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  1. Hi everyone guys, very interesting discussion Same problems of memory to me (iMac 27 2017 4,2Ghz i7, 40GB RAM) For some big files (about 400MB and more), especially dealing with complex DTMs, have to go back to Vectorworks 2021 in order to move faster and avoid an annoying antialiasing viewport problem appeared in 2022 (I've to say that Vectorworks Sp.3 has solved that issue) Anyway wrote this post only to say that when I see Vectorworks becomes too slow, instead of restart the whole app, I prefer to save the file and open the previous version to empty cache This works to me and hope helps you too
  2. Hello everybody I'm experiencing issues with Image props of plants in Viewports and Viewport sections when using Renderworks Plants are stretched, mirrored and cut in various way The problem seems to disappear or be minor when using Shadowed render (old OpenGL) Files are quite heavy (500MB), but I have a 64GB of RAM and a 8GB Video Card I've linked various tries made Have anyone encountered the same problem? Any suggestions?
  3. Ok No idea about that In effect should be interesting
  4. I had the same problem You have to add the path file into the "Script Options..." dialog Is that what you meant twk?
  5. Oops... I'm not a good observer The fact is that the script didn't give an error Thank you Pat
  6. Hi all, I'm just trying to play with Python, creating a simple PIO starting from NNA samples and I encountered a strange behavior with BeginXtrd So I've made a so simple script to explain: vs.BeginXtrd(0,10) vs.Rect(-10,-10,10,10) vs.EndXtrd vs.ResetOrientation3D ... and got a screen view of the rectangle generating the extrusion Went out and see that the extrusion height is 0 Seems to be a bug or made something wrong? Thank you
  7. Hi guys I'm using Fence /Railing tool quite often but I'm having problems since the beginning with custom models in Italian release I can save my models in the predefined file, but can't use them unless I import them in the active file If I double click the resource from another file, I get the following message If I try to manage it form the OIP, the change is ignored if the custom model comes from another file Custom models in Italian release are stored in the following nested directories with the same name Is it correct? Does occur the same in Int version? Has anyone else experienced that?
  8. To me eyedropper tool works improperly with Fence /Railing tool, dropping only some parameters Did you set the tool correctly?
  9. Thank you Matt for your kind answer As you say, I've seen CM cannot do magics on irrealistic images, so I gave it up What I've done, to solve that, is placing a flat transparent image in Vectorworks, orienting the model as better as possible on that, then adjust in Photoshop Not so easy and fast as CM, but works
  10. Hi all, I'm using CM occasionally since Vectorworks 2010 for architecture purpose Now I'm asked to place large models in big areas far from me So customers usually take pictures made by smartphones with bad quality and big distortion These areas have no certain references and I've often to create panoramas merging pictures, adding even more distortion Sometimes I also have to use Street Views snapshots Is it possible to correct these kind of distortion? Fortunately a big precision is not requested Having a reasonable margin, I've tried the following trick but unsuccessfully First I place the Ref Point, then the vert. lines and after the left and right lines, as better as possible Try to see if the calculated horizontal line matches the picture one I trace a new reference line where I think the horizontal line has to be and put the two vanishing points on it, moving green and red lines Then I slide the vanishing points right and left on the HL to match the perspective The problem is that at a certain point green and red lines misalign with the correspondent ref point. axes and the preview box goes out of perspective, getting me crazy This has nothing to do with the picture distortion What's wrong about that? Does the error refers to blu vertical lines alignment? PS: the picture is just an example of street view photo Prove Camera Match 2.vwx
  11. Thank you JMR I've tried that, but my goal (and I think the goal of a lot of people) is to export also AutoCAD paper space for most compatibility
  12. Personally I get best results by exporting in IGES/SAT but I think the problem is exporting in AutoCAD
  13. Copy and convert in lines the model and then export from a new blank file?
  14. I'm using Vectorworks 2019 IT on 2 monitors both on a mac and win Palettes are in the 2nd monitor as ojardnas On mac docking palettes is really unstable with unpredictable results each time I stretch one of them or quit vw In the picture Info and Navigation Tab became grey and was no longer possible modify them Besides that palettes can't remember the position on the second monitor and come back to 1st one It drived me crazy and had to finally undock them Monitors have different size and pixels
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