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  1. Troy Haas

    have DL

    Pat, why the suspicion? I am just trying to get the software to work so I can learn. I downloaded 2009 because I did not know which one we would be using in class this fall and it said I could upgrade, but not go back to an earlier version. Now I can't even get 2010 to come up. Yes I have applied the latest patch, Thank you. I will email tech support since nothing else is working, Thanks all.
  2. Troy Haas

    have DL

    Not sure how the signature helps, but I made one... Thanks
  3. Troy Haas

    have DL

    From Vectorworks... I am student at IU
  4. Troy Haas

    have DL

    I downloaded 2009. I run a mac OS X 10.5.8 I have downloaded it twice and un-installed and re-installed multiple times. I still get the error message Thanks for any help you can give me
  5. Troy Haas

    have DL

    Anyone????????? Any idea's??????
  6. Troy Haas

    have DL

    I have DL & installed Vectorworks and it opened fine the first time, now it says that "XML library failed to load, reinstall. I have and I still get the error mnessage. Thanks
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