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  1. I think we had that issue that a network can disconnect in this "red-symbol-different-layer-scale-situation" with 2021 SP4 and below and with 2022 till SP3 and as a heard it is a chance to be improved with 2022 SP4
  2. Hi Oups, did not thought about that limit. There was a plan to implement code for checking stock material. That code was not implemented completely and there was set a constant maximum of boards per material of 10. And the Standard input of material was 2. So this results in 20 Boards. As a short fix you can change the code on apprx line 2474 to max_board = 100 or more if needed. But this needed to be fixed in the node anytime I take time for that.
  3. We had those issues frequently every two years. It is a false-report from die Antivirus
  4. For sure this is a false-report from Antivirus-Software. Normally it takes a while till the update their virus definitions.
  5. Hi You can sort and reverse to sort the classes ascending and descending. I attached a new Version of the File. Regards Dominique
  6. That is repeatable and happens always by the following steps : 1. If I duplicate a Marionette PIO (with alt-Key and selection tool drag and drop), which has the "reset after move" Option off, it do not change the input values in Object-Info 2. Changing the Object Info after step 1 it returns all Values to the default input which is stored in the script network 3. With the "reset after move" on the inputs reset after duplication as step 1 Workaround is, to first edit the script after it was duplicated and exit. Then the values from Object Info will be written inside the wrapper as default. This was already reported ...
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