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  1. mjunderdog1

    labels arbitrarily move far away from fixtures

    good to know, markdd. I, too, have found a workaround: select the offending fixtures, go into the OIP and click the "replace fixture" button. Replace with the exact same fixture, and, viola! It corrected the issue for me.
  2. Hello VWX peeps, I am having another intermittent, but, seemingly "randomly persistent" issue. That is, often, after I've worked on a fixture or a group of fixtures, their labels, i.e. channel, or circuit, will move a distance away from the actual fixture. There seems to be no pattern, and, when this issue happens, the distances that the labels move also seem to have no pattern. sometimes they're far away. Sometimes they're only 50-60' feet away. This one, in attached screenshot, is 300-400' away. I had just grouped several fixtures, and numbered their channels, via the shift-option-command-N function. At first I saw that the channel hexagons appeared right where they should. Then, when, I tried numbering a second group of fixtures, I noticed that the channel hexes had move the distance you see in the screengrab. Anyone know what is going on here? And how I can remedy this? Thanks. Regards,
  3. mjunderdog1

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    thanks, again, markdd. Just your pointing me towards possibly having turned off "unified view" led me to the fix. I still had "unified view" turned on, but, going there made me remember that "vague recollection" I mentioned in my post. I had, at some point, ventured into "unified view options" and checked ON the box "center view on activated layer." That made the view center on the "page center", which was usually the center of the, how shall I say it...."watermarked" overlay of the design layer page, i.e. a Arch D page. Anyhoo, I've unchecked it, and, now that issue is gone. I'm posting pix and explanations here, even though you already know the deal, to help any future VWX-ers that run into the same problem, and, don't know how to fix it. Cheers! Regards, MJ
  4. mjunderdog1

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    Thanks a bunch markdd. I've used you advise and was able to make it work. One other non-related question: recently I did something, where, now, when I change design layer, my top plan view gets moved somewhere away from where the "meat" of my drawing is. It used to not happen in this drawing, nor in previous revisions of this drawing,, but, it did happen in one, or two, other files. I did recently update my Spotlight preferences, as well as sniffing around thru my workspace properties; trying to find answers to the above, as well as other questions. I have a vague recollection of, perhaps, some click-box that specifies where to center the view, but, I can't recollect if that was real, or in some vague hazy, frustration induced dream. Anyone know if that's just an option I inadvertently selected, somewhere? Thanks. Regards, MJ
  5. mjunderdog1

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    JPickup - thank you. please excuse my green-ness.... but, is there a way to remove the 2D component to a hybrid symbol? I don't see such an option in the Tools menu. or any menu for that matter. I created a symbol, for my diamond truss, from my grouped trussing objects. Perhaps the easy thing to do would be remove the 2D from that symbol. But, again, I don't know if there is a method for that. markdd, thank you. I see where you can do that. Funny thing is, in one file (File 1 - the one with the circle truss in my previous post) I can 3D rotate an inserted truss, using your suggested method. But, in my current file, (File 2- the one with the diamond truss) I can't. I inserted a straight truss, in exactly the same manner, in both files. Same result. Yes in File 1, No in File 2. FYI - File 2 is a later revision of File 1. So, there might be some setting I've changed, from the File 1 to File 2? For further info purposes, the first attachment shows the OIP for the File 2 truss, I inserted. Please note, the OIP does not even have the option to check/uncheck "draw in 3D only". Here is a screenshot of the OIP, in File 1, of the same truss, created in exactly the same steps. As you can see, this OIP does have that checkbox option. ! After all that, I stumbled upon a way to make it work! While composing this post, I was toggling back and forth to my 2 VWX files. During that process, I imported symbols into my rotatable File 1, that I was using in File 2. Symbols that were already imported into File 2, directly from the VWX Resource Libraries. Then, I inadvertently imported those same truss symbols, from File 1 to File 2. I've just inserted the 45˚ truss, by double-clicking on the newly re-imported symbol, and then inserting it into the drawing, and, for some unknown reason, I can 3D rotate it now. Glad it's working, but, still MADDENING! Thanks to all for your help. Regards, MJ
  6. Hello VWX peeps, I am getting increasingly frustrated when it comes to rotating objects in 3D. I have created a diamond truss structure, from symbols imported from VWX's resource library. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to allow me to rotate it, in anything other than top plan view. I get the following error, shown in the first attachment I say "yes" to the dialog box query, because, one would assume that whatever is preventing me from rotating this object, will be fixed when I agree to the software's suggestion! But, alas, no. I am still unable to rotate it WHAT SETTING AM I MISSING THAT IS PRECLUDING ME FROM ROTATING IN 3D? This program would be worthless if it were true that you could only rotate stuff in top plan. That being said, I created a circle truss, in another file, where I don't have that error message. I can rotate it as I please. But, I don't know what was different from that circle truss, to the diamond truss, or anything else I put in my drawing. Absolutely maddening! Help please! Thanks. Regards, MJ
  7. Hello all, My vectorworks 2018, sp4, shows dimensions for all new truss symbols, only in metric units. That same info record shows both metric and imp for a truss's weight, but for some strange reason, all truss lengths are in metric. This is in contrast to lighting instruments, which have both metric and imperial info records. I've checked my document settings, and, they are set for imperial "feet & inches." Does anyone know how to change this? Thanks MJ VWX 2018, SP4 / Retina MBP late 2016.
  8. mjunderdog1

