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  1. I am looking for help in taking me concept drawings to landscape installation drawings, including hardscaping and planting. I am located in Asheville, NC, so plant knowledge of this area is important. I currently use Landmark 2018 on a Mac. Thanks, Terri
  2. I just found out about this issue although I've talked to technical support about problems since I started using VW 2018. I join the other posts in voicing my discontent over this issue. It needs to be resolved ASAP and not in 2019 as I was told this morning. Does anyone use Sketchup for landscape design? Is anyone else considering using Vectorworks 2017 until they resolve this problem? Thanks
  3. Thanks so much, Wesley! I wasn't aware of the visibility tool before.
  4. Is there a way to identify a class used in a referenced dwg file? I used to import dwg files into a separate file, select the classes that I wanted and then import it into a new vw file as a referenced file. This time, I've importing the dwg into a vw file as a referenced file. There are over 100 classes with the many consultants involved. I use Landmark 2018 on a Mac High Sierra. Thank you! Terri
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. What is OIB? It sounds like this has to be set up when placing plants for the first time. Is that correct?
  6. Bryan, Thanks for your response and offer to help me. To clarify, it's not the plant list but the plant tags on the drawing. It's the class that's created automatically with the place plant tool: Plants-Component-Tags. When I select a single plant, all of the characteristics and options display in the Object Info Palette. I can change the tag display option to none for a single plant or grouping. However, if I select the first phase (or another phase) plants with a custom selection, only the layer, class and number of objects displays in the Object Info palette. When I changed the class option to active only or anything other than show/snap/modify, I get the same results in the Object Info palette. The new plants for each phase are in a separate class but on the same layer. I don't know if I can create a separate class for the plant tags for each phase that will connect to that phase. I want to show the plant symbols for the entire project but only have the plant tags and plant list on the drawing for that phase. I'd like to know a more efficient way to do this that to select each plant grouping individually. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Terri
  7. Hi, Is there a way to include my plant symbols for one phase on the same drawing as another phase without the plant tags showing up for both phases? When I've tried a custom selection, the object info palette doesn't show the option. I don't know if my file is corrupt or if this just isn't an option. Thanks, Terri
  8. I checked and the VW Help folder is still there. I also can't print or bookmark any pages anymore. Should I uninstall and then reinstall the program?
  9. The links on the Vectorworks Help website for 2009 no longer work. Is this just my problem or have they been disabled? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I'm happy to learn how to do this.
  11. Hi Wes, Thanks for your suggestions. I found out that I needed to Ctrl click in order to access the "edit criteria" option. Jonathan Pickup has a helpful video on YouTube. VW has a good video techtip entitled "Organizing Worksheets" which really clarified how to organize my plant list worksheet to meet my needs.
  12. I am creating a drawing for the Phase I installation of a master plan. I would like to create a plant list to include only the plants in a class for Phase I. When I bring my plant list onto my drawing, it shows all of the plants, even for those on classes that are invisible. Although I was told that I could edit my plant list worksheet to control what's included, I have not been successful in determining what to do. What are the steps to achieve this? Thank you!
  13. I would like to replace some of the plant symbols in my 2009 plant library in my plant defaults file with different symbols. This will not involve creating a new symbol, just replacing the symbol currently assigned to a plant with a different existing symbol. How can I do this? Thanks!
  14. Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions. In working with Donald Ward, a VW trainer, we developed a detailed procedure that solves my issues and I'm sure others also. I wanted to share it so that everyone may benefit from it. To convert Landmark 12 plant library to 2009: Open 12 plant library in 2009 and resource browser. View resources as thumbnails. When you first set this up, go to the plant tool and double click on a tree symbol and a plant from the standard 2009 symbols (Plant Objects.vwx). By double clicking on the symbols this will add the plant component classes in the Navigation palette to your current document. Select the VW-12 plant symbol in RB, right click and select edit 2D graphics. To edit interior linework of symbol: Select all. Shift and click on outline to deselect the color fill geometry. With interior linework selected, change class in object info palette to Plants>Component>Interior Linework. For color fill control: Duplicate the color fill (Surface object/Circle/Polyline), with the 2D selection tool hold down the option key (mac) or Ctrl key (PC) and move your courser over the color fill. You should see a + sign beside your cursor click on plant outline so that the color fill is duplicated directly on top of the original geometry. Change the attributes in the attributes palette of the duplicate copy to have a none fill color and solid pen line. Change the class to Plants>Component>Outline. Send this class to back with Command + B (mac)or Ctrl + B (PC). For plant fill color: Select the (Surface object/Circle/Polyline). Change the attributes in the attributes palette to the desired color fill or gradient and choose a none pen color. Change the class to Plants>Component>Color Fill in the object info palette. Click on Exit Plant box on top right corner. If you are editing Tree symbols it is best to assign the fill color of trees to the Plants>Component>Canopy class. This will keep consistency with the fill color of tree symbols created in VW-2009. To control the plant tag, it also needs to be edited. Select the plant symbol in Resource Browser, right click and select edit definition. In Default Prefs tab, change Tag Class to Plants>Component>Tags. This is also a good time to make any other changes to the definition. Click OK. This plant symbol now has the same controls with classes as 2009 Plants. Refer to Tech Tip on the Knowledgebase Adding New Plants to Place Plant Tool to export into plant defaults. Also note whatever 2D geometry is sent to the back when editing the 2D graphics will be the graphic that shows when choosing Mass Over Lapping in the Rendering options when editing the Definition of the plant (i.e. if the solid color fill geometry is sent to the back you will see the fill color of the plant, if the outline is sent to the back then you would see just the outline of the plant with this option turned on).
  15. I have been able to import my plant symbols and library from 12.5 to 2009 but with unresolved issues. Is there a way to use 12.5 plant symbols in 2009 so that they have editable properties, such as color fill and tags? I like the graphics of many of the plant symbols in 12 which aren't in 2009. Also, when I see these plants in the plant tool, it doesn't show the graphics associated with them. When I tried using these symbols a few months ago in a document with 2009 symbols, they showed up as dark squares. I had to delete them and use only ones from 2009. I was told before by a VW trainer to create a new library so that I won't have these problems, which will be very time consuming. I haven't seen any other posts of users with similar problems. I can't imagine that everyone is starting over with their plant libraries when upgrading from 12 to 2009.
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