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  1. Title describes the thing. If you use the "Select lighting devices by fixture type" or "Select lighting devices by position" command, fixtures assigned to a class that is greyed out will also be selected. Luckily an Undo restored by entire lighting rig after I accidentally deleted it!
  2. @JustinVH How does this typically work? - Does Vectorworks ask manufacturers to provide the libraries? - Do manufacturers provide Vectorworks with libraries as new products are released? - Do users need to tell Vectorworks for content we want, and then Vectorworks creates the libraries? My guess is that it's all of the above, but just curious what angle to approach this from for stuff I'm looking for.
  3. I requested something similar a few years back... Basically the ability to "lock" the visibility status of a layer or class globally. 2 use cases: - in my workflow, there isn't a situation where I want the "none" class to be hidden or gray. Ever! - depending on the project, I'll do project revisions as layers. When I publish a new design, I can do this in 2 button clicks across the whole project. Same workflow for my v1/v2/v3 rev-cloud classes.
  4. 100% agree, AND the Z-elevation should also not change. The only thing that should change is it's orientation along it's centerline. I think this is a fine line between "technically" and "logically" correct. I think the way this works now is "technically" correct in terms of geometry and a 3d modeling workflow. But "logically", when I roll a piece of truss...I'll pick it up, rotate it 90° along its centerline, then put it right back on the floor where I grabbed it from.
  5. Thanks @Scott C. Parker. On the topic of truss rotation... The center of "roll" is not in the center of truss. Screen grab below. 4 generic trusses pulled out of the stock Vectorworks library. Even though my Y value didn't change on any of these, the truss is moved 1/2 its width in the -y direction. My thinking is that if I "roll" a piece of truss, the physical location doesn't change, just its orientation.
  6. @D. A. They did, but they were pretty reluctant to do it. I think they did because I was able to show ownership history of the document and there are no student licenses attached to our corporate account. YMMV. As noted above, that "Student" watermark is pretty sticky. Assets within that document get tagged as student too. Be careful bringing those into a new document.
  7. Working on a pretty complex truss "ceiling" with lots of trusses and hanging positions in various rotations and angles. Rather than try to adjust each hang in the DL, I'm trying to create a worksheet that lets me do it via data entry. Running into a few OIP fields that don't show up as options to enter into my worksheet. So far, I'm missing: Roll (not really necessary, but just an observation) Hanging angle Rotation Hinge angle Related: I can't edit the ZCoordinate of a hanging position via a worksheet? I've asked similar questions in the past, and somebody always helps out with a formula or line of text to add into the worksheet. Is there a master list of these somewhere for me to reference?
  8. @Tom W. THANK YOU! The ability to link a tag's class to the object it is tagging would be a nice feature too...
  9. I have several data tag styles in a project. I'd like to assign them to classes for SLVP visibility, but that option is greyed out. Is there a reason I'm not able to do this? The only option I have is to "Convert to Unstyled", then assign as needed. ...or could there be an option for the tag to follow the class of the item it is tagging?
  10. To further reinforce my point about unexpected behavior when using the mirror tool: I placed a projection screen. Edited rotation, screen size, lens, throw, elevation, etc. Mirrored that over the center-line, and all appears perfect... ...until you place text labels. Both of these projectors are set to "Keep Text Horizontal"
  11. I have also had issues with the mirror tool and items being rotated in an orientation that isn't logical (...to me!). I wish there was an option to "Mirror, but retain orientation" The only workaround I've found is to set up your 0,0 right on your centerline, and then duplicate in place and swap your X or Y value (negative-or-positive or positive-to-negative) If I was better at scripting or marionette, I'd make a plug-in to do this, but I've never ventured into that.
  12. Working on an event set up in an octagon. I'm using 2d loci as points for a pre-mark site visit. Rotating the plan 45 and 22.5 makes life easier, but this reports incorrectly in worksheets. Screen grabs attached. The new values do not seem to correspond to delta X/Y values either... FYI...this was almost a major oops. Latest count is almost 250 points we need to mark. 2022 SP6. Seems to be resolved in 2023 but didn't test fully.
  13. ok, played around in 2022.... If I do the "Plug-in Object Styles" route, then it classes as expected. I guess my issue was the "out of the box" workflow classes an annotation to the active class, not a generic or pre-defined class. I appreciate the help on this! Learn something new every day!
  14. @Tom W.I stand corrected! Viewports default the the "None" class, but drawing labels are created on the active class. Confirmed in 2022, not tested in 2023 curious if @Pat Stanfordor @PVA - Admin have any insight on this behavior?
  15. I've learned from my ways in the past 4 years. Almost cringe-worthy to see a rookie mistake! This might be a thing worth talking about... when you create a viewport, the viewport and the drawing label are assigned to the active class. I wish there was a setting or an option to class these to either "None" or a class of your choosing. If I'm working quick, I often forget to change the class before creating viewports.
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