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  1. Hello all, How do I set the saved "Workspaces" to stay saved? I have a 2 external monitor setup in my office, and, I've tried multiple times to save the workspace, i.e. "3-screen workspace", with the layout that I prefer. But, whenever I open Vectorworks when i'm not in my office, when I do return to my office, I totally lose that saved "3-screen workspace." Why bother saving it when it won't stay saved? What, if anything, am I doing wrong? Thank you. Regards, MJ
  2. Hi bcd, I think I need to clarify something... if I navigate, in my Resource Browser, to the "Vectorworks Libraries" tab, I CAN see all the resources in there. You can see the different resource groups in the screen shot, in the red box, i.e. Lighting Pipe.vwx. It is when I try the search function (in the magenta box) instead of navigating thru all the folders and subfolders, there are no results from the search, that I selected the "All Resources" tab, as well. In 2019, the search would yield results. So, I wonder if it's a batch convert issue. That being said, I tried to do what you said, but, I'm a bit unclear on your instructions. What do you mean by "relevant folders?" Do you mean that my source folder should be the VWX 2019 "Libraries" folder, and, my destination should be VWX 2020? I navigated the File>Batch Convert and get the first attachment. I'm assuming that I want to convert the libraries folder... which I selected and also checked the box about "include subfolders." Once I initiate the batch convert I get the warning message (that's the 2nd attachment). Is this because, in this case, I selected the 2020 libraries folder as both the source and destination? I don't want to approve the overwrite and screw myself. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, MJ
  3. Hello VWX Community, I recently updated to VWX 2020. Yes, I know! Late adopter. Anyhow, in 2020, when I try and look up a resource it doesn't seem to be looking anywhere, cuz I only get resources that are in my RL in the currently opened file. And I have turned on all possible avenues of resources, by selecting the activating icons in the upper left corner, i.e. Vectorworks Libraries, or, Workgroup Libraries, etc. Additionally, I have "All Resources" selected in the dropdown menu for resource types, i.e. gradients, hatches, styles, etc. Even when I search for a fixture or object, that I KNOW IS IN MY CURRENTLY OPENED FILE'S RESOURCE LIBRARY, my search yields ZERO results. What stupid setting have I inadvertently switched that is causing me not to be able to search for resources? Thank you in advance. Regards, MJ
  4. I am running 2018 SP4 (Build 435714) (64-bit) I have not done any OS updates recently. Certainly not within any recent time period before 4-days ago, when I started having this problem. Again, I was using VWX regularly in the days prior to the onset of the issue, with no problems. The ONLY thing I did to the machine, which, I anecdotally recall was right before the start of the text box problem, was to reset the NVRAM. I did that because my MacBook Pro was experiencing internet connection failure, after waking up from "sleep." Not always, but, annoyingly too often. And one of the fixes was the NVRAM reset. But, to be clear, I am not certain that the text box problem started immediately after the NVRAM reset. It just seems to be about the same time. It has been suggested to me, by another, more experienced user, that I do a clean reinstall 2018. This same user says 2019 is a "sh*tty build", and he reco'd me not to update.
  5. just an update; more info... ANYTIME I work have to work with a text box, I am having the issue. In a design layer, in a sheet, anywhere. For example, just last night, as I was doing my best to avoid text boxes; just working on drawing in my fixtures, without concerning myself with any notes. I noticed that, somehow, my usual fixture label legend, was missing its channel field, even tho, the channel hex container was still there. I went into the label legend manager to try and fix this, and, as soon as I touched a text box, I got the same problem. I, too, recently updated to the latest service pack, but, I had been working in VWX for several days, without the issue. So, for me, I don't think it was the service pack.
  6. I have tried that. Still experiencing problem. And even so, I have had MULTIPLE apps open, before, and did not experience this problem. The only thing I did, recently, that might be related, was that I reset my NVRAM, due to another, non-VWX issue I was having with my MacBook Pro. I will have to contact tech support. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hello all, I have just recently (Today as a matter of fact) started to experience issues with text boxes. Whether I try and insert a new text box, or, just try and click on, and edit, an existing text box, I am getting the annoying "spinning beach ball" (Mac OS). It usually lasts about 15 seconds or so. This is a brand new issue. I was working all morning, and yesterday, and did not experience this crap at all. Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be? Thanks. MJ MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) OS 10.14.3 2.9 GHz Intel Core I7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDR3
  8. good to know, markdd. I, too, have found a workaround: select the offending fixtures, go into the OIP and click the "replace fixture" button. Replace with the exact same fixture, and, viola! It corrected the issue for me.
