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  1. I'm also having issues with this with the modifier keys not working. Even on a very simple path.
  2. I've the same issue and can't leave the cable path when I want, running on a Mac with the latest SP I'm using option as the modifier key but its doesn't really work and I also tried on my windows machine and the same result. I was also looking at the cable tools instruction videos.
  3. Hi, my worksheets are now showing channel info etc and this is both using Image (the first column) and also Imagebydatavis. I came across this in 2022 but thought it had been fixed. The only work around I've found is to turn off channel/uni etc then update the worksheet then turn them back on. Is there a criteria I can add in to stop this?
  4. If you want to colour the symbol and all have the colour shown in in symbol legend you can right click on the object in your resource browser (once you have dropped the symbol onto your drawing then edit 2D info, draw a binding box around the symbol and change the line colour.
  5. Hi all, does anyone have a model of an 8' x 8' / 2400mm x 2400mm scaffolding tower? I thought I'd ask before building one.
  6. Firstly are you on Mac or PC?You may find a PC handles it better. Also as Pat says import into a blank file and then xref it in to the drawing as this will keep your main file smaller and tidier.
  7. Hi all, whats the workflow for adding an outrigged pipe from the top of the truss going out 90 degrees so the pipe and fixture are selected on select system objects and also calculates the weight in braceworks?
  8. Thanks Pat, I seem to have done it. Used the record format for numbers of seats and seat name and under function used Image which gives me a swatch of the fill colour I used on the seat boundary.
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to create a worksheet for some seating, each type of seating has its own class/colour and I'd like to show how many seats in each class. Any pointers?
  10. Great thanks Mark. I’ll give it a go.
  11. Hi all, I'm making up a data tag for video screen information and I'd like to add the trim height (bottom trim) but can't seem to find the right command to do it, alternatively just showing the Z axis would work just fine - does anyone know how to show this? Thanks Max
  12. Thanks, I also found if you right click you get an adjust boundary command which does what I need.
  13. Hi all, I'm drawing seating blocks over an imported 2d seating plan. if I draw a rectangle over say a block of 6 rows at 20 wide and adjust the space between to say 450mm I get a row missing. is there a way of dragging out the bounding box? I've tried editing the seats and copy and pasting a row in but its not worked. Thanks Mx
  14. Hi all, I've an issue with a schematic view. I have a series of vertical pipe and bases made from an extruded circle for the base and a lighting pipe converted to a hanging position. In ISO the fixtures are hung correctly however making a schematic view in Right View the mole strip is correctly rotated but the JDC strobe is not and in Front View the JDC strobe is correct but the mole is not. Anyone with an idea?
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