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  1. Hi guys I need my section perspective to be at eye height level. Is there any simple way to adjust the height of the vanishing point?
  2. Hi everyone Im having trouble with my walls going invisible. I set my walls on a class layer (wall - exist on design layer 2). However when i try to view this class on Active only viewing mode, it only shows my windows On the other hand, when viewing all classes together on this design layer, the walls show normally. Ive checked the attributes of my wall class and it isnt set to none, so not sure what is happening. Would love your advice! Pictures attached below
  3. Resolved the issue. Many thanks. Jenny
  4. Hi there When i use the constrained linear dimension tool, it only creates the line work showing the measured space rather than showing the measurement. It used to show the numbers whenever i used this tool but now I have to click these lines in order to see its measurement on the object info panel. Is there any way i can get the numbers to show again? I have checked that the dimension class is visible. Attached below is an image to show what i mean. Cheers, Jenny
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