  9. Hello VWX peeps, I am having another intermittent, but, seemingly "randomly persistent" issue. That is, often, after I've worked on a fixture or a group of fixtures, their labels, i.e. channel, or circuit, will move a distance away from the actual fixture. There seems to be no pattern, and, when this issue happens, the distances that the labels move also seem to have no pattern. sometimes they're far away. Sometimes they're only 50-60' feet away. This one, in attached screenshot, is 300-400' away. I had just grouped several fixtures, and numbered their channels, via the shift-option-command-N function. At first I saw that the channel hexagons appeared right where they should. Then, when, I tried numbering a second group of fixtures, I noticed that the channel hexes had move the distance you see in the screengrab. Anyone know what is going on here? And how I can remedy this? Thanks. Regards,
  10. thanks, again, markdd. Just your pointing me towards possibly having turned off "unified view" led me to the fix. I still had "unified view" turned on, but, going there made me remember that "vague recollection" I mentioned in my post. I had, at some point, ventured into "unified view options" and checked ON the box "center view on activated layer." That made the view center on the "page center", which was usually the center of the, how shall I say it...."watermarked" overlay of the design layer page, i.e. a Arch D page. Anyhoo, I've unchecked it, and, now that issue is gone. I'm posting pix and explanations here, even though you already know the deal, to help any future VWX-ers that run into the same problem, and, don't know how to fix it. Cheers! Regards, MJ
  11. Thanks a bunch markdd. I've used you advise and was able to make it work. One other non-related question: recently I did something, where, now, when I change design layer, my top plan view gets moved somewhere away from where the "meat" of my drawing is. It used to not happen in this drawing, nor in previous revisions of this drawing,, but, it did happen in one, or two, other files. I did recently update my Spotlight preferences, as well as sniffing around thru my workspace properties; trying to find answers to the above, as well as other questions. I have a vague recollection of, perhaps, some click-box that specifies where to center the view, but, I can't recollect if that was real, or in some vague hazy, frustration induced dream. Anyone know if that's just an option I inadvertently selected, somewhere? Thanks. Regards, MJ
  12. JPickup - thank you. please excuse my green-ness.... but, is there a way to remove the 2D component to a hybrid symbol? I don't see such an option in the Tools menu. or any menu for that matter. I created a symbol, for my diamond truss, from my grouped trussing objects. Perhaps the easy thing to do would be remove the 2D from that symbol. But, again, I don't know if there is a method for that. markdd, thank you. I see where you can do that. Funny thing is, in one file (File 1 - the one with the circle truss in my previous post) I can 3D rotate an inserted truss, using your suggested method. But, in my current file, (File 2- the one with the diamond truss) I can't. I inserted a straight truss, in exactly the same manner, in both files. Same result. Yes in File 1, No in File 2. FYI - File 2 is a later revision of File 1. So, there might be some setting I've changed, from the File 1 to File 2? For further info purposes, the first attachment shows the OIP for the File 2 truss, I inserted. Please note, the OIP does not even have the option to check/uncheck "draw in 3D only". Here is a screenshot of the OIP, in File 1, of the same truss, created in exactly the same steps. As you can see, this OIP does have that checkbox option. ! After all that, I stumbled upon a way to make it work! While composing this post, I was toggling back and forth to my 2 VWX files. During that process, I imported symbols into my rotatable File 1, that I was using in File 2. Symbols that were already imported into File 2, directly from the VWX Resource Libraries. Then, I inadvertently imported those same truss symbols, from File 1 to File 2. I've just inserted the 45˚ truss, by double-clicking on the newly re-imported symbol, and then inserting it into the drawing, and, for some unknown reason, I can 3D rotate it now. Glad it's working, but, still MADDENING! Thanks to all for your help. Regards, MJ
  13. Hello VWX peeps, I am getting increasingly frustrated when it comes to rotating objects in 3D. I have created a diamond truss structure, from symbols imported from VWX's resource library. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to allow me to rotate it, in anything other than top plan view. I get the following error, shown in the first attachment I say "yes" to the dialog box query, because, one would assume that whatever is preventing me from rotating this object, will be fixed when I agree to the software's suggestion! But, alas, no. I am still unable to rotate it WHAT SETTING AM I MISSING THAT IS PRECLUDING ME FROM ROTATING IN 3D? This program would be worthless if it were true that you could only rotate stuff in top plan. That being said, I created a circle truss, in another file, where I don't have that error message. I can rotate it as I please. But, I don't know what was different from that circle truss, to the diamond truss, or anything else I put in my drawing. Absolutely maddening! Help please! Thanks. Regards, MJ
  14. Hello all, My vectorworks 2018, sp4, shows dimensions for all new truss symbols, only in metric units. That same info record shows both metric and imp for a truss's weight, but for some strange reason, all truss lengths are in metric. This is in contrast to lighting instruments, which have both metric and imperial info records. I've checked my document settings, and, they are set for imperial "feet & inches." Does anyone know how to change this? Thanks MJ VWX 2018, SP4 / Retina MBP late 2016.
  15. I just started having problems importing any CAD file, other than DWF. I know for a fact, a couple of months ago, I was able to import a DWG file for a show I was working on. Since then, I haven't tried to repeat that task until just now. In fact, I rarely opened VWX at all in about 2 months. But, today, I tried to import a DWG file and the program could not "recognize" a DWG file to import. Nor, did it give me an option to import a DWG file. The only CAD option is a DWF file. anyone know what the problem is? Thanks. Regards, MJ Late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina Mavericks OS X 10.9.2 Vectorworks Spotlight 2014
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