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  1. Hi Tamsin, no joy either way. I've edited crops the same way for years so I know the way I've been doing it work. is this a bug?
  2. Hi all, I've been trying to edit the size of a viewport and crop it in. In the past I just double click on the viewport its self and the surround pops up with the nodes to adjust the size. Doesn't seem to be happening now. Any ideas?
  3. The commands aren't that easy to find. There is a ConnectCAD workspace in the application folder, this wasn't seen until I put it into the VW Workspace folder in application support.
  4. If you have an existing (2019) licence for ConnectCAD is a small upgrade cost as well as the addition too your service select.
  5. Hi Wes, here you go. I've tried lots of different permutations of the criteria but can't get the two trusses to take the colour coding. Max Truss Colours Data Viz.vwx
  6. Afraid not. I can get truss to colour no problem but as for Hanging positions not at all.
  7. Hi. I'm trying to use the data visualisation command to set truss colour coding. It works for truss just fine but not truss that has been converted into a hanging position. `Is there a away of showing these as well?
  8. Hi, I've a drawing where the units are set in imperial and the X/Y and heights are shown that way however the point loadings are in kilograms. I can't seem to find any way of changing this. My drawing units are set to feet and inches.
  9. I've now tried a powered external USB hub and still not working under Mac OS on my MacBook Pro however in bootcamp on the same machine I can see separate sources so I guess its a Mac thing.
  10. So I purchased a second one of the USB capture devices and using Gaspars system of looking in quicktime I could see both sources however in Vision the second card could be seen but just showed black and if I selected that it caused vision to crash. Both input cards work fine on their own. I tried the same thing on my Alienware windows 10 machine and viola! works fine, two separate inputs on two separate screens. I did have a few issues seeing the cards on my Mac laptop depending on which ports I was using, I'm wondering if an external powered USB hub would do the trick. I'll let you all know how I get on.
  11. Has anyone had success using more than one of the capture devices to feed different screens with different feeds at the same time?
  12. Thanks Klinzey, not sure what I was doing wrong but its working perfectly now and yes no real setting up.
  13. @klinzey Hi Klinzey, I bought the capture card as mentioned however when selected in vision it crashes the program. What setup do you do in VW for it? just select capture card?
  14. I've used ConnectCad for a few years now and use it for designing a control & data layout in all my lighting plots. It would certainly work for audio.
  15. Hi Alex71, Spotlight>Spotlight Numbering make sure increment by number of channels is selected and as long as the fixture mode is set in the object info pallet (4th item down) for each specific fixture this will increment that many channels.


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