too have DWG import, that's what all my ref. files are for. I do the shuttle file with the architects drawings. There are things I'd like to improve, but generally it works pretty well.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not an upgrade issue. This file and it's referenced ones were started in 17 but the main file was based on a template file that goes way back but upgraded each year. I worked on it for several months in 17. A few weeks ago they all got upgraded to 18 and all was fine until last week. Interestingly I did some testing of 18 with this file early on, but deleted those upgrades. Other news is that it seems that I can work in my main layer but only have issues when the referenced file is on. I'm going (eventually) to do some testing to see if it's just this ref, or all of them. I'll be calling tech support soon.
  4. New info. I managed to get to a different view and things were fine, till I went back. The one that worked is a 3D only wireframe. The one that didn't is 2 layers in different orientations. A top plan in a viewport referenced to another file, a top plan of my theatrical stuff that I then managed to get to a front view. More as it happens!
  5. There are traces of pre17 files. I recall starting from a template file that has a long history. Some symbols may have a similar history. The key thought is that it's been a 2018 file since SP1 came out, weeks! I'm dreading rebuilding the file due to many external links and sheet layer viewports.
  6. Make those sliders go really short! I know a 1' to 20' slider is not logical but it will take the training wheels off the tool.
  7. I reposted this over in the wishlist.
  8. My solution has several parts I always make my spaces around the grid origin. Usually centerline at plasterline = 0,0 so object xy values have a real world meaning. I use database rows in my worksheets to make sure everything is up to date. Format the column to dimensions. I use this formula to get a rounding to the inch. Note that my system units are always feet & inches, so it may need some tweaking for you =ROUND(XCOORDINATE*12)/12 Attached is a sample of my worksheet. I use this basic technique for lots of lists and sorting. Once you get familiar with worksheets you'll find them very powerful. In Schedule.vwx
  9. Anyone seen something like this? In just this one moderately large project (85kb file) VW goes into 'not responding' for a few minutes. Then after only a few seconds, and no action from me, goes back into it. I can sneak in an action if it isn't too complex (save, change tool, pan/zoom) but I can't get anything done. This goes on for hours! I haven't made any significant changes to either the file or the system. Mostly I've been exporting and re-classing for a better export file. Resource Monitor says ~13% of total CPU and similar other usage. Certainly not over taxing my system, and it all worked fine a few days ago! Other projects seem fine at least the simple few I've tried. Troubleshooting ideas?
  10. Pro: The longer it takes the more they fix? or test better? Con: Struggling with broken software. I specifically waited for SP1 before converting current projects to 2018. Now I'm thinking about going backwards!
  11. Do your layers have different heights? My habit from previous versions is always to draw lighting position symbols at Z=0. Then there is never any confusion over position height or where on the symbol the fixture lands. It seems that truss objects in the library don't follow this rule as they have 0,0 at the truss center.
  12. I think it got recovered, but I have a copy still around. Since this thread the 'Set 3D' function has really improved. But it can't change a clamp to a floor plate. Floor Fixture.vwx
  13. Over in the wish list there is a link to some Python script. Someone with more time and skill than I have could conceivably make a Script or Marionette object with it.
  14. I use a 'nonplot' class as Pat mentions. The trick for me is to make sure it NEVER shows up in viewports (or even saved views.) Keeping it off except when needed does the job pretty well. If I need more than one, I just duplicate the existing class so it too doesn't get turned on by accident.