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  1. livespace josha

    Vectorworks and ConnectCAD

    I think everybody has seen the press release about Vectorworks (or Nemetschek) buying ConnectCAD. Pretty excited to see what develops! Wonder if any of the VW staff (or maybe Conrad) who monitor this board can comment about what to expect in the 2020 release? Features, pricing, etc. From the press release, it seems that it will be a part of the software (C++), not a plug-in (Vectorscript)
  2. I find using the "Point on Arc" mode really useful for the work I do...I'd love to have that mode available when drawing other shapes. Polyline and spaces in particular. Thoughts, or am I missing something hidden in a menu? EDIT: It's there, but doesn't behave the way it does when using the Arc tool
  3. livespace josha

    Associate an object with a space

    Maybe a newbie question...I'm a spotlight user, and this question may fall under more of an architectural scope. Example: I build a project with a number of spaces (in 3d) and objects (lights, speakers, symbols, etc) I'd like to create a report that lists the object name and a location in columns. As I move/place/duplicate an object, I'd like to object to automatically "associate" with the space it is in. How do I associate an object to a space I created? Can an object "know" that it is "in" a space? I'm sure it can be done via record formats and the report tool, but unsure how. I see that every space is given a unique (hexadecimal) name, but I think I'm missing a step in the middle. Does this make sense? Pardon the "air quotes". I'm using a lot of layman terms that probably aren't correct! Thanks! Josh
  4. livespace josha

    Inconsistant label legends

    Thanks Kevin, that makes sense. But is there a way to make these consistent? I'd like the option for these to look the same across the entire drawing,
  5. We get a whole folder of .dwg's from an architect...sometimes hundreds, and I only need one or two (floorplan and RCP). If they are not organized or labeled properly, I find myself opening them one-by-one in AutoCAD LT until I find the correct one. Then I have to import it into VW. It would speed up the workflow a bit. It would also be nice to consolidate all the apps on my computer.
  6. Title pretty much explains it! I have AutoCAD LT 2013 for the sole purpose of previewing AutoCAD files before I import them into VW.
  7. livespace josha

    Inconsistant label legends

    See attached screen shots...I have both fixtures set to display the "Right" label legend, showing Universe, Unit Number and Address. However, both look different and neither match the label legend master. My only idea is that it is based on the fixture type (moving head vs conventional) Thoughts?
  8. Changing the visibility of a class in the Navigation Pallette while using the "Spotlight Numbering" tool doesn't work, even though the Navigation pallette shows it is. Anybody else able to recreate this?
  9. livespace josha

    Annotation group error message

    I keep getting an error message regarding duplicate drawing labels on a viewport when exiting annotation view. See attached screen shot. I've racked my brain and changed everything I can think of changing, but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks, Josh
  10. See attached...I've noticed this on both 2018 and 2019 now. When inputting a specific vertical shift on a projector, at a certain value, the projector disappears. I haven't done any more tests to see if this is based on a specific lens, screen size, screen type, etc. Or, this value may be a ratio of the screen size as well.... Anybody else see this or have a fix for it? Thanks! Josh
  11. We do the same thing as well...my though would be with 2 or 3 clicks, permanently hide all the versions you didn't like and make the good one active. And this could be done across all design layers, sheet layers, viewports etc at one time without having to manually update each one or toggle visibilities in the organization window.
  12. I think we're basically talking the same thing! The VP Style is a great idea too. I can try the "Saved Views" route for now.
  13. I'd love for this to be an option! 2 workflows were this could be useful: - If working on a "version 2" of a project, hide all the "version 1" classes or layers across all DL, VP, SL, etc. - In a SL, when navigating in and out of viewports to do edits and annotations, Vectorworks sometimes loses the visibility state of classes on that SL. I assign all my viewports, annotations, SL notes and viewports to separate classes so locking these so they are always visible would prevent this. Thoughts? Josh
  14. Title pretty much says it all... I have customized a few screen image options (company logo, client logo, etc), but something showing the dimensions of the screen would be a helpful tool when presenting to clients! This would be for TV's and screen (projector) objects. Height, width and diagonal information would be ideal. To expand on this... - having the dimensions visible when rendering in all modes (wireframe, OGL, etc) - Could there be a tool, like lighting label legend, to label projector and TV objects with their information? I can make something work, but a native tool would be great. Thoughts? Thanks, Josh
  15. We're looking at upgrading our Vectorworks machine...probably going to custom-build a PC. We've got a graphics card and RAM nailed down, but have a question regarding the CPU and core count. Are there any limitations as to how many cores VW2019 (and beyond) can utilize? A coworker told me that certain apps don't support the use of multiple cores. Is this true for VW or does VW have a limit to how many cores it can utilize at a time? A quick look shows a 8-core, 3.6GHz i7 is in our budget...but will that be overkill and would we be better directing our $$$ elsewhere? I've read some VW recommendations, and more cores at a lower speed is preferred over the opposite. Also, how does thread count factor into VW performance? Thanks! Josh


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