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  1. Thanks. Maybe VW will build that function in sometime? *hint, hint* to any VW development people out there?
  2. That makes a new hatch from an existing hatch albeit with locally mapped characteristics. I would like something that will take a shape made of lines that I have drawn and convert it to a hatch. So if I manually draw lines in the shape of a tuft of grass, can I convert that into a hatch consisting of repeats of that tuft of grass? Is this an available function in VW, or does one have to use the VERY clunky hatch editor to create a completely newly designed hatch?
  3. How does one define the local hatch so that it will offer the "New hatch from locally mapped hatch" option? I am assuming this is a right-click function?
  4. It seems to have resolved. Not sure whether that was it or not but I haven't had the problem for a while. Thanks!
  5. I have things disappearing too. Imported a pdf onto a layer - the selection box remained visible, but the pdf was invisible/ Everything often disappears when the plan is rotated. This is getting frustrating beyond belief. What is up w 2020?
  6. How do you do this on Mac? That "BING!!!" is driving me batty. Well, battier.
  7. Thanks Pat - I am trying that and will report back. Do you know if I have to restart VW?
  8. I am finding that VW2020 is malfunctioning a lot on my system. Objects shown in one place, but when selected, the highlight is offset substantially - ie more than the size of the object it self. Objects disappear off the screen, but if I do a select-all, it shows me a highlight for that object. Several other little malfunctions occur from time to time, and the program shuts itself down way more often than any previous version I have worked with. I haven't worked with 2018, and very little with 2017 or 2019, but 2016 seemed reliable and solid. I like a lot of the functions in later versions though, and am not keen to go back. But the frequency with which I find 2020 crashes or malfunctions, requiring a restart (which usually fixes the malfunction) is becoming quite problematic, and reducing my productivity substantially. Anyone else find this? Is the re a fix? I am working on an iMac with High Sierra, 10.13.6, 40GB memory and over 2.75TB available on my hard drive. Should I be using a later version of MacOS? Doing something differently? UPDATE - other little problems: - objects that are there and visible on the design layer, marked as visible in the viewport, but stop showing up in the viewport - when trying to create a detail viewport: the system asks me to return to top/plan view before creating a detail viewport, when I am already in top/plan view, unrotated. - insistence that a viewport has more than one drawing label when there is only one Some of the issues seem to resolve when I un-rotate plan, for instance the selection offset. If I create a new viewport showing the same portion of the plan, some of the disappeared objects will show up again - in the new and the old viewports. At least until next time. Insert image from URL
  9. I have Filemaker, and would like to set up the plant database to suit my company, do searches and print lists and reports according to criteria we use. The plant database has a number of fields that are not of much use to us, and lacks others, and it is such a plethora of info that I would like to set up displays that show what we are likely to want. The interface pages are also not fantastic - I would like to set it up so that it suits us better. I would also like to be able to do things like insert a field to calculate the Canadian hardiness zone from the US zone. I don't want to recreate the database and import the info, cos then I lose a lot of already created links and structures that would prove useful. Even setting up just the table and field definitions would be a lot of work. Is it possible to get a version of the database that I can mess with? Thanks
  10. Thanks all, I'm afraid I ran out of time on this and am unlikely to be able to return to it for a while. Perhaps I should find someone to model it for me if I ever want to actually get a final model in virtual space to play with. Anyone keen? 😉 This is a very basic version - the final version would have spiral roads winding down the outside walls and around the pillars. This means the outer walls slope outwards from the base, leaving a minimum of 1km of outer shell. The pillars taper from I guess about 4km wide at the base to about 2km wide at the top. Also there are supposed to be all sorts of tunnels through the walls and deck-separating slabs for trains, and elevators run up and down the pillars from the base up to the base of the pillar, next floor up. Then there are the living quarters.... and the top deck open space is landscapes with hills etc, and planted, with animals from various planets roaming it, and .... you get the idea? 😂 I was just trying to start it off for a fun exercise, so that I could visualise it more clearly for my writing. Working through with your help this has helped a lot already. I very much appreciate everyone chipping in to help though. Let me know if anyone feels inclined to play further with the idea.
  11. Ok, here you are - for everyone's amusement. tessFspacestation.vwx This only has the subdivision efforts in it, not the extrudes, except for the extrudes to cut out the living spaces.
  12. I haven't used multiple extrudes - I get to use 3D very little in the course of my work, so I am still a neophyte at it. I will have to look that up - thanks for the idea! I have had great fun learning about subdivisions, but they don't let me cut out the living quarters as easily.
  13. Sure, how would I send it to you? Or should I attach it here?
  14. herbieherb - thanks, I have converted the document preferences to km. The controls still don't work once it is scaled up unfortunately. Kevin, I have been working at a scale of 1:10000 throughout. I have copied the subdivision tried converting to generic solids. It warns me about such a solid not being editable, to which I say ok, but then it remains a subdivision. I tried converting it via other forms, the only one that seems to remain convertible to generic solid is the mesh. It converted one quarter of the asteroid to a jagged eggshell structure, and the rest of it disappears. Kinda fun finding these idiosyncrasies, but not getting me where I want to be 😂 Alan, that might work. I have used the hollowness to help me shape it - a handy quality in virtual space 😊


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