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  1. I see in ITA version there is a folder named "Plug-in" instead of "Plug-ins" Creating this new folder with the INT name, makes the installer find the right place, but can't find the menu voice to start the installation
  2. Hi all Just playing with D5 in order to compare it with TM Rendering has a very natural look I also like some features of D5 TM doesn't still have, like layers for instance The problem is imported objects are considered as a whole, making impossible to make also minimal changes to the model Import objects one by one is not a solution also because I can't see a way to place them in the same place Now that the live sync is available I tried to install it on the ITA Vectorworks, but couldn't do that, maybe for the different structure of workspaces Is the plugin available alone, in order to install it manually? Thank you for your attention
  3. Thank you I'm playing with D5 and I've to say that it's quite impressive in terms of quality of rendering and interface I also appreciate the possibility of organizing things in layers (that TM doesn't have) What prevents me to pass from TM is the fact that fbx model is imported as a whole (don't know if with the Live Sync something changes, because I can't install Vectorworks on my PC for now, but I don't think) No way to move parts of it for what I know Importing single parts in complex files is quite long in terms of time and I can't see ways to place them in the same location (miss something?) I don't know if this is the right place where to send whislists, eventually please let me know
  4. erminio

    D5 render

    There is a Beta sync plugin for VW Win
  5. Thank you Jesse! Really well done You saved me hours of works and headache I've made me too all these tries, changing the availability options and restarting Vectorworks every now and then, but never notice that thing, also because I worked in files with legacy 2D functions disabled Yes that thing of talking about 2D objects instead of Layer plane is quite misleading
  6. Thanks Pat for help No particular settings I forgot that thing of words starting with p, but there are no parameters in that PIO
  7. Hi guys Happy new year first of all I'm writing various simple commands in VS to automate repetitive tasks They move and rotate the 2D and 3D selected objects to the origin Everything works fine with the scripts, but when I put them into the command plugin, they become apparently randomly grayed I've tried to reproduce the situation, but unsuccesfully Doesn't matter if I change the rules of selection or view Made some tries both with 2024 and 2023 ITA, but no way Made something wrong? If someone wants to make some tries, he can find the commands attached Ruota 2D.vsm Ruota 3D.vsm Ruota Sx.vsm Trasla 2D.vsm Trasla 3D.vsm
  8. Hi Sure It's iStatistica You can find it on the web or in the Apple Store 1st one is more complete but more expensive
  9. Thank you Kevin Didn't know this trick! However I do need a VP without background in order to make a post production in Affinity Photo I think that if you re-render this VP you'll see the halo disappear, since you have an Intel based Mac
  10. Thank you Kevin for your interest Yes it's a VP on a sheet layer Res is 150 dpi and the Renderworks Style is accurate Final Quality Shaded VPs also get the same white halo, but cutouts are better rendered My last note actually is an off topic I apolgize for that It refers to an issue I've reported in another topic I link it below with the file included As you see in the final considerations, the problem of this white halo shows up only on Macs with silicon processors
  11. Hi all since none else has encountering my problem, I've made several tries, excluding possible interferences of other programs and/or firewalls It came out that my sync files app pCloud seems to interfere, probably because it tries to write simultaneously on the Vectorworks swap file I've excluded pCloud and now Vectorworks seems to be faster and more stable I've launched some heavy 3D section VP and Vectorworks worked well I'm trying to exclude swap file from syncing The weird is that with the i7 iMac didn't encounter the problem but very rarely I still get problems of artifacts with 3D cutouts with M1, but that's another story
  12. Thank you Andy Normally I don't import from Sketchup, but often from AutoCAD However I've made a script searching for empty 3D Polys to be sure about and I can confirm you that there aren't I find weird that I've not seen others with the same problem, since it occurs to me so usually Maybe it depends from a low level CPU problem
  13. Hello guys does anyone experience this strange phenomenon of black random spots in renderworks rendering with indirect lighting? It occurs to me with M1 arm silicon cpu expecially after several render tries or launching several renders at the same time This makes me think could be due to a lack of RAM, since reloading the file, things seem to go better for a while However I've to say my Mac Studio Max has 64GB of RAM and with my i7 2017 iMac 27 with 40GB of RAM the problem doesn't occur Looking at system memory usage, RAM seems to be enough Both Macs have vw 2023 SP3 with 13.2 Mac OS Ventura Any suggestion? Thank you for your time
  14. Point 2 is the answer! I have installed Vectorworks 2023 on the "old" iMac with the same Ventura OS and the halo disappears So it really seems to be a question linked to Arm processors
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