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  1. In Vision is its possible to create LED ribbon out of say a line in Vectorworks and give it RGB/Illuminance control?
  2. nakedeye

    Title Blocks - project / Sheet Items

    Got it now thanks.
  3. nakedeye

    Title Blocks - project / Sheet Items

    Great thanks Grant_PD I'll check it out. I found the drop down but couldn't seem to edit my old items.
  4. Hi all, I have updated my title blocks for VW2018 however I can't seem to access the original data as I'd like to change one field from 'Sheet' to 'Project'. Do I need to make another record format for it or is the information elsewhere? Thanks Max
  5. nakedeye

    LED Par and Robe Robin 100 beam

    Also check out www.fieldtemplate.com they have an up to date set of robe symbols
  6. nakedeye

    VW2012 Background Colour

    Thanks Josh, i really like the new savvy pipes.....
  7. nakedeye

    VW2012 Background Colour

    The latest version of VW seems to have a non white background colour on the paperspace. does anyone know how to reset this to white??
  8. nakedeye


    Great thanks...that works
  9. nakedeye


    thanks but what is the syntax? if i have a solid box with a cylinder running thru it how do i extract the cylinder?
  10. nakedeye


    Can anyone help me draw a 3d tunnel in vectorworks? what is the best way make an extruded rectangle and then cut thru it?
  11. nakedeye

    Custom Legend in key to instrumentation?

    I also use the 'Savvy Symbol Key' and can highly recommend it
  12. nakedeye

    Light Info Record

    Thanks Joshua, got it now.
  13. nakedeye

    Light Info Record

    I've drawn up several lights in 2d, converted them to symbols and converted them to lighting instruments. Can anyone tell me how to attach a lighting info record to these so when i use them it has the name and wattage of the instrument in the object info pallet. at the moment i have the information in the original drawing but when i add it to my resource browser it doesn't show the instrument name or any of the other info i added. thanks
  14. nakedeye

    Requesting Rigging Resources

    Have a look at this: http://www.autoplotvw.com/ they have a really good rigging plug in with motors etc.


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