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  1. Hi guys I wanna submit a request based on the topic linked below https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51777-vw-17-massive-file-size-for-dwg-export/&page=0#comment-259615 In my opinion VW till the 2014 release was great in exporting 2D manageable DWG files with many Viewports, while maintaining a good compatibility From 2015 till now every viewport doubles the file size In effect Vectorworks creates a symbol with the FULL drawing inside for each Viewport included all nested symbols So if you export the only model space with about 10 symbols in a DWG file, its size could be for instance 10MB, while the same file exported in in 7/8 Sheet layers with 4/5 Viewports for each one can reach the file size of 170/200MB with 1300 blocks/symbols inside For each Viewport a new AutoCAD layer is created, so you really can't work Every time I was exporting in Vectorworks 2014 and then to DWG, but 2014 isn't compatible with High Sierra It should be nice having a flag, permitting you to export in the old way at the cost of a minor (not sure about that) DWG compatibility Erminio
  2. erminio

    VW 17 - massive file size for dwg export

    Hi all In this period I’m exporting big files to AutoCAD in massive way for externals These files start from 50MB in Vectorworks Having 5 viewports they become over 110MB and collaborators complian that they are simply unmanageable If I export the same files to DWG without viewports, they become about 10MB Tried Art V way but takes a lot of time for complex files and needs AutoCAD, so I have to pass through VW 2014 For me it’s time wasting and after all this trick won’t be available for ever I’m really wondering if it could be possible, the insertion of an export option that work as before (without n-duplication of blocks/symbols) even at the cost of a lower compatibilty
  3. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    This could be the answer Kevin Go to Preferences of Vectorworks then go to the User Folder label Select Show in Finder then quit Vectorworks Take the 2017 folder and drag it away from Application support, assuming you're working on a mac (has to be similar in Win) This way you reset preferences You can do the same pushing the reset button in the preferences but you have to reinsert the serial number
  4. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    Hi all, Just to be correct, I’ve to post this update Problems of slowness I mentioned in previous posts were probably caused by importing old settings from VW 2017 I’ve reset VW and now everything is ok I’ve bought an LG 32UD89 32” 4K monitor and placed my 2 20” Cinema Displays aside LG monitor comes with a nice split view by itself both in Mac and Win I’m working with VW files in the main monitor at full 4k res and put palettes in smaller monitors to make them bigger and I’ve to say it simply works great No more pain or fan noise
  5. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    Thank you again Jim
  6. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    Really thank Jim Very clear You really helped me Do you think Vectorworks will support more graphics card?
  7. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    Thank you Jim This changes everything I didn't know Vectorworks supports a single graphic card I'm considering to buy a single 32" 4K and eventually save 1 or 2 Cinema displays as secondary monitors Just one more (maybe stupid) question about Having two monitors connected and working with Vectorworks on just one monitor or on both, does it changes anything for the OS and the graphic card? I mean with the same number of panes opened
  8. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    This is also true Art V Thing is the workstation is a new Hackintosh with a 4,2 GHz Intel Core i7 4 cores 8 threads 32GB RAM with OS Sierra on a M2 I can't believe this workstation is just enough to work... Anyway you think 1 Geforce 1070 is better than 2 1050Ti?
  9. erminio

    GTX 1050...Good Enough?

    Hi all What about a GeForce 1050 ti 4GB for 4k monitors and Vectorworks 2018? I'm working with 3 old cinema displays 20 using multiple view panes with different visibilities and I see graphic card is already plodding Should I better buy another 1050 ti, working with 2 graphic cards (and save money) or buy a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (or more) working alone? I work both in 2D and 3D and the idea is to buy 2 27" 4k or 2 27 2.5k, depending from the final cost
  10. erminio

    VW 17 - massive file size for dwg export

    Hi guys, I had the same problem, search and found the solution, reading this topic and thank you all for that People working with me, complained unjustified increase of files size and at the same time was difficult to mail them I found faster and cleaner export in VW 2014 and after export in dwg rather then export directly the dwg from 2017 and clean blocks after By the way, both ways are not productive at all and should be nice having the chance to export lighter files as in previous releases of VW


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