    unable to import dwg files in 2014

    I just started having problems importing any CAD file, other than DWF. I know for a fact, a couple of months ago, I was able to import a DWG file for a show I was working on. Since then, I haven't tried to repeat that task until just now. In fact, I rarely opened VWX at all in about 2 months. But, today, I tried to import a DWG file and the program could not "recognize" a DWG file to import. Nor, did it give me an option to import a DWG file. The only CAD option is a DWF file. anyone know what the problem is? Thanks. Regards, MJ Late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina Mavericks OS X 10.9.2 Vectorworks Spotlight 2014
  9. So, I recently upgrade my machine to Mac OSX10.9 "Mavericks" and now my Vectorworks Spotlight 2009 won't even open. I keep getting the error box. Is 2009 not compatible at all with 10.9? Or is there something else? I only ask that, because, several months ago, I began experiencing the same error's opening the program. And, I literally did nothing other than wait a few days. When I attempted to re-open a few days later, no problems. And no problems since then, until just now. I last used the program 3 weeks ago. I did upgrade my OS right after that. Thanks. Regards, MJ Late 2008 MacBook Pro OSX10.9
  10. mjunderdog1

    Video problems when zooming, etc.

    Using VW2009 for mac on a late 2008 MacBook Pro, on OSX 10.8.4. When I don't have my Samsung 22" monitor attached as extended desktop, my drawing goes haywire (losing visibility of most of my drawing) whenever I use the mousewheel or trackpad (2 finger swipe) to zoom in or out. This happens when I'm working on just my laptop, or whenever I'm using an external monitor that ISN'T my home Samsung monitor. Also, when I do use a hotel flat-screen, even with the external desktop outputting 1080p, the drawing onscreen is badly pixelated. Even with the difference between a 22" monitor and a 42" TV, this should not happen, should it? I'm using my mini-display port to DVI straight into my Samsung. I've tried using my mini-display to other connectors, i.e. mini-display port to VGA, or mini-display port to DVI to HDMI, on various different monitors (usually hotel flat-screen TVs) and I always have the above mentioned problems. I don't know if it's my video card. If so, why will it work perfectly fine when connected to my home external monitor? Or, if my Mac, the mini-display port & VW Spotlight have problems working together with other types of connectors. Or, if it's a setting within the VW Spotlight program. If so, then, again, why would it work fine with my home setup. I've had this problem for as long as I can remember, including before I upgraded to new OSX. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you. MJ VW Spotlight 2009 Late 2008 MacBook Pro OSX 10.8.4 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M & 9600M GT
  11. mjunderdog1

    Imported symbol not showing in Sheets or Viewports

    Thanks, Pat! That did the trick! On a separate note, does anyone know how to edit the symbol and move the default position of a particular label, i.e. Fixture number? Currently, my symbol for MAC Aura is so small, and the fixture number label currently just sits pretty obstructively on the symbol. One can simply move the label in each fixture, but I'm looking for a global editing fix. And, Editing the 2D component of the symbol shows none of the labels. Thanks. mj
  12. Hi VWX community board, I recently imported a VWX file from Martin that had all their symbols, and imported a couple of resources from that file into the resource browser of my active file. It showed up fine in my design layers, but, when I tried to view it in my previously created Sheets or Viewports, the fixtures do not show up. The class, circuit and fixture # labels show up, but not the actual symbol for the fixture. Can somebody please tell me what, if anything I did wrong such that the fixture is not visible in the Sheet and Viewports? Thanks. MJ
  13. mjunderdog1

    Importing a CAD symbol into VW Spotlight

    Thanks Max. I did what you said: 1- opened the .mcd file (I was able to find one) and converted it to a VWX 2009 file; 2- selected the top view drawing in the sharpy.vwx file and clicked modify-create symbol. I selected the "leave instance in place" box, so that the 2D symbol was kept in the .mcd file. This placed a symbol in the resource browser of my sharpy vwx file. 3- clicked modify-convert-convert to instrument. The object info box then showed all the info/attributes (size, weight, channel, etc.) I entered what I needed in the obj info box, name, wattage, etc. 4- then I imported the resource into my current show file/drawing, and there it sat, in my resource library. However, when I tried to insert the resource as a lighting instrument, it would only work when I clicked on the "inst insertion tool", and even then, NONE of the light info that I had set up with the symbol showed up in the obj info box. I suspect that was because, when I added the obj info, the program would only let me do it when I had the DRAWING in the .mcd file highlighted. It won't let me click modify-convert if I just have the symbol in the resource library clicked. Further, the only way I could get it to transfer the relevant light info was when I copied the symbol in my new sharpy vwx file (the symbol in the DRAWING, not in the resource library) directly into my show file drawing. Do u, or anyone else, know how to get around that issue? Thx.
  14. mjunderdog1

    Importing a CAD symbol into VW Spotlight

    I'm having another problem: very often, when I'm trying to import a .dwg file, the program just crashes on me. Tho not all the time.
  15. Hello all, I am wondering how to import a CAD symbol into a resource library so that I may use it in drawings. For example, I downloaded Sharpy_Cad.dwg-R2004.zip file and unzipped it. The unzipped file was a folder (of the same name) with 4 different .dwg files. I use VW Spotlight 2009 and usually only use top-view drawings. I do not know how to import that CAD into my resource library. Thanks. MJ